Mountain Lion In Texas: Everything You Need To Know

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Mountain Lion In Texas

Texas is famous for its extensive natural terrain and diverse wildlife. Among the numerous species that are inhabited this vast state, the mountain lion bears a special place.

Also, mountain lions are known to be very elusive and fascinating species that have captivated the imagination of every Texan. 

Below I’ve explained all the things you need to know about the mountain lion in Texas. 

Do Mountain Lions Live In Texas?

Mountain lions are currently present in Texas, as the state of Texas is famous to have an appropriate habitat, with excellent prey availability and a rugged landscape, that allows mountain lions to thrive within the state. 

In Texas, most population of mountain lions are mainly located within the southern and western areas, as it houses extensive wilderness areas. However, mountain lions are well-known to expand their range and sometimes they also roam into the various regions within the state.

How Common Are Mountain Lions In Texas?

Though mountain lions are known to have steady and healthy inhabitants in Texas, they are not very common to spot when compare to other wildlife animals, like raccoons or deer. 

Though there are many mountain lions living in Texas it is not easy to spot one as they are shy of humans. Also, mountain lions are believed to exist in a variety of locations within Texas, which makes it relatively hard to spot one.

Where Do Mountain Lions Live In Texas?

Mountain Lion In Texas

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department calculates that most of the mountain lions in Texas are inhabited the southern and western parts of the state, where the prey and terrain availability serve their requirements. 

These regions include the Hill Country, the Trans-Pecos region, and the brushlands of South Texas with various habitats that have proper conditions for their survival, including dense vegetation, rugged terrain, and access to prey.

The Trans-Pecos region on the West has the biggest mountain lion population in the state and the area comprises the mountainous terrain of the Guadalupe Mountains, Davis Mountains, and the Big Bend region. 

The Hill Country present in central Texas has a combination of rocky hills, dense vegetation, and canyons, providing proper habitat for mountain lions. The Balcones Canyonlands, Edwards Plateau, and various other regions within the Hill Country help the mountain lion populations sustain.

Also, the brushlands in the South of Texas, including areas like the ranchlands and Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, have prey opportunities and suitable habitats for mountain lions. 

While they have confirmed populations in these areas, they can roam and spread into other areas of the state. However, their primary area stays within the southern and western parts of Texas.

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Can You Own A Mountain Lion In Texas?

Owning a mountain lion in Texas is not allowed without appropriate licenses and permits from the (TPWD) Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. To lawfully own one as a pet in Texas, a permit must be obtained from the TPWD.

However, the division has stringent requirements and regulations for obtaining such licenses. These conditions might even include proof of knowledge and experience in caring and handling for large carnivores, suitable facilities, and commitment to thorough safety measures.

It is also worth noting that owning a mountain lion can pose considerable challenges as they are powerful, large, and highly dangerous that need specific habitat, dietary, and behavioral requirements. 

Can You Shoot A Mountain Lion In Texas?

In Texas, it is not illegal to hunt or harvest mountain lions. However, the state has restricted the requirements for hunters to maintain a proper hunting license and a certain permit to hunt mountain lions. 

There has never been a closed season for mountain lions where hunters can willingly submit their harvest statements when they hunt a mountain lion. Texas has never reclassified them as a gaming species and so there is also no hunting season for them.

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And that was everything you need to know about the Mountain lions in Texas. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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