Alligators In North Carolina: Everything You Need To Know

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Are There Alligators In North Carolina?

Alligators In North Carolina
Alligators In North Carolina: Everything You Need To Know

The quick answer is yes. There are alligators present in North Carolina! Though they aren’t very common as in the other U.S. southern states like Texas, Louisiana, or Florida, they are present. While alligators are native to the state and pretty much to the other southeastern states of the United States, they were hunted to close extinction in North Carolina during the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

They were listed as an endangered species in the year 1967 and thanks to many conservation groups who took much effort in bringing back their population to stability. Now they are categorized as “least concern species” in the state. 

How Many Alligators In North Carolina?

Most of the alligator population can be seen in the southeastern regions of the state and some northeastern areas. According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission which handles the alligator population in the state says there are around 1,000 individuals living in North Carolina. 

This population of alligators in the state appears to be quite stable as they have appropriate habitat that is managed by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. However, the alligators present in the state aren’t necessarily native to North Carolina.

Where are Alligators mostly found in North Carolina?

You can find alligators mostly in the state’s southeastern region near the coastal areas. A huge portion of the alligator population in North Carolina is present in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. 

While most of the alligator population is found in the southeastern region of North Carolina, there is the outlier in the Merchants Millpond State Park and other areas in the northern coastal area. North Carolina is the northernmost state in the U.S., where you can see alligators, and the Merchants Millpond region is the farthest north region they create in the state.

How common are Alligators in North Carolina?

Alligators In North Carolina
Alligators In North Carolina: Everything You Need To Know

Though there are alligators in North Carolina, they are not as common when compared to other states that are further south.  They are mostly found in the state’s rivers, lakes, and swamps – primarily, anywhere freshwater is available. 

In North Carolina, alligators can be commonly seen during the summer and spring months which is typically from May to June. They are very active during these months as it is their nesting and mating season.

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Are Alligators A Problem In North Carolina?

For most regions, no. Alligators are relatively shy and will usually attack humans when they feel intimidated. Female alligators guarding their nests are probably the most fierce alligators you would meet in the state. 

However, there have been rare instances in years past in North Carolina of alligators attacking humans and their pets. While these happenings are indeed tragic, it is necessary to remember that they are occasional and that, in general, these reptiles do pose little danger to humans. 

In multiple cases, alligator attacks happen only when humans try to feed, touch, or get too near them. Pets also play a major role in these attacks, as they get too near an alligator when in water, these gators think of them as a food source.

How Many Alligator Attacks In North Carolina?

The number of alligators attacks in North Carolina is very minimal almost only one per year. Its neighboring state — South Carolina is the nearest state to North Carolina that has a fatal attack by alligators causing deaths. 

The most recent alligator attack was in 2020 when an alligator attacked a man who was kayaking on the Waccamaw River. The earlier one to this was in 2013 when a woman in Jacksonville, Onslow County was strolling her doggie off-leashed around a pond and an alligator nabbed it.

Can You Hunt Alligators In North Carolina?

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission does issue permits to hunt alligators in the state. However, they are done only at the proposal of a few cities to control the population of alligators in the state and not for any recreational purposes. 

As the alligators in the state are protected by the federal and state government in North Carolina, you can receive a huge fine for hunting one without a proper permit. The North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission agreed upon a one-month alligator open hunting season that will take place in September. 

The bag limit is only a single alligator for each permit holder. Those who have successfully harvested an alligator must complete a survey that is given by the Wildlife Resources Commission to collect biological data.

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