Mountain Lion In Griffith Park: Everything You Need To Know

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Mountain Lion In Griffith Park

Griffith Park surprisingly has a rich mix of wildlife that relies on routes connecting at least eight distinct habitat zones. The park is known for its population of opossums, coyotes, mule deer, bobcats, and gray foxes. 

But are there mountain lions present within the borders of the park? 

Below I’ve explained all the things you need to know about the mountain lion living in Griffith Park, their present situation, and also about the other animals living in the park.

Do Mountain Lions Live In Griffith Park?

Mountain lions also called cougars or pumas are known to be inhabited in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California. The park is a huge urban park that is spread over 4,300 acres, providing a habitat for diverse species of wildlife, including mountain lions. 

The ample vegetation, rugged terrain, and closeness to the Santa Monica Mountains make it appropriate for these elusive animals. Mountain lions are also well-known to wander across a broad range of regions, including urban locations, as they are very adaptable to varying environments. 

How Many Mountain Lions In Griffith Park?

Currently, the Park Service has tracked about two dozen mountain lions present in the park. To track every mountain lion, researchers capture and sedate them so that they can attach a radio collar. 

With these collars, each mountain lion receives a sign starting with “P” along with a number. The first collared mountain lion – P001 – acquired the name the “king of the mountains,” and other lions today can trace their ancestry back to him. 

Sometimes, these radio collars stop working or fall off, which interrupts the tracking of lions’ signals. When such things happen, researchers rely on footage and DNA evidence to confirm whether an individual mountain lion is alive. So, this makes it very challenging to provide an accurate count of the population of mountain lions in the park. 

What Happened To The Mountain Lion In Griffith Park?

Mountain Lion In Griffith Park

The famous LA mountain lion P-22, which lived in Los Angeles for ten years that was the face of an international movement to protect California’s threatened puma inhabitants, was euthanized.

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What Is The Story Of The P-22 Mountain Lion?

P-22 was a wild mountain lion who lived in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, in the eastern region of the Santa Monica Mountains after traveling across two prominent LA freeways. He was first identified in 2012 and was the topic of powerful media engagement, including multiple books, works of art, and television programs.P-22 was frequently documented roaming around the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles.

He was observed by a radio collar and stayed in Griffith Park for more than years until he was caught on December 12, 2022. However, he was euthanized on December 17, 2022, as his medical examinations disclosed that he was suffering from injuries from being hit by a car, in assortment with other longer-term health problems.

Why Was LA Mountain Lion Euthanized?

When P-22 was captured to assess his health, he was determined to be having a “really serious” health situation. He was extremely underweight, with thinning coat, a damaged right eye from a vehicle collision, skull fractures, herniation of abdominal organs, and skin injuries. 

Also, P-22 was suffering from numerous longer-term medical issues, like heart disease, stage 2 kidney failure, a parasitic skin infection, and weight loss (weighing 41 kg). Thus officials decided to euthanize P-22. 

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What Animals Are Seen In Griffith Park?

Along with skunk and opossums, Griffith Park is home to a huge population of coyote and mule deer, which can be seen visiting the backyards at the park’s boundary. Bobcats, gray foxes, and three species of squirrels (the western gray and terrestrial California and the Eastern fox squirrel) can also be seen regularly. 

Amphibians and reptiles in the park include the western toad, tiny Pacific chorus frog, two salamanders (Black-bellied Slender-Salamander and Arboreal Salamander), and about 10 lizards and snakes.


And that was everything you need to know about the mountain lion in Griffith Park. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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