Bobcat In Oklahoma: Everything You Need To Know

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Bobcat In Oklahoma
Bobcat In Oklahoma: Everything You Need To Know

Rarely caught but abundant in population, bobcats roam all over North America. Due to their easy adapta­tion to a mixture of habitats, these wildcats are most abundant in the U.S. and also have the most incredible range of all wildcats in North America. 

So, are they present in the state of Oklahoma, just like other states in the U.S.? 

Below In this article, I’ve explained everything you need to know about the bobcats in Oklahoma. 

Are There Bobcats In Oklahoma?

Anywhere there are woods and water in Oklahoma, there you can find bobcats. This suggests bobcats are present almost everywhere in the state of Oklahoma. 

Bobcats were hunted to close extinction in regions of the American Midwest. Also, habitat destruction along with the fur commerce directed a reduction in bobcat populations by the late 1850s all over the Midwest. 

During the 1960s and 1970s states started putting them on protected animals lists to prevent inhabitants collapse. After that bobcats made a massive comeback and since the 1990s hunting for them has reopened in the country. 

Where do bobcats live in Oklahoma?

As stated above bobcats can be found anywhere where there is water and wood. As they are highly adaptable, bobcats can easily survive not just in forests, but also in deserts, and swamplands, and are quietly known to wander into a few suburban areas.

How common are bobcats in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation says, “There are lots of bobcats in the state, but are not commonly seen as they are very secretive.” 

Bobcats are found in almost all the counties in Oklahoma, but despite their huge population, they are the toughest animals to spot and hunt. They like to be hidden and will live in wooded regions outside suburban locations just like other wild animals will live in the wild.

How Large Is A Oklahoma Bobcat?

Bobcat In Oklahoma
Bobcat In Oklahoma: Everything You Need To Know

Bobcats are medium-sized wild cats with short bobbed tails, and thick brown fur along with back spots and strips. They are roughly twice the size of house cats. They are medium-sized wild cats whose weight ranges anywhere from 11 to 30 pounds and height ranges from 26 to 41 inches long in length. 

Bobcats living in the northern regions can be found to be a bit bigger than the ones in the southern region. Also, female bobcats can be slightly smaller in size when compared to male bobcats. 

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Are Bobcats Aggressive In Oklahoma?

When you spotted a bobcat in your area. Rest guaranteed, bobcats do not attack humans. Bobcats are also fearful of humans, but when they show aggression, they become dangerous. In fact, their attacks are almost unknown; nevertheless, no one must attempt to touch a wild bobcat. 

Can You Kill A Bobcat In Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma bobcat’s hunting season runs from December to February end. If you are looking to hunt a bobcat in Oklahoma you would need a state hunting permit or license along with a state fur-bearing permit. 

Every year around 6,000 bobcats are hunted by Oklahoma hunters. When hunting, hunters normally try to lure bobcats using a bird or rabbit in pain. This will make them think there is an easy meal waiting ahead.

When you are hunting you must also have your hunted bobcats labeled by the Oklahoma Wildlife Department employee. This is because other wild cats spotted around are likely to be endangered animals. Thus the tag is proof to a fur shopper that the coat he is purchasing is a bobcat that was legally killed.

Can You Own A Bobcat In Oklahoma?

Spoiler, Oklahoma is quite a pet-friendly state regardless of what you like to invite into your house with the proper licenses and/or permits. Actually, even animals that are “explicitly prohibited” as pets can be held with the proper paperwork. And just like that bobcats can also be held as a pet in Oklahoma.

Importing bobcats into the state mandates an Import Permit, along with the cage structure and examination before a bobcat permit is issued. Also, owners are liable for death to livestock, and damages caused, including litigation fees. 

What To Do If You See A Bobcat In Oklahoma?

There is no need to panic when you spot a bobcat. In fact, the best thing you can do is to leave them be. If you spot one that hasn’t noticed you, then simply walking away and leaving it alone is the best thing to do. When you startle it, it becomes conscious of your existence. 

Then you can make yourself appear big and create loud noises. This will scare away the bobcat. If the cat does not leave, or if it begins to approach you in a terrifying form, you might need to protect yourself. The best way is to use water if you have it. If not, find a big rock or stick to toss at the bobcat.

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And that was everything you need to know about the bobcats In Oklahoma. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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