Bobcat In Indiana: Everything You Need To Know

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Bobcat In Indiana
Bobcat In Indiana: Everything You Need To Know

Indiana is well-known for its geography as it is diverse and possesses grassy plains,  rocky hills, riverbanks, deep forests, and lakeshores. It is also home to a variety of wild animals that can be found all over the state.

But are there bobcats present in Indiana? Below I’ve explained everything you need to know about the bobcats in Indiana.

Are There Bobcats In Indiana?

The quick answer to this is, yes. There are bobcats present in the state of Indiana, and the bobcat population has been statedly increasing in the past few decades. Indiana is one of those lucky states that has a successful population of bobcats. 

As a matter of fact, bobcats are the only native species of wild cat present in the state that can be seen today. In southern and specific regions of central Indiana, the population of bobcats is dominant, and they are increasing in northern regions of Indiana. This is because of their capability to merge in with the surroundings and move sneakily and get rarely witnessed.

Where do bobcats live in Indiana?

Though bobcats are almost found in all counties in the state of Indiana, they are most dominant in the west-central and southern regions of the state. This is because these wooded areas favor them in stalking their prey as they generally conceal themselves in fields, brushy regions, or clean scrapes with mixed-in regrowth.

Also, though there have been reports of bobcats sightings throughout the state, southern and west-central Indiana areas have got the most frequent sightings. The home spans of male bobcats can vary anywhere from 30 to 70 square miles, whereas female bobcats’ home spans only from 6 to 12 square miles.

Historically bobcats lived in the state of Indiana, but during the mid-1900s, the population of bobcats had dropped due to open hunting and habitat demolition. 

Also, because of their small population, they were put on the endangered animal list in the year 1969 and remained there until 2005. Luckily, now the species is of the least consideration with constant numbers.

How common are bobcats in Indiana?

Bobcat In Indiana
Bobcat In Indiana: Everything You Need To Know

Bobcats are nocturnal and thus prefer traveling and hunting during the early mornings or in the later evenings. Bobcats can be spotted by the Indiana residents, however, their sightings are very uncommon due to their elusiveness. 

Occasionally, bobcats can be seen hunting for food in a dense, brushy area or around a stream. Driving along the brush-lined streets such as Sugar Ridge Fish & Wildlife Area, Potato Creek State Park, or Greene-Sullivan State Forest might sometimes get you lucky to see a bobcat.

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How Large Is A Indiana Bobcat?

Bobcats in Indians weigh anywhere from 15 to 35 pounds, and are roughly about 2 feet in height, with a general body size of 30 to 50 inches long. 

However, the physical size and build of a bobcat can differ according to the determined gender. 

An adult female bobcat is slightly smaller when compared to an adult male bobcat. Also, the size of every individual can vary depending on the prey available and habitat.

Are Bobcats Aggressive In Indiana?

Bobcats are generally lonely and shy creatures who seldom create a connection with humans, thus bobcats in Indiana are not aggressive. 

However, they can sometimes get aggressive when startled or put at risk. As they are always not instantly seen when present, accidental contact can make them aggressive. 

Can You Kill A Bobcat In Indiana?

The bobcat’s revival is one of Indiana’s most significant preservation accomplishments. In the state, they are still protected animals and therefore, they cannot be trapped or hunted. 

Given their present position and the growth of acceptable habitat, they have extended their home range in the state additionally. The IDNR confirmed bobcat reports in 52 counties of Indiana from 1970 to 2012.

As the populations are recuperating, there may be problems concerning pet safety, cattle hunting, and consequences on game birds. 

But, recent findings have stated that bobcats in Indiana mostly rely on smaller animals, and clashes between cattle and bobcats are rare. Thus the IDNR has confirmed not to hunt them down.

Can You Own A Bobcat In Indiana?

Though bobcats are native threatened species in Indiana they can be legally possessed with verification of legally detained birth paperwork. Bobcats are classified as Class III wild cats and the permit must be renewed every year. 

A health certificate, escape recapture plan, and cages reviewed by the conservation officer are a must in the process. 

Cage requirements include concrete bottoms covered with natural substrate, tall walls, and loafing platforms. Persons authorized by the USDA as retail exhibitors, zoos, or agents are exempted from this permit and requirements.  

What To Do If You See A Bobcat In Indiana?

Bobcats must be respected when encountered, just like the other animals in the state. A bobcat’s innate tendency is to escape from humans. However, if you are being attacked by your own then you can try making loud noises, making yourself appear big, or spraying water on it. 

Never take your eyes off the bobcat and gradually move away from it making some space for it to escape. Just like other wild animals, bobcats must not be fed or approached, doing such things can weaken their response to run from humans and cause unfavorable meetings. 

Also, if you find a bobcat loitering in your yard then immediately inform animal control for safety measures.

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And that was everything you need to know about the Bobcats in Indiana. I hope this article was informative enough and your queries were answered.

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