Sharks In New Smyrna Beach: Everything You Need To Know

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Are There Sharks In New Smyrna Beach?

Sharks In New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is located on the eastern coasts of Florida, in Volusia County and south of Daytona Beach. This beach in Florida is the most popular beach in that state for surfers and sharks to visit. However, in recent years the beach has become very famous as the shark bite capital of the world as there have been more incidents recorded in Volusia County than in other counties in Florida.

Types Of Sharks In New Smyrna Beach

The common shark species found in New Smyrna Beach are:

  • Lemon Shark

Lemon Sharks are the most common species seen on the coasts of New Smyrna Beach.  They are known to move to the waters every year for a mating aggregation. Lemon sharks can reach 8-10 ft in length and weigh over 200 lb. 

  • Tiger Shark

Tiger Sharks are the Highlights of New Smyrna Beach. As they are very curious species we often encounter them. They are seen in New Smyrna Beach from December to July. Adults attain a length of 10 ft – 13 ft and can weigh over 386 to 1,400 lb.

  • Great Hammerhead Shark

Great Hammerhead Sharks are the most fascinating species to encounter. But, the encounters here do not last long as they are known to cruise along. The best time to see them is from January to May. They measure approx. 11 ft long and weigh around 510 lb.

  • Bull Shark

Probably the most sensationalized species in New Smyrna Beach Waters. These species are commonly found on the dives. They’re the only known sharks that travel into freshwater habitats. They can be found between January and June. Adults are typically 8-11 ft long and weigh 200-290 lb. 

  • Caribbean Reef Shark

Carribean Reef Sharks are commonly found in the coastal waters of New Smyrna Beach. During summer the adult sharks commonly join dives. They can be seen during the summer months. The maximum length recorded was 9.8 ft and 150 lb.

  • Nurse Shark

Nurse Sharks are commonly found in the coastal waters of New Smyrna Beach but are rarely spotted as they do not come to the surface. The maximum length of an adult is 10 ft, and weighs up to 730 lb.

  • Sandbar Shark

The Sandbar Sharks is the relative of the Bull Sharks. They are known for their elongated pectoral fins, pale color, and tall Dorsal fin. Sandbar Sharks can be seen from May to August.

  • Silky Shark

Silky Sharks are extremely social species and are commonly seen schooling together. In New Smyrna Beach they can be seen from June to August. They can reach a length of 8.2 ft the maximum length recorded was 11 ft and the weight was 763 lb. Females are bigger than males.

  • Dusky Shark

Dusky Sharks have recently safeguarded off New Smyrna Beach coast for the population to bounce back. They can be seen from late June to early September. Being the largest members, they reach 10 ft in length and weigh over 765 lb.

How Many Sharks Are In New Smyrna Beach?

Sharks In New Smyrna Beach

Florida waters are known to have one of the biggest concentrations of shark species in the world. There are sharks present in New Smyrna Beach all year round which makes the beach a top place to see sharks in the world. However, the exact number of sharks is difficult to determine as they keep moving around the Florida waters.

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How Many Shark Attacks Happen In New Smyrna Beach?

New Smyrna Beach is always the global leader when it comes to shark attacks, with most of them being minor ones. The attacks result when sharks feeding around Ponce Inlet on the Atlantic side mistake swimmers or surfers for baitfish. 

The Ponce Inlet occurs to be a smorgasbord of lure fish that draws sharks. It is also one of the few places that have the best waves in the southeast regions which bring in a lot of surfers. There is plenty of bait fish and shifty currents, that create murky water. When you mix the two with surfers and sharks accidents tend to happen.

According to the ISAF, unprovoked shark attacks called “surface recreationists,” includes activities like water skiing, surfing, windsurfing, rafting, boogie boarding, or floating on inflatables. In the past decade, only three times these attacks involved surface recreationists than swimmers.

The most recent shark attack was on September 6, 2022, when a 27-year-old woman was attacked by a shark when wading in the water at New Smyrna Beach. The shark species involved was unknown, as the tail and dorsal fins were only seen in the attack. Fortunately, the victim has only non-life-threatening.

Is New Smyrna Beach safe to swim?

Yes, it is safe to swim and surf in New Smyrna Beach. The are many reasons for shark attacks. Although these incidents happen more frequently in this area, they’re still very rare considering the huge number of people enjoying surfing and other watersports, each year. 


And that was everything you need to know about the Sharks in New Smyrna Beach. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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