Sharks In Jacksonville: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Sharks In Jacksonville
Sharks In Jacksonville: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Imagine you are having a gala of a time on the beach and suddenly you spot the well-known and frightening dorsal fin out of the water near you. Yes, you have just been visited by sharks. This just happened to a group of people a few weeks back and although they did receive a few bites from these creatures, they are now safe. 

As per surveys, these encounters have only been increasing.  Although the mentioned incident took place in long island, similar incidents have been reported in other beaches across the east coast like Jacksonville. And that brings us to the main topic of this article, Jacksonville sharks. 

Below I’ve explained everything you need to know about sharks in Jacksonville, their presence, physical features, and most important one-recent attacks on humans on Jacksonville beaches.

Are There Sharks in Jacksonville?

Oh yes, there are sharks found on Jacksonville’s beaches and shores. Sharks typically are found in oceans and seas and rarely come near beaches. 

Jacksonville located on the Atlantic coast is in fact home to a variety of species. Although, as rare as they used to be, recently there have been various sightings of these creatures and especially around children. 

So, always exercise caution and local guidelines to have a safe time. And remember, sharks are apex predators and are very essential to the balance of their ecosystem so respect and always maintain a distance between them and you.

Types Of Sharks in Jacksonville Florida

As per Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there are about 13 different types of sharks or species that can be found living in the water around Florida including Jacksonville. 

In fact, there have been several recent sightings of sharks in the Jacksonville waters especially where kids were playing. But only one shark out of the 13 species needs to be more worried about- the bull shark. 

They are quite common offshore of Jacksonville and tend to migrate to local rivers and waterbodies which makes them more dangerous. Some other sharks that may visit the waters also include Tiger sharks and the great white shark. 

How Common Are Sharks in Florida?

Sharks In Jacksonville
Sharks In Jacksonville: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Sharks were quite a common sight in the past. Remember the craze for sharks after various shark films were broadcasted in the late 1900s and early 2000s? And as a result, most of the beaches where sharks could be spotted with sharks were packed with visitors throughout the year. 

But due to climatic conditions, loss of prey, and human presence many sharks stopped visiting these shores. Although white sharks have been a common visitor off the coast of Florida, OCEARCH hasn’t tracked them since last year when a 1700-pound white shark was found off the coast of St. Augustine. 

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How Many Shark Attacks in Jacksonville Florida?

Shark attacks haven’t been much common in Jacksonville Florida. But like the rest of the east coast, on Jacksonville’s shores as well, the attacks or let’s say the sightings of these sharks have been increasing. 

In fact, Florida of which Jacksonville is a part, is mostly considered as the place with the highest number of shark attacks as per the list created by the International Shark Attack File. As per NBC Miami, there were about 16 shark attacks last year and until now there have been 13 shark attacks this year.

How Big Are Sharks in Jacksonville Florida?

It largely depends on the Shark species you find. Each shark species varies in length, weight, and physical features. The great white sharks though uncommon are huge and one of the largest shark species in Jacksonville.

They weigh about 1800 pounds and measure about 14 to 16 feet in length. And the most common shark, the bull sharks weigh about 800 pounds and measure about 7 to 11 feet in length. Lastly, the tiger sharks which are other sharks to be careful with can grow to about 10 to 13 feet with weight reaching even 1400 pounds.

Can You Swim in Jacksonville Beach?

We understand what you are getting at. Yes, you can swim in Jacksonville Beach. In fact, each year a rush of tourists and visitors come to have fun and relax on these beaches. 

But yes, due to safety reasons which also include the presence of sharks in the water, there are some guidelines in place for the safety of these visitors. All you have to do is to follow them. 

Sharks often migrate to shallow beach waters in search of food and therefore it is important to avoid swimming in areas where there is a large population of these bait fishes. 

Also, avoid splashing water as this may indicate a suffering prayer to these sharks. And for safety, always swim near the lifeguards so that in case of any dangerous encounters, the people who could save you can reach you soon.

Where Was Girl Attacked by Shark in Florida?

Be it a crowded marketplace or a beech always keep your children close to you and don’t leave them out of your sight. The ramifications may be life-altering. Just a few months back a 12-year-old girl was attacked by a bull shark at Fort Pierce Beach, Florida. Although the girl is recovering now, this would remain in her memory as one of the most traumatic experiences in her life.


And that was everything you need to know about the Sharks In Jacksonville. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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