Crocodile In Australia: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Are There Crocodiles In Australia?

Crocodile In Australia
Crocodile In Australia: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Australia is home to two crocodile species — the largest, Saltwater Crocodile, and Freshwater Crocodile. Although Saltwater crocodiles can thrive in the sea, they like freshwater swamps present in the northern regions of Australia. 

Similarly, the Freshwater crocodile can also be seen in swamps, rivers, and billabongs in the northern regions of Australia. In Western, and Northern Australia, and Queensland, the crocodiles are thriving, particularly in many river systems around Darwin and along with their billabongs. 

How Many Crocodiles Are In Australia?

Hunting of crocodiles in Australia is banned since 1971 and this has made the population of crocodiles jump back to normal. The crocodile population is estimated around at 100,000 to 200,000, in Australia. Their range extends from Broome, Western Australia via the whole Northern Territory shores and to Rockhampton, Queensland.

Where Are Crocodiles In Australia?

Both Saltwater crocodiles and Freshwater crocodiles are mostly found lurking in warm rivers, swamps, lagoons, and billabongs in the northern regions of Australia. 

The Daintree River, located northwest of Cairns and Kakadu & Arnhem Land offers multiple boating experiences to view these apex predators. 

The Alligator Rivers also has crocodiles but is misnamed as the saltwater crocodile resembles alligators when compared to freshwater crocodiles, that are also inhabited the Northern Territory region.

How Big Are Crocodiles In Australia?

Crocodile In Australia
Crocodile In Australia: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Saltwater crocodiles are the biggest crocodilian and they can go over 20 feet long and they weigh about 1000 pounds. Adult male crocodiles usually grow to anywhere from 3.5m to 6m in length, with most of them being between 4m to 5m levels. These salties weigh from 410 to 520kg (900-1100 lbs). Adult females measure up to 3.1 m in length and weigh around 103 kg (230 lbs). 

Females are similar in measurement to other species of crocodiles and slightly smaller than male crocodiles. These reptiles can swim at a speed of 29km/h and they are usually seen feeding on pigs, small sharks, and water buffalos. 

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Are Crocodile attacks Common in Australia?

Crocodile attacks in Australia are quite rare. However, there has been an increase in the number of crocodile attacks in the past few years. They are very common in tropical northern regions of Australia. The most recent attack that took place in Australia was in May when Australian authorities discovered the remains of a fisherman inside a 13.4 ft crocodile on the Kennedy River. 

The one previous to this happened in February, where a 13.4 ft crocodile attacked a male and swallowed his pet when on a boat ramp around North Cairns. Rangers shot the crocodile that attacked a man and ate his dog at a boat ramp in north Cairns. 

How Many Crocodile Attacks in Australia?

In an endeavor to remove crocodiles in Australia, many attacks have happened when they showed aggressive behavior toward humans. Since 2000, over 150 crocodile attacks have been recorded in Australia. Many of the crocodile attacks that take place in remote Australia are believed to be unreported, with research showing more than 30 attacks unreported attacks happening each year. 

Can You Hunt Crocodiles In Australia?

You cannot hunt crocodiles in Australia as the country has banned crocodile hunting since 1971 and are protected by the Northern Territory. 

The Australian government, In 2005, rejected the idea to permit trophy hunting of crocodiles in northern regions despite two fatal crocodile attacks on divers. Global croc specialists backed the suggestion to make crocodile hunting lawful. However, many animal welfare societies considered it cruel.

Thus, you can’t interfere or take a crocodile without a permit. Permits might be provided to ranger groups or land managers to shoot or trap problem crocodiles when there is a proper need to do and when there is no other option. You cannot own or trade in dead or live crocodiles, eggs, or any crocodile parts without a permit.

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