Dolphins In Las Vegas: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Are there Dolphins in Las Vegas?

Dolphins In Las Vegas

No, there are no dolphins in Las Vegas. This is due to the humid desert air, intensely hot sun, and pollution lying in the city. These tropical marine animals cannot be kept in the center of the desert, thousands of kilometers away from their natural habitat in the Atlantic Ocean.  

Were there Dolphins in Vegas?

Yes, there were dolphins in Las Vegas. Most of these dolphins in the city were kept in captivity just for human entertainment. These mammals were habituated in concrete tanks, housed behind bars. 

Most of the facilities that were scrutinized by the animal welfare associations claim that the habitats lacked shade and left the species at risk of harsh sun damage. Also, the shallow tanks prevented them from discovering underwater comfort from the Las Vegas sun.

What happened to the Dolphins in Las Vegas?

As most of the facilities in Las Vegas lacked even the basic necessities of dolphin habitat, this led to early deaths. Three dolphins in Las Vegas passed away within six months, all were habited in concrete tanks, on the Las Vegas Strip. 

K2, an 11-year-old “active” dolphin, died late in September after exhibiting a few signs of sickness. Maverick, 19-year-old died a few weeks back after receiving medicine for a lung condition and Bella passed away at 13 after receiving a cure for gastroenteritis. 

Estimations for dolphin life might differ, but according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, these species live at least 40 years, with a few surviving even over 60 years. 

The main reason for death was stress and boredom as they were kept in captivity. This might have weakened their immune system, causing infections and stomach problems that lead to premature deaths. Supporters of the species say it is cruel to captivate these highly social species, that can travel up to 80 miles per day in the ocean.

Can you swim with dolphins in Vegas?

Dolphins In Las Vegas

No, you cannot swim with dolphins in Las Vegas. Initially, visitors could pay even $450 to have in-water interactions with the dolphins in Mirage, where they were often vocal and made visitors smile. But, now the animal exhibit has been temporarily closed for independent experts to investigate the reasons behind the deaths. 

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Which Hotel Has Dolphins In Vegas?

The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas was the one that had a dolphin exhibit. The hotel’s dolphin exhibit has temporarily closed down after its third dolphin death in less than six months. Though the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums says the average life expectancy of dolphins in U.S. zoological facilities is about 30 years. 

The dolphins at the Mirage Hotel have a record of dying much earlier. Of the fifteen dolphins born in the hotel since the dolphin exhibit’s opening in the year 1991, 11 of them have died at an average age of 8 years. Given the hotel has been open only for 30 years, most dolphins must be alive. Indeed, the ones born there must be still alive. 

They are protected from food shortages and predators, and these things threaten them in the wild. The Dolphin exhibit facility in the hotel is known as the ‘Dolphin Death Pool’, due to the high ratio of dolphin deaths reported. 

The Mirage states that palm trees, sun shades, and nearby buildings delivered adequate sun shade for the animals. The facilities were scrutinized by animal welfare advocates and along with weekly vet exams. 

What Will Happen To The Dolphins At The Mirage?

Three dolphins at Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel, — Karli, Osborne, and Sofi — are transferred to SeaWorld in San Diego. SeaWorld had initially loaned the dolphins to the Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel, under a contractual commitment. 

Animal advocates believe veterinary maintenance will be more satisfactory at SeaWorld for the three dolphins. As there will be more space, the animals will get out of the desert environment and glares of the Las Vegas Strip.


And that was everything you need to know about the Dolphins in Las Vegas. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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