Sharks In Long Island: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Sharks In Long Island

Sharks have been coming up on many east coast beaches including Long Island. Although due to extensive human activities, the shark population overall is in decline, they have been migrating to the shores probably due to prey movement or warmer temperatures. This again is because of human activity that has created havoc not only in human life but also for every living form on earth. Read on to know more about sharks in Long Island.

Are There Sharks On The Long Island?

Oh yes, there are sharks in Long Island. In fact, just recently they have been on television for more than one reason. Discovery Channel just kicked off its 35th annual shark week where they post content detailing every part of a shark’s life which incidentally couldn’t come in a more perfect time. 

There has been a drastic increase in shark attacks in Long Island and so the governor just announced the deployment of a massive 60 number of drones to beaches along the island and some other cities to help spot sharks before they do something unchangeable. 

Are There Sand Sharks On Long Island?

Yes, there are sand sharks on Long Island. In fact, two species of sand sharks are found on the island; the sand tiger shark and the sandbar shark which is also called the brown shark. 

Sand tiger sharks are longer than sandbar sharks and have teeth that are always showing. Both of these sharks are endangered and need protection from hunting.

They typically don’t pose a threat to humans, although they might be curious and come near divers. But, like most wild creatures, they will attack you if you threaten or provoke them.

Are There White Sharks In Long Island Sound?

Yes, but they are rare when compared to other shark species in Long Island. This is because they tend to prefer waters that are shallow and then deep water. 

As per reports most of them are moving from New York Bight up to Cape Cod on the east coast. They are mostly associated with warmer water but have been seen in Long Island due to prey movements and changes in climatic conditions. 

This is true for almost all parts of the world as the temperature of the earth is warming up in the last few years due to global warming. You may think, as it’s only increasing by a little, it won’t affect you. But no, environmental deterioration affects every life on earth be it direct or indirect like in the case of sharks. 

Types Of Sharks In Long Island

Sharks In Long Island

When we talk about sharks, there are about 5 types of sharks that often visit the Long Island Sound beaches. In addition to the two species already discussed that is the sand sharks and the big white sharks, the island also is a common destination for spiny dogfish, smooth dogfish, and bull sharks which like the white sharks are quite rare to spot.

Dogfish sharks are much common in the waters, but they tend to be small and will rarely attack you. The scary kinds which you should vary about are the big whites, sand sharks, and bull sharks but these rarely visit the island shores and are much more common in the south. 

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How Big Are Sharks In Long Island?

The size of sharks depends largely on the species of sharks that visit Long Island. Among the species that migrate here, the great white sharks are the largest reaching about 20 ft in length and weighing about a massive 4,000 pounds. 

These sharks often visit the island during the summer months when the water around the island is warmer. The other varieties like sand tiger and sandbar sharks grow to 8 to 10 feet in length and 440 to 640 pounds in weight and typically can be found in the estuaries which they use as nursery habitats. And smaller than these are the spiny and smooth dogfish sharks that grow to just 5 feet in length.

What Kind Of Shark Washed Up On Long Island Beach?

Various sharks have been washed up on the long island beach due to reasons ranging from ocean contamination to human hunting but all only because of human activities. 

The recent addition to this was a dead great white shark that washed up last year in the month of July. It was roughly 8 feet in length and was spotted on Ocean Beach. But before the police could secure it, the body washed back into the sea.

Is It Safe To Swim In The Long Island Sound?

Amid the recent rash of shark attacks and sightings in Long Island, we understand the fear that has crept up in people. 

Generally, it is safe to swim on the Long Island Sound beach as these shark visitations are uncommon and none have been fatal. And experts say that the swimmers should have little to no worries due to the shallow nature of the shore. 

But yes, precautions can be taken in case out of a blue moon you do happen to share these waters with sharks. These include avoiding swimming in dawn and dusk, staying close to shore, and not going too far into the sea, staying calm if you do spot a shark as they will likely think you as prey fighting for life when you splash. 

One simple step you can follow to avoid attracting a shark is to wear bland clothes and avoid any shiny jewelry or bright clothes when swimming. Happy and safe swimming guys!


And that was everything you need to know about the Sharks in Long Island. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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