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Alligator In Alabama: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Alligators In Alabama

When you think about seashores in America, I am sure the first state that comes to your mind would be Alabama. Home to the black bears one of the unique animals across the country, you would believe black bears to be the largest animal in Alabama. Sadly, you are mistaken, and this position is in fact occupied by Alligators.

Yes, particularly the American alligators have a stable presence in the state. Being one of the important species in the state’s ecosystem. Below I’ve explained everything about these creatures in detail.

Are There Alligators in Alabama?

Oh yes, Alligators are present throughout the state’s landscape. Typically, native to southeastern states including Alabama, they occupy most of the freshwater sources in remote areas away from human presence. 

But there was a time when these creatures were on the brink of extinction. Unregulated hunting of alligators in the early 1900s threatened the survival of them. But then Alabama announced to protect alligators in 1938. Other states also followed Alabama and finally, in 1967 these creatures were placed under the Endangered Species List by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. As these creatures were soon restored, they were consequently removed from the Endangered Species List and still are a part of federally protected species.

How Many Alligators in Alabama?

When we talk about the population of alligators, like for many wildlife, this is only a rough estimate, and the actual numbers vary from time to time. But just be certain that the state does have a healthy alligator population. 

As per the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, there are about 70,000 alligators living in the state. It is this agency’s job to monitor and conserve wildlife in the state including alligators. 

The estimate was a result of intensive surveys, research, and monitoring programs conducted not only by the agency but also by various researchers folks.

Where Do Alligators Live in Alabama?

Alligators In Alabama

Typically, alligators live in wetland habitats like lakes, marshes, reservoirs, and rivers too. In Alabama, these creatures are mostly seen inhabiting the southern part of the state which provides them with a habitat that’s both warm and has water sources to feed on.

The densest population of gators can be found in the coastal regions and Mobile-Tensaw River Delta and you better travel here if you want to have the maximum chance of observing these creatures. Some other places with alligator presence include Lake Eufaula, Lake Forest, Big Creek Lake, Conecuh/Escambia River, and Perdido River.

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How Did Alligators Get To Alabama?

Alligators have always been here at least since the few millennia. They are native to Alabama and have been migrating and expanding their population throughout the country due to geographical changes and their natural evolution process. In fact, they have been here even before we humans.

One of the main factors contributing to their expansion is their ability to live on land and water. This helps/helped them in moving between rivers, swamps, land, and lakes. 

What Lake Has The Most Alligator In Alabama?

There are many lakes that alligators have inhabited, but none are as densely occupied as Lake Eufaula. 

This is one of the most dangerous lakes located on the Chattahoochee River along the Alabama-Georgia border. Dangerous because of the presence of these creatures along with other exotic wildlife. Although the exact number of gators cannot be calculated accurately, you have a good chance of seeing them if you visit the lake.

How Common Are Alligators In Alabama?

Pretty common if we go by the Wildlife Agency estimates. Alligators in Alabama are much more distributed and have a good presence in wetland habitats including coastal plain lakes, rivers, and other aquatic habitats. 

The state also has a warmer climate which is what alligators need in their habitat. These creatures don’t particularly stay or settle in habitats with colder environments.

How Big Are Alabama Alligators?

Before we talk about alligator size in Alabama, know that there are only two types of alligators currently found living in the world with American alligators being one of them and the largest of them. And so, in Alabama, alligators not only occupy the top of the food chain but also the top position of an animal of the largest size. 1

Now coming to size, Alabama alligators weigh anywhere between 200 to 800 pounds with some rare individuals even reaching more than 1000 pounds. In terms of length, they measure 8 to 15 feet where 15 ft alligators are there but exceedingly rare. Like many wild creatures, female is smaller than male alligators.

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Can You Hunt Alligators in Alabama?

Yes, You can legally hunt alligators in Alabama. This hunting is in fact to maintain the population of alligators and their prey. Hunting season for alligators in Alabama is on a few days in August and to participate in one you need to obtain an alligator hunting license. Conducted by the Alabama Department of Conservation of Natural Resources, these licenses or permits are issued by lottery through a draw. 

But even to apply for the alligator license it is important that you are one of the state’s residents above 16 years old and hold a Lifetime Hunting License.


And that was everything you need to know about the Alligators In Alabama. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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