Mountain Lion In New Jersey: Everything You Need To Know

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Mountain Lion In New Jersey
Mountain Lion In New Jersey: Everything You Need To Know

New Jersey has undergone a considerable amount of rapid suburbanization in the latter half of the 20th century. It includes diverse geographical components and is equipped with plenty of significant lakes, rivers, and fishing ponds. 

But are there mountain lions currently present in New Jersey? And what kinds of wild cats roam in the state?

Decades back, mountain lions were extensively spread throughout America, but extensive hunting has lessened their population. So, what is the current status of mountain lions in New Jersey? Continue reading to find out.

Are There Any Mountain Lions In New Jersey?

There are no native mountain lions living in New Jersey at present and also the Garden State has never documented sightings of mountain lions within the state in recent times, despite multiple claims on sightings.

Mountain lions are the most often sighted species beyond the boundaries of New Jersey. Despite widespread reports, there has been no supportable information on mountain lion sightings within the state in contemporary times. However, mountain lions used to exist there.

Were There Ever Mountain Lions In New Jersey?

According to various historical references, mountain lions were once present all over the state and neighboring before the European settlement. Sadly, they expired in the 19th century, with the last animals being wiped out between 1830 and 1840. 

Though slopes, woods, and the shoreline of timbered brooks would have been an excellent habitat and they could have persisted anywhere prey was plentiful. 

The reduction and eventual extinction of mountain lions in New Jersey were driven by different factors, including human settlements, hunting, the transformation of wildlands to agricultural lands, and additional habitat degradation.

Was A Mountain Lion Spotted On Millville?

Mountain Lion In New Jersey
Mountain Lion In New Jersey: Everything You Need To Know

A woman from New Jersey has stated that she thinks that she saw a mountain lion in Cumberland in November 2022. As she was heading south on Buckshutem Road, toward Laurel Lake from Millville around 9 pm, the woman stated the sighting happened.

Also, back in August 2022, there was a report on spotting a mountain lion in the Millville area on Route 347, a few kilometers south of the Millville airport.

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Can I Buy A Mountain Lion In New Jersey?

The N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife does not issue licenses for potentially dangerous animals for hobby or pet purposes. Owing of potentially dangerous animals are allowed only for scientific holding, zoological holding, or animal exhibitors. 

Also, the applicant must have background and education information, a demo of a working understanding of the animals, the stated objective, and a description of caging and housing plans. 

Also, an Endangered species owing license will not be given for the use of breeding by non-experts. Mountain lions are protected under the New Jersey Endangered Species Act.

Can You Hunt Mountain Lion In New Jersey?

New Jersey has banned the hunting of mountain lions as it legally categorized them as “specially protected animals.” 

So, it is illegal to hunt, trap or harm a mountain lion in New Jersey. However, if any person is found guilty of harming or hunting mountain lions in New Jersey can be fined or even imprisoned. 

What Large Cats Are In Nj?

The Bobcat, also called the red lynx, is a native North American wild cat. They’re the most widely spread big cat in North America. Their area starts in southern Canada and stretches south through the U.S. and down into Mexico. Along with eastern coyotes and black bears, bobcats are New Jersey’s primary carnivores.

Historically bobcats lived throughout the state of New Jersey, however, during the 1800s, their numbers began to decline due to habitat loss.

The reduction in the bobcat population overlapped with European settlement removing the state’s thick forests for timber and energy as well as emptying the land for farming. By the early 1970s, bobcats were extirpated from New Jersey 

Today, though bobcats are rare in the state, their numbers seem to be recovering in the northwestern region. There have also unconfirmed statements of bobcats in central, eastern, and southern regions.

The exact number of bobcats is difficult to verify as they’re shy animals. However, the population is estimated to be anywhere from 250 to 280 inhabitants.

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And that was everything you need to know about the Mountain lions in New Jersey. I hope this article was informative and your queries were answered.

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