Alligators In Missouri: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Are There Alligators In Missouri?

Alligators In Missouri
Alligators In Missouri: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Currently, Missouri is too cold for alligators to thrive in the state, so you need not worry about alligators getting into your backyard. But in a few years, they may become common just like armadillos that have recently shifted from the Southern region to the Midwest regions of the U.S.

How Many Alligators In Missouri?

As alligators are not native to Missouri, there is no established alligator population in the wild. There are only a very few species living in the state’s water bodies and in the St. Louis Zoo, Kansas City Zoo, and Dickerson Park Zoo. 

Where To See Alligators In Missouri?

Missouri residents wanting to observe alligators in the wild will have to travel a bit. The nearest states having wild alligators are Louisiana and Arkansas, where they can be seen in swamps, rivers, and marshes. 

You can take the organized alligator tours, that are available in both states. These tours will give you a safe and educational environment to know to observe and know more about alligators, as they are led by experienced guides.

Though there are no wild alligators in Missouri, there are a few places where you can see them kept in captivity. 

  • St. Louis Zoo, Missouri

Situated in the center of Forest Park, the zoo is home to more than 500 species of animals, including alligators. You can admire the American alligators at the Herpetarium, and know about their behavior, biology, and conservation. The zoo’s fascinating exhibits and well-knowledgeable staff deliver an insightful voyage into the world of alligators.

  • Kansas City Zoo, Missouri

Spread across 200 acres, this zoo is a fortress for biodiversity in the state. Their vast ‘Tropics’ indoor rainforest exhibition accommodates a collection of species, including alligators. Visitors can appreciate watching these powerful reptiles while achieving a deeper knowledge of their survival instincts and natural habitats.

  • Dickerson Park Zoo, Springfield, Missouri

The Dickerson Park Zoo, situated in Springfield, Missouri, is well-known for its commitment to wildlife education and conservation, as it is an authorized party of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. The zoo is home to a huge collection of species, including alligators, in delicately crafted habitats. 

How Common Are Alligators In Missouri?

Alligators In Missouri
Alligators In Missouri: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Since three is no established alligator population in Missouri, alligators are not very commonly spotted in the state. They can be seen only in captivity in places such as St. Louis Zoo, Kansas City Zoo, and Dickerson Park Zoo. 

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How Big Do Alligators Get In Missouri?

The American alligator found in the U.S. is the largest species of the Alligatoridae clan. Large male alligators can grow over 15 feet in length and weigh over 1,000 lbs, while female alligators reach only 9 feet and weigh over 370 lbs. Weight differs largely depending on age, length, season, health, and availability of food sources. 

Large male alligators are more bulky and robust when compare to similar-length female alligators. Likewise, captive alligators are bigger in size and weight when compared to the ones in the wild. Also, sometimes captive specimens can outweigh, the wild specimens.

Alligator Sighting In Missouri?

The recent alligator sighting in Missouri was in Wappapello Lake, which is situated in the Butler and Wayne Counties in the southeastern region of Missouri, which is just north of Poplar Bluff. The alligator was seen coming ashore at Wappapello Lake. 

The Missouri Department of Conservation said that the reptile is almost certainly to be someone’s pet that has escaped into the wild. The Missouri Department of Conservation has said an area resource user killed the alligator on Memorial Day weekend.

Can You Hunt Alligators In Missouri?

You can hunt alligators in Missouri, as they are not regulated by the Missouri Department of Conservation. As they are not native species to Missouri, the Missouri Department of Conservation does not have a open alligator hunting sesaon conducted in the state. If you are looking to hunt alligators in the U.S. then you should try taking a trip to the southern states in the United States where hunting of alligators is lawful. 

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