Moose In Yellowstone: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Moose In Yellowstone

Planning to visit Yellowstone national park? Yes, the park is home to a diverse variety of wildlife ranging from Gray wolves to Bison. Its beautiful landscapes are not only an apple to the eye, but they are also diverse enough to inhabit a variety of creatures. 

Did you know, the park also has a small population of Moose? Yes. The largest deer species in the world is present in Yellowstone. 

While they are herbivores and don’t hunt humans, they have a significant role in the ecosystem as the animals at the bottom of the food chain. As a resident of the country and as a visitor, it is always important to know the presence of Moose and what to do if you spotted them.

Don’t worry, Below I’ve explained everything you need to know about the Moose’s presence In Yellowstone.

Are there moose in Yellowstone?

Yes, there definitely are a few numbers of Moose in Yellowstone. They aren’t as abundant as other herbivores like Bison, and elk but they do occupy a few areas in the park. Except during the rut, Moose are pretty solitary and stay separately and not in groups. 

Additionally, they also prefer habitats with wetlands and riparian areas which hide them from the human eye. Even so, visitors of the park do have a chance to encounter some of these Moose in some other regions of the park.

How Many Moose in Yellowstone?

Like for any other animal, estimating the Moose population is not easy, and nor will it be accurate due to the number of factors in place. Moreover, their population is quite less when compared with other mammals like elk and Bison.

However, as per National Park Service, there are just about 100 moose in the 22 acres of land in Yellowstone National Park. Also, about 800 inhabit in the south region of Yellowstone, Grant Teton National Park, and surrounding regions. In fact, their population has been decreasing in the last few decades.

How Big Are Moose in Yellowstone?

Did you know, Yellowstone moose are the smallest subspecies of moose found in North America? Yes, compared to moose living in other states, Yellowstone moose are smaller and prefer to live alone. 

As per National Park Service an adult bull weighs nearly 1000 pounds, an adult cow weighs nearly 900 pounds and a young calf weighs just about 25 to 35 pounds at birth. They measure 5-6 feet at the shoulder and often are taller than average humans.

How rare is it to see a moose in Yellowstone?

Moose In Yellowstone

Moose are quite rare in Yellowstone and let us see why this is so. Although they look formidable due to their size and the presence of two big, marvelous antlers, they are pretty solitary and often are not spotted by visitors. Additionally, due destruction of habitat due to forest fires, and excessive hunting outside the park, their population has drastically decreased. 

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Where To See Moose in Yellowstone? (Best Time of Year to See Moose in Yellowstone)

Moose in Yellowstone prefer to inhabit marshy areas of lake shores, along rivers, and meadows. Once found in thousands, their population hasn’t just decreased in number but also in range. In the past, they used to live in most of the parts of the park. But today, even a sighting is hard enough.

As per National Park Service, moose today live in the park’s southwest corner, Soda Butte Creek, Pelican Creek, Lewis River, and Gallatin River drainages. 

To improve your sightings, do visit them during late September to early October when moose tend to be active due to mating season. And remember to also go into the park during dawn or dusk to improve your chances even more.

Can You Hunt Moose in Yellowstone?

No, You cannot hunt Moose in Yellowstone as the park is a protected area. The park operates under the regulations of the National Park Service which prohibits the hunting of all the animals inhabited inside the park including moose. 

In fact, it is the park’s goal to preserve and conserve the park’s natural and cultural resources including maintaining a balance in the ecosystem.

What To Do If You See a Moose in Yellowstone?

Their characteristics which include deep brown fur with tan legs and muzzle, solitary nature, etc., help Moose to hide in plain sight. But beware, their long legs that help them wade into rivers and through snow, aid them in running and swimming. In fact, these features have also led to cows with calves driving and chasing away people in the park.

Therefore, some precautions need to be followed to stay safe. These include observing them from a distance of at least 50 yards, not feeding them anything though we might have the urge to do, and remembering moose are wild and they need to search for food themselves. 

And one more thing you could follow is to stay inside a vehicle during observation. These guidelines not only protect visitors but also these resilient moose.

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And that was everything you need to know about the Moose In Yellowstone. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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