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There are many different cat breeds worldwide (although far fewer than dog breeds) and it can be difficult to choose one. While none of us want to admit that appearances sway us, the truth is that a beautiful, patterned cat appeals to all of us. Therefore, let’s take a look at twenty cat breeds that are widely considered the most beautiful.

List of Top 20 Beautiful Cat Breeds:


Known for their large bright blue eyes and lush, silky coats, the Birman is called ‘sacred cat of Burma’. They’re different from Burmese cats and the two shouldn’t be mistaken. Colorpoint cats that are cream all over with a darker color on the tail, feet, ears and face, the Birman is a fluffy cat with very soulful eyes.


Another blue-eyed cat that has a lush, long-haired coat is the ragdoll. Known just as much for their personalities as their striking good looks, the ragdoll loves human company and falls limp with pleasure when picked up. They come in colorpoint and bi-color patterns in shades of red, chocolate and blue.


One of the most recognizable cat breeds in the world, these cats that came out of Iran (earlier known as Persia) were the original fluffy cats. They have long-haired coats and a bushy tail which gives them an illusion of being bigger than they actually are. With their large round eyes, they are often described as having sweet expressions.


Often depicted on films and TV shows, these smooth-haired cats are different from the fluffy breeds by being long and slim. They have large triangular ears, lengthy bodies, long legs and a long body. They’re elegant as opposed to cute. These cats are colorpointed with dark brown, chocolate, blue and lilac colors. Their eyes are an intense blue.


Bengals often look like tiny leopards and no wonder, since they have wildcats in their blood. Bred from the Asian leopard cat and domestic cats, they have the same kind of rosette patterns that leopards and jaguars do. With large oval eyes and tabby markings, these cats are quite wild in appearance. But it makes them look all the more elegant.

Turkish Angora

These rare and beautiful white cats are treasured in their native Turkey. The most coveted color is a pure white cat with blue eyes. However, these cats do come in different colors. They have long, silky coats that you don’t have to worry about matting and triangular heads with erect ears, giving them a rather regal appearance.


Often considered one of the oldest cat breeds, found even in ancient Egypt, Abbys are sleek and athletic cats. They have ticked coats, meaning each hair on their coats have bands of different color. Usually coming in shades of red, the Abbysinian has dramatic face markings which don’t appear elsewhere on the body. 

British Shorthair

Again, one of the oldest known breeds in the world, the British shorthair has round paws, round cheeks, round eyes and a round head. It’s got to be one of the cutest looking cat breeds you’ve ever laid eyes on. Although they come in a number of colors, they’re best known for their blue coats. And they may have the densest coats of any registered breed.

Maine Coon

One of the largest breeds of cats, the gentle nature of the Maine coon belies its size. Long-haired bushy-tailed working cats that adapted to suit the harsh winters of North America, one of the distinctive features of the Maine coon is the tufts on the ears. Not all of them have this tuft but those that do look distinctly lynx-like. They come in a variety of colors.

American Curl

Named for the way that their ears curl back against their heads, the American curl still isn’t a standardized breed. Born with straight years, the curl sets in after a few days. With large, expressive, walnut-shaped eyes and a silky coat, American curls are attractive even apart from their distinctive ears. 

Norwegian Forest

Not a very well-known breed outside of their native Norway, the Norwegian forest cat is nevertheless one of the loveliest (and oldest) cat breeds in the world. With a large physique and a thick, lush double coat that protects it from the environment, these cats have ruffs, bushy tails and tufted paws. They come in almost every possible type of pattern and color.

Russian Blue

Known for and named after their dense blue coats, the Russian blue is absolutely gorgeous. Each strand of hair is often tipped with silver, which adds some gloss and glimmer to their already magnificent looks. The emerald green eyes that are a hallmark of these cats stand out against the blue-grey fur. They have soft and silky coats.


Also known as the Moscow longhair, the Siberian forest cat is an ancient breed which has a thick, full, long-haired coat for the winter and a shorter, less dense coat for the warmer months. They’re a natural breed that comes equipped with a ruff on the neck, fluffy tails and hair in the ears to protect it from the elements.


A crossbreed between the Persian and the Siamese, the Himalayan has the fluffy fur of the Persian ancestors with the colorpoint pattern of the Siamese breed. A medium to large sized cat, the Himalayan is extremely playful by nature. It’s usually white or cream with a rich brown colorpoint pattern. 

Scottish Fold

Named for the adorable way in which their ears fold over on top of their heads, these cats have large round faces and large round eyes. It gives them a distinctly owl-like look. They’re born with erect ears that gradually fold over because of a genetic mutation. The Scottish fold can either have short or long coats.


Looking like miniature tigers, the toyger is a relatively new breed. It was created in the 1980s by breeding a Bengal cat with a domestic shorthaired cat. This resulted in a cat that looked like a toy tiger. Thus, the name ‘toyger’. They’re medium sized cats with tawny coats and have dark tabby stripes.


The Bombay, on the other hand, looks like a different kind of big cat. Bred to look exactly like miniature black panthers, the dense glossy black coats paired with gold or copper eyes makes for a striking feline. Despite all this, the cats are quite sweet and not at all menacing to look at. And they’ve got the distinctive panther sway as well.

Egyptian Mau

The only cat that has naturally occurring spots on their body without having to be bred that way, the Egyptian Mau comes in the colors black, silver, smoke and copper. There might be variations in shade. Graceful and muscular, these cats have a very elegant gait. They’ve got wide gooseberry green eyes to set off their striking fur.


A close cousin of the Siamese, the Balinese has a long-haired coat and comes in colorpoint patterns. They’re often known as the long-haired Siamese because they are descended from a long-haired Siamese cat. These cats are intelligent and demanding to go with their beautiful appearance.

Selkirk Rex

And finally, the curly hair of the Selkirk rex guarantees it a spot on this list. With a muscular but short body and short muzzle, the Selkirk rex can have long or short coats. But it’s always curly. This makes the cat look like a lamb and is responsible for the nickname “cat in lamb’s clothing”.


The world of cat breeds offers a dazzling array of beauty. From the majestic Maine Coon to the elegantly patterned Siamese, there’s a perfect feline companion for every taste. So, if you’re looking for a gorgeous addition to your home, consider one of these stunning breeds!


What is the most beautiful cat breed?

Beauty is subjective, but many find the Persian cat’s luxurious coat and gentle demeanor to be exceptionally beautiful.

What is the number 1 cutest cat breed?

While cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, the Scottish Fold often tops lists for its adorable folded ears and round eyes.

What is a unique cat?

The Sphinx cat is unique due to its hairless appearance, wrinkled skin, and energetic personality, making it stand out in the feline world.

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