Top 9 Largest Dog Breeds In  World

Mastiff: Mastiff are one of the largest dogs in the world Height: 72-80cm. Weight: 119-160lbs

Irish Wolfhound: This dog is even featured in some poetry and mythology.  Height: 71-79cm. Weight: 90-120lbs

Saint Bernard: These truly are a behemoth of a dog.  Height: 70-75cm. Weight: 120-180lbs

Newfoundland: These dogs are known for their giant size and love of water .  Height: 66-71cm. Weight: 110-152lbs

Dogue de Bordeaux: These dogs used to work as farm dog, war dog, hunting dog and guard dog.  Height: 58-68cm. Weight: 99-110lbs

Anatolian Shepherd: These dogs are livestock guarding dogs and working dogs.  Height: 71-81cm. Weight: 90-141lbs

Neapolitan Mastiff: These dogs are known for their slow and quiet demeanor but despite this they're quite intelligent.  Height: 65-75cm. Weight: 110-154lbs

Great Dane: These dogs are listed in Guinness Book of Records for their tall stature.  Height: 71-76cm. Weight: 100-120lbs

Leonberger: These dogs will resemble you of the mighty lions.  Height: 65-80cm. Weight: 66-110lbs