Moose In Massachusetts: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Moose In Massachusetts
Moose In Massachusetts: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Many individuals might be surprised to know that moose are living in the state of Massachusetts. And today, In this article, I’ve explained everything you need to know about the moose in Massachusetts. 

Are there moose in Massachusetts?

Yes, there are moose in the state of Massachusetts. Historically throughout Massachusetts, and European Settlement, a lot of animals were hunted down severely to extirpation in the state, including moose.

Only a very few moose were able to persist further north, where the border of Vermont and New Hampshire lies. Initially from the 50s to the 70s, there were only a few reports of moose sightings in the state.

But until the late 90s, there was an established population. The population kind of increased in the mid-2000s, and that is when most moose sighting reports were documented. And from then, it kind has stabilized and may have decreased a bit, to date. Thus it took them a long time to come back and now it is a pretty stable resident within Massachusetts.

How Many Moose In Massachusetts?

The moose population has grown in the northern U.S. since the late 1990s by regulating a combination of unregulated hunting and forest-cutting practices.

Now, moose can be seen in most of central and western Massachusetts, with rare sightings even in the eastern regions of Massachusetts. Considering Massachusetts’s cold climate, the state is home to a big population of moose which is estimated to be around 1,500. 

How Big Are Moose In Massachusetts?

Moose In Massachusetts
Moose In Massachusetts: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Moose are the biggest species of the deer clan and one of the biggest land-living mammals that are present in North America. 

An adult moose can stand up to 2.3 m in height at shoulder levels. Males (bulls) are usually bigger when compared to females (cows). They also possess detailed, enlarged antlers that can count to almost 2 m in total, from top to bottom. 

These antlers are the largest antlers that are held by any mammal, in the world. The antlers are shed and grown every year. The male & female moose antlers can range anywhere up to 5 feet in length.

Females weigh around 500-1000 lbs and males around 700-1400 lbs. Moose in Massachusetts have a dense, brown coat that ranges from black to almost light. They are also characterized by their long head with flexible noses. Also, there are known for their very long legs and a lump of skin under their chin.

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How rare/Common is it to see a moose in Massachusetts?

Even though there is quite a detailed population of moose in Massachusetts, they are still somewhat elusive, viewing their big size. And a lot of it is because they do not like to spend much of their time in places that are near people. 

Hunters, wildlife viewers, and other outdoor individuals might encounter one when they travel through the wood of Massachusetts. But, in most circumstances, they will simply move off. 

They are mostly found in the woods as in summer, they tend to look for food and relief from mosquitoes, flies, and heat by relaxing in wetlands. In winter, their food consists of twigs and hardwood bark, which makes it very difficult to spot them. 

Where To See Moose In Massachusetts?

The only problem is moose are elusive and try to hide themselves even in the vast forest areas. So, the best time to spot them is the fall as the mating season is from September to October. 

During this time, they are very active and tend to make appearances on trails and roads. The best bet to spot a moose in Massachusetts will be the lonesome woods and muddy shores near the Quabbin Reservoir. 

An unhurried drive along the picturesque roads surrounding the watershed can get you to a sudden glance of twisted antlers and matted fur. Try taking Route 122 next to the north shore, which will offer direct entry to the lakeside, or take Route 9 into Ware. 

You will get a closer look at the lake by following the bike trails at the park, which will lead you to the serene waterfront. 

Can You Hunt Moose In Massachusetts?

Moose are a crucial natural resource that are present in Massachusetts and their current comeback to the state is a testament to Massachusetts’s high-grade wildlife habitat and management. Thus, moose hunting is restricted in the state of Massachusetts.

What To Do If You See A Moose In Massachusetts?

If you happen to come across a moose when in the woods, usually they will run away. Thus you will not have a meeting with them. But if it just so occurs that you happen to creep up on a moose and it did not anticipate you to be there, you must give it the space that it needs to move away. 

If you are with your dog, you must ensure that your dog is leashed, to keep them under control. During their breeding season, in fall you must be extremely cautious as bulls can be inconsistent. With moose, when calves are born, they spend all of their time with their mom. 

And, thus they will vigorously try to safeguard their calf. So you must be careful of that, and when you come across a calf and a cow, you must be aware that the moose will protect its younger one. Stay in a respectful space away from the animals and enjoy the majestic species.

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And that was everything you need to know about the Moose In Massachusetts. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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