The Great Argentinosaurus: Unveiling Its actual Size 2024

The Great Argentinosaurus: Unveiling Its Actual Size 2024

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Is this the largest dinosaur in the world? Well, experts disagree on this on a variety of counts. While the genus Argentinosaurus does fall within the category of titanosaurs (which are some of the largest dinos), this prehistoric South American animal might not have been the largest. Scholars argue that the Patagotitan or the Dreadnoughtus was perhaps bigger. It was one of the biggest though, make no mistake about that.

Argentinosaurus Height and Length

Argentinosaurus Height and Length

The Argentino-saurus looks like our quintessential idea of the dinosaur with its long, thick neck and tail and humped back. But how tall and long is it exactly? It’s not the easiest question to answer because we don’t have any complete remains. We can only make calculated guesses as to its exact size from the fossils that we have found.

This was probably about 23 – 24 feet (7 – 7.3 m) high at the shoulder, which doesn’t really mean much given the length of the neck. Its total height might have been around 70 feet (21.4 m). What matters more is the body length, which different scholars have estimated to be anywhere between 98 and 130 feet (30 – 39.7 m). 

AnimalHeight (Shoulder)Total HeightLength
Argentinosaurus23 – 24 feet (7 – 7.3 m)70 feet (21.4 m)98 – 130 feet (30 – 39.7 m)

Argentinosaurus Weight

There is a widespread opinion that regardless of actual length, the Argentino was the largest and heaviest terrestrial animal in the world. Most scholars seem to agree upon a range of 80 to 100 tonnes or 88 – 110 short tons. 

While some scholars have suggested that the Argentino-Saurus could be lighter at 60 tonnes, the consensus seems to hover around the 80 tonne mark, with some scholars suggesting 75 tonnes.

(This might not be the heaviest dinosaur in the world at all and the mysterious Bruhathkayosaurus might outweigh it at 110 – 130 tonnes but we don’t have enough information about that species.)

AnimalTonneShort Ton
Argentinosaurus60 – 10066 – 110

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Argentinosaurus Neck and Tail Size

In 2006, Kenneth Carpenter reconstructed a Argentino-Saurus and estimated a total length of 98 feet or 30 m. Of this, the actual body length was just about 23 feet (7 m). This means that the neck and the tail of the theArgentino-Saurus dinosaur alone made up 75 feet (27 m). 

Again, these are just estimates. All we really have to go by are the vertebrae. One dorsal vertebrae that has been reconstructed has a height of 63 inches and the Argentino-Saurus must have had 10 of them, like others of its kind. In 2019, Gregory Paul estimated that the vertebral column must have been 176 inches.

Argentinosaurus Femur Size

Scientists have found that the femur of the Argentinosaurus was around 8.39 – 8.45 feet (2.557 – 2.575 m). While the actual femur shaft that was found measured only 8.2 feet or 2.5 m, this is because of regression and wearing away with time. The femur would have been more around the 8.45 feet mark.

This places the Argentinosaurus firmly in the larger than Patagotitan territory (or at least with longer limbs than the latter). The Patagotitan femur that has been found was around 7.8 feet or 2.38 m.

Argentinosaurus Egg Size

Given the actual size of the Argentino-Saurus, it might be surprising to learn that their eggs weren’t actually that large. Scientists say that they would have been around 3.3 feet or 1 meter in length and weighed no more than 11 lb (5.5 kg).

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A newly hatched Argentinosaurus baby is also estimated to have measured and weighed about the same amount. Their growth rate after birth must have been truly enormous. 

Argentinosaurus Size Comparison to Humans

Argentinosaurus Size Comparison to Humans

Even the tallest human would have undoubtedly been dwarfed by the femur length of the Argentinosaurus alone. For reference, the average man is around 5.6 feet while the femur length of the average Dinosaurus appears to be 8.45 feet.

As far as total height is concerned, the height of an Argentinosaurus was 70 feet which is the same height as a six story building.

Argentinosaurus Vs Patagotitan Size Comparison

Argentinosaurus Vs Patagotitan Size Comparison

The Patagotitan from the Patagonian Desert in Argentina is a similar titanosaurus to the Argentinosaurus. Scientists have managed to find and reconstruct six young adults which give us some idea of the true size of this monstrous species.

The Patagotitan is arguably the longest terrestrial animal, measuring around 102 – 121 feet as compared to the 98 feet that is taken as a standard for the Argentino-Saurus. However, there’s lots of debate among scientists about these estimates. As far as weight is concerned, the Patagotitan may have weighed anywhere between 50 and 69 tonnes.

Argentinosaurus 98 – 130 feet (30 – 39.7 m)60 – 100 tonne (66 – 110 short ton)
Patagotitan102 – 121 feet (31 – 37 m)50 – 69 tonne (55 – 76 short ton)

Argentinosaurus Vs Dreadnoughtus Size Comparison

Argentinosaurus Vs Dreadnoughtus Size Comparison

The Dreadnoughtus was also a dinosaur found in Argentina and gives the Argentinosaurus a run for its money where size is concerned. This species has produced almost a complete skeleton as opposed to the Dinosaurus. With a length of 85 feet and a weight of 48 – 49 tonnes to the Argentinosaurus’ average of 98 feet and 75 tonnes, the Dreadnoughtus is quite impressive.

As far as the Dreadnoughtus is concerned, there’s quite a lot of controversy. Some scientists are convinced that it’s the largest kind of titanosaur that we’ve found so far. Why when the measurements seem much smaller than the Argentinosaurus? Because the only Dreadnoughtus individual we’ve found so far seems to have been a juvenile one.

Argentino-Saurus98 – 130 feet (30 – 39.7 m)60 – 100 tonne (66 – 110 short ton)
Dreadnoughtus85 feet (26 m)48 – 49 tonne (53 – 54 short ton)


The Argentino-Saurus reigns supreme in the “size spectacle” category. While its exact dimensions are debated, its massive form and competition with other giants like the Dreadnoughtus and Patagotitan capture our imagination.


Argentinosaurus vs. Patagotitan?

Both were colossal, with the Patagotitan possibly edging out the Argentinosaurus in length.

How big were Argentinosaurus eggs?

Despite their massive size, Argentinosaurus eggs were only about 3.3 feet long!

Heaviest dinosaur ever?

While the Argentinosaurus is a heavyweight, some scientists believe the Bruhathkayosaurus might hold the title.

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