Bobcat In Missouri: Everything You Need To Know

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Bobcat In Missouri

Missouri offers a wonderful variety of nature and wildlife. Many kinds of animals exist in the dense forests of this midwestern state including bobcats.

So Below In this article I’ve explained everything you need to know about this beautiful animal in the wild of Missouri. 

Are There Bobcats In Missouri?

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, the bobcat population in Missouri has been growing in the past 20 to 30 years. 

They are more common in the state but are hard to be spotted as they are very shy and secretive. The main reason for the population growth is because of a decrease in hunting as the fur has no longer a bigger market and also since there are not many bobcat predators in Missouri. 

Where do bobcats live in Missouri?

In Missouri, bobcats like to live in heavy forest areas that have dense underbrush, damaged by gravel outcroppings, meadows, cliffs, timbered wetlands, and clearings. They need an expansive area of land for hunting with scrubs, burrows, and crannies for leisure, protection, and dens. 

They primarily used to exist in the Bootheel and Ozarks, but in recent years they have moved northward and westward in Missouri.

How common are bobcats in Missouri?

Bobcats are very uncommon in Missouri as these wild cats are nighttime and lonely creatures. They are the most active covert of darkness and manage to do their hunting during nightfall or first light. During the daytime, these wildcats usually rest on stone clefts or empty trees. Thus it is very hard to spot them in Missouri.

How Large Is A Missouri Bobcat?

Bobcat In Missouri

Bobcats in Missouri are reasonably short-bodied wild cats with giant paws, tufted ears, and long-legged feline. Bobcats usually are 60 to 100 cm long in length, with a 10 to 20 cm long tail. They are about 50 to 60 cm tall at the shoulder levels and weigh around 7 to 15 kg (15-33 lbs).  

When compared to female bobcats male bobcats are quite bigger in size. Their fur is more rigid and less seen with a rosy to pale brown with dark stripes or spots. The tip of the tail is black on the top and white beneath and their underparts are white. 

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Are Bobcats Aggressive In Missouri?

Bobcats are not dangerous to humans and there have been only a few reported human attacks or harmful interactions. Any animal can bite you, but, this is very uncharacteristic for animals to attack humans except when in circumstances, humans are messing with them. Also, when you have small pets, you must try to scare bobcats off as it can make it feel like small pets can be potential prey. 

Can You Kill A Bobcat In Missouri?

In Missouri, the bobcat hunting season runs from mid-November to January end. All you need is a gaming license and there is no bag limit for the hunters. When hunting in Missouri you can use electronic calls. 

But can you harm a bobcat killing livestock in the state? Outside the hunting season, the answer is hazy. You cannot kill a bobcat that is damaging your property, but you can capture or trap it with a help of a representative without a permit. Any bobcat captured must be immediately reported to the department within 24 hours.

Can You Own A Bobcat In Missouri?

Effective 2012, anyone individual possessing breeds or a hybrid must have a permit. If you own a bobcat, you must register the animal with the local wildlife enforcement agent in Missouri. 

This is not applicable to a zoological park, educational institution, circus, animal refuge, or veterinary hospital. You can own anything in the state with a legal permit from the wildlife department.

What To Do If You See A Bobcat In Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Conservation says bobcats are shy animals, so it is very rare to spot one. However, they can be active when they look for food or habitats. The department says the main problem is when you or your pet comes in contact with the animal. 

As smaller animals can be seen as prey. When taking your pet outside, always watch your surroundings. You must also eliminate all the accessible food sources, be it your dog’s leftover food or food in the trash.

A few steps to safeguard yourself from the animal

  • When you spot one you hook up your garden hose and spray water on the animal as they do not like it. 
  • Try making loud noises, and do all you can to threaten away. 
  • If they still do not leave, you can call the wildlife department to give you advice.

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And that was everything you need to know about the Bobcats In Missouri. I hope this article was informative and your queries were answered.

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