Bobcat In Virginia: Everything You Need To Know

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Are There Bobcats In Virginia?

Bobcat In Virginia
Bobcat In Virginia: Everything You Need To Know

Virginia’s most established native wild cat species is the bobcat. They are secretive, thus it is challenging to specify their distribution or number.

The population of bobcats in Virginia estimates at about one bobcat per 4 square miles. As they are stealthy and capable to blend in with the wild, makes it unlikely to spot one. Also, their nocturnal personality counts to their elusiveness. 

Where do bobcats live in Virginia?

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources states, “Bobcats can be seen in mountainous, forested, and rugged terrain”. Still, they show withdrawal of any habitat style, in a few regions with high human populations. They might live in forested areas around human habitation and farms.

A few regions in Virginia that have the highest population of bobcats are:

  • Poor Valley in Tazewell County, Bland County, and regions of Augusta County
  • The Barbours Creek area of Craig County
  • The Alleghany Mountains through Bath, Highland, and Alleghany Counties
  • Areas of Lee, Wise, and Scott Counties
  • The Massanutten Range

How common are bobcats in Virginia?

Although bobcats live throughout the state of Virginia, they’re rarely sighted. This is because they are very secretive. 

Also, in most cases, you cannot spot one even when they are close by as they are very good at hiding themselves. Bobcats are adaptable, so they will not live next to human-populated regions. As they will want to avoid human contact as much as possible.

How Large Is A Virginia Bobcat?

Bobcat In Virginia
Bobcat In Virginia: Everything You Need To Know

Virginia’s bobcat size is the same as the other states’ bobcats’ size, although there might be some differences. An adult bobcat can be about twice bigger than a domestic cat. These medium-sized wild cats can be around 24 to 40 inches in length. 

A male bobcat can weigh about 10 to 25 pounds, whereas a female bobcat will be about 10 to 25 pounds. They have long legs, a very short tail, and loose fur. 

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Are Bobcats Aggressive In Virginia?

In normal circumstances, they are not aggressive. but as they are timid, transient species they avoid human contact. Yet, when they feel trapped or cornered, they can become aggrieved. Then you must back away and let them open to provide space for an escape route or leave them alone. Bobcats can look small, but, they can tear you up when messed with them.

Can You Kill A Bobcat In Virginia?

Yes, you can hunt bobcats in Virginia. The bobcat hunting season in Virginia is split into two seasons. The Archery season is in October and the Firearm season is from November to February. The bag limit per person is 2. Within 24 hours of the hunting reports on the number of bobcats taken down must be made.

Also, in Virginia, you can kill a bobcat on your property if it is causing a nuisance. You can call the local Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources when you do not want to kill it. The division will help you remove the bobcat from your neighborhood. 

Can You Own A Bobcat In Virginia?

It is illegal to own or buy a bobcat to keep as a pet. Despite their cuddly and cute appearance, bobcats are dangerous wild species and predators. Thus, no matter the given possibilities, they can act as such. Though it can be captivating to own a bobcat as a pet in Virginia, it is not just unlawful, but also very dangerous.

What To Do If You See A Bobcat In Virginia?

Bobcat attacks in Virginia are very rare. But, it is very important to handle bobcat encounters. Make yourself appear big, by extending your arms above your shoulder and legs apart. You can also try waving them above your head.

Try making loud noises like yelling and clapping to scare them away. This not only helps the reductions the circumstance of hostile encounters but makes the bobcat safe. As bobcats exist with humans, they no longer regard them as a danger to themselves.

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