Crocodile In Miami: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Crocodile In Miami

Miami is packed with visitors from all over the world during the holiday season. Known for its vibrant culture it is no wonder that the city is the second most visited city in the world, next to New York. But do you think, such a city will inhabit the deadliest of reptiles in the world? 

Last year, a crocodile was spotted just 160 miles from Miami in Sebastian Beach. This is the northernmost range of American crocodiles. Although spotted near Miami, these creatures are quite rare to sight anywhere in the country. Let us look in more detail at crocodile presence in Miami.

Are there crocodiles in Miami Florida?

Yes, there are crocodiles in Miami, Florida. Particularly, the state inhabits the American crocodile also termed scientifically as Crocodylus acutus. They are endemic to America where their range ends in Venezuela and Peru. Miami, not the city, but the suburbs and beaches inhabit crocodiles. Although it is important to know that most of the crocodile population lived in Everglades National Park.

Does Miami Have Crocodiles And Alligators?

Oh yes, Southern Florida, including Miami hosts both alligators and crocodiles. In fact, Florida is the only state where both these reptiles coexist harmoniously. Although alligators are abundant throughout the country including Florida, the same cannot be said for Crocodiles. These creatures are listed as threatened and have separate protection against unregulated hunting and killing.

Where Do Crocodiles Live In Miami?

Crocodiles are cold-blooded animals and require a warmer climate for survival. They live both in water and on land. Though they move very smoothly in water, their gait is haphazard on land. Unlike alligators, crocodiles can live both in freshwater and saline water. 

This unique feature and adaptability help them migrate to any place and that’s how you can find them even on the Miami coast. If you want to look for crocodiles, you don’t have to go far. These creatures typically live in and around lakes, river beds, and swamps, and wash up on beaches too.

How Common Are Crocodiles In Florida?

Crocodile In Miami

Crocodiles are less common in Florida compared to other places within their range. But Florida is the only state in the country with a crocodile population. So compared to other states, it is much more common to spot these reptiles. 

By nature, these creatures are shy and reclusive which adds to the difficulties of finding these creatures. Although, there are some spots where crocodiles are abundant and can be easily spotted like the Everglades National Park where about 2000 of these creatures live.

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Crocodile Sighting in Miami?

Though rare, there have been few sightings of crocodiles in and around Miami. The most covered ones were the one found last year in the Sebastian beach which is about 160 miles from Miami. It is believed that the crocodile probably migrated from the nearby Everglades National Park. 

Another well famous sighting and capture is not of American crocodile but Nile crocodile. Shocking, isn’t it? The crocodiles were captured in Miami-Dade on 3 different times. One in 2009, next in 2011 and final one in 2014. 

Although they didn’t match genetically to the ones in Disney World, their presence raises serious implications. Nobody knows how they reached the city in the first place. Although there are some believed that these creatures were illegally bought and were then released in the state.

Note that Nile crocodiles are the most dangerous species of crocodiles in the world. They are not as reclusive and shy as American crocodiles and are in fact responsible for the deaths of about 200 humans per year.

Can You Own A Crocodile In Miami?

No, It is illegal to own crocodile in Miami including other parts of Florida where they exist. These creatures are listed as threatened and are protected from private ownership and hunting. 

But legal permits for educational, research and rehabilitation purposes will allow you to own or possess them. These need to be obtained from Florida Wildlife Commission. Remember, these creatures are wild animals and extremely dangerous, so before you plan to own them make sure you have all the facilities set up for their survival and safety.

Do Any Crocodiles Live In The USA?

Yes, Crocodiles specifically the American crocodiles live in U.S.A. You can typically spot them in southern Florida especially along the coast. They did exist in the past on some other states too but due to extensive hunting and killing of these beasts, their range is now contracted with southern Florida being their northern most range. Having said this, crocodiles can be however found in captivity across the country. This also includes the deadly Nile crocodiles.


And that was everything you need to know about the Crocodiles in Maimi. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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