Bobcat In Georgia: Everything You Need To Know

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Bobcat In Georgia

Bobcats are stunning animals that reflect a healthy ecosystem and these cats are present all over North America. They are present in nearly every state of the U.S. besides a few states in the Midwest. 

So, if you are wondering if there are bobcats present in Georgia, In this article I’ve explained everything you need to know about the bobcats living in Georgia, bobcat hunting, where they live, and other interesting facts.

Are There Bobcats In Georgia?

Yes, bobcats are present in Georgia and they are the only wild cat native and found in the state. These cats are distributed all over the state and occupy diverse habitats. Georgia is home to five distinct geographic areas and thousands of various types of animals and plants. 

Coastal plains, mountain ranges, beaches, wetlands, estuaries, and swamps, can all be seen within the state border. In recent years there have been more reports of bobcat sightings throughout Georgia. 

Where do bobcats live in Georgia?

Bobcats can be found all over the entire state because of the variety of their prey living in Georgia. The uplands of Northern Georgia house native bobcat species. Except for some regions in the Midwest, where bobcats are the only wild cats with an engaged population in the state.

These cats live in a vast spectrum of habitats including agricultural and mixed-forest areas with a substantial balance of premature successional phases making up the standard bobcat habitat. 

The size of their home area is defined by the habitat’s grade and the gender of the bobcat. In their wild habitat, bobcats can be seen in multiple settings, including coniferous forests, mountain woodlands, marshes, and sometimes even in suburban neighborhoods. However, they are well-known to like rocky areas or highly vegetated hillsides.

To chill in the daytime before starting to hunt at night, they generally stay in regions that have hollow trees, dense vegetation, or rock crannies. 

Males normally hold far larger home spans when compared to females, some might even exceed more than 10 square miles. Usually, the home spans of female bobcats might be more undersized within a square mile. Nevertheless, the home spans of both bobcats might overlap.

How common are bobcats in Georgia?

Bobcat In Georgia

Georgia has a very active bobcat population as the state has good wild habitat for the prolonged-term presence and promising growth of the bobcats. Also, the state has a remarkably healthy, stable, and robust, bobcat population and it is constantly flourishing very rapidly. 

Lately, it has been calculated that there are about more than 250,000 bobcats living in the state. So, it is very common to spot on in Georgia and mainly where there is the presence of livestock, pets, and access to human food.

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How Large Is A Georgia Bobcat?

Bobcats are usually about two times bigger than the common house cats. An adult male bobcat ranges anywhere from 12 to 40 pounds in weight with an average of 18 to 28 pounds. A female bobcat can range anywhere from 9 to 34 pounds with an average of 14 to 20 pounds. 

Bobcats have short tails which gives them the appearance of being bobbed. Typically they are yellowish brown in color with many spots or streaks of black or dark brown. Male and female bobcats are colored identically, however, male bobcats are usually bigger than female bobcats. 

Are Bobcats Aggressive In Georgia?

No, bobcats are not aggressive in Georgia as they do not attack humans or at least there have been no reports of them attacking humans. Though bobcat attacks are extremely rare, no one must attempt to approach one or handle a bobcat or an offspring. 

As they are very timid and require shelter, they are typically unnoticed. Thus, bobcat assaults on humans are nearly unheard of, and they live peacefully along with a bigger population of humans. However, bobcats can also get rabies, which will make them nasty and can make them act out of personality. 

Can You Kill A Bobcat In Georgia?

Bobcats are categorized both as furbearers and game animals in Georgia. This enables trappers and hunters to hunt them within controlled hunting seasons. 

The hunting season usually runs from December to February and a hunting license is compulsory. However, there are no bag restrictions on the number of bobcats to be hunted. 

Dogs and manual predators can be used for the hunting of bobcats. Trappers kill anywhere from 1,200 to 1,800 bobcats every year, while hunters kill five times more than that. Depending on the fur color, quality, quantity, pelt size, and spot brightness the market price fluctuates. 

Can You Own A Bobcat In Georgia?

Georgia Law permits the taking of particular native species but does not allow the owning of bobcats regardless of their morphology or origin, in the state because of their class level as a nuisance or other reasons. Owing them illegally can get you fined or even imprisoned.

What To Do If You See A Bobcat In Georgia?

It’s unlikely to encounter a bobcat, however, you can follow these precautions to safeguard yourself:

  • Never approach one and keep your distance as you are its guest in their home.
  • Do not turn your back and keep seeing it as you can lose sight of it. 
  • Back away gradually and slowly to make some distance between you.
  • Never run, as it can provoke the cat into impulsive following you.
  • You can make loud noises using your camping pots, using a whistle, or anything at your disposal.
  • Throw some water on it as cats do not water.
  • When you spot one in your neighborhood, then immediately inform animal control.

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And that was everything you need to know about the bobcats in Georgia. I hope this article was informative and your queries were answered.

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