Alligators In Everglades: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Are There Alligators In Everglades?

Alligators In Everglades
Alligators In Everglades: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Once these reptiles were seen occupying a place on the list of federal endangered species, and gradually alligator populations in the state recovered and thrived. Today, in nearly all fresh waterbodies, alligators thrive all over the Everglades. 

You can see them in most of the freshwater environments, from streams and marshes to lakes, ponds, and canals. Sometimes, you may even see one crossing a road, on its route between different freshwater sources. 

How Many Alligators Are In Everglades?

Historically, alligators in the state were declining as a result of hunting and habitat loss. They were on the endangered species list in 1967 and the population of alligators started to rebound as hunting was outlawed. However, still, illegal poaching persisted in the 1970s as the skin produced high-quality leather. 

With additional modifications in law to control alligator hides, extinction was reduced. Now the population has improved considerably and was taken off the endangered species list in 1987 and is continuing to thrive in the state. Today, in the Everglades, there are over 200,000 alligators present in the freshwater environments. 

How Common Are Alligators In Everglades?

Alligators in the Everglades are common in numerous areas of the Southeast region of the park. When on an excursion to the Everglades you can even spot them easily. A few spots in the area that offers better viewing opportunities are Anhinga Trail, Shark Valley, and Big Cypress National Preserve. 

A few times, you can catch gators sunbathing on the Everglades waters banks, occasionally, if lucky you can also see them opening their mouths to cool themselves. So, next time, keep an eye out for alligators when you are on airboat tours.

What Do Alligators Eat In The Everglades?

Alligators are opportunistic predators. Younger alligators’ diet usually is made up of aquatic invertebrates, small fish, raccoons, snakes, crabs, turtles, and different kinds of fish and wading birds. Once when an alligator reaches adulthood, their diet changes to bigger prey animals. 

An adult alligator’s diet in the Everglades mostly consists of wading birds, fish, turtles, frogs, snakes, and other small mammals. Sometimes these huge alligators can be seen munching on the smaller alligators that are easy to catch. 

Younger alligators’ diet usually is made up of aquatic invertebrates, small fish, raccoons, snakes, crabs, turtles, and different kinds of fish and wading birds. It is also very interesting to know how the feeding habits of alligators change in the Everglades as the water temperature changes. Foraging stops when the temperature goes below 68 degrees Fahrenheit as they become less active in these temperatures.

How Big Do Alligators Get In Everglades?

Alligators In Everglades
Alligators In Everglades: Everything You Need To Know About Them

The alligators found in the Everglades are American alligators that grow with their age. Both female and male alligators in the Everglades tend to be quite smaller when compared to those in the South. Yet, they do grow over sizeable lengths. Adult male alligators reach a length of over 13 feet, but many tend to remain shorter. 

On the other hand, adult female alligators, rarely grow bigger than than 10 feet. Gators in the wild have different body shapes that vary from slender and long to robust and short. But, all have upward-facing broad snouts, that let them breathe when underwater. 

Their body is embedded with skeletal plates called and have flat muscular tails. The four short legs have five toes while the hind legs have only four. These short legs, help them run quickly over short lengths and move around in the water easily.

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What Is The Most Enormous Alligator Ever Caught In The Everglades?

The biggest American alligator ever caught in Florida was recorded at 17 ft 5 in, as documented by the Everglades National Park, although this record was not unverified by any officials in the park.

How Many Alligator Attacks In Everglades?

According to the National Park Service, “alligator attacks in the Everglades are very rare and typically not very serious, but happenings do occur and have been documented.” Most of the alligator attacks are the consequences of illegally feeding. This makes these reptiles less distrustful of humans and more daring, frequently causing alligators to attack humans instead of fleeing away from them.

Generally saying, however, alligators are not regarded as harmful to humans as they don’t see people as prey and do not actively hunt humans. With that being said, though, it is very important to be cautious when playing near alligator habitats. This is particularly true when near the water edges, be it a canal, river, pond, or marsh. 

Avoid acting like a prey animal and unsure keep pets and children away from the water bodies. The park recommends people remain at least 20 feet away from the shoreline alligators that you come across. Also, diving, swimming, and snorkeling are restricted in the park.

Can you hunt alligators in Everglades?

Though alligator hunting is not permitted in all areas of the Everglades, a few places do allow alligator hunting to clear out huge gators from the area. This specific alligator hunting season runs from mid-August 15 to early November, every year. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission provides only 5,000 permits every year with a bag limit of two alligators per person every season. The permit costs $272 for residents and $1,022 for non-residents. 

There are usually more than 10,000 applicants each year, and hunting permits are issued through a random draw that is distributed to the hunters. Hunting is allowed only during the day from 10 am to 5 pm. These time restrictions are due to the safety reasons of Everglades visitors.


And that was everything you need to know about the Alligators In Everglades. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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