Top White Dog Breeds - White Dogs for Active Families 2024

Top White Dog Breeds – White Dogs for Great Families 2024

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In the world of dogs, when we’re thinking about breeds and size and other such factors, color is rarely of any significance. However, the color might be important for some people. Most breeds of dogs come in a variety of colors. However, some big are pure white dogs. From the friendly and goody samoyed to the powerful Dogo Argentino, here are some of the best large white dog breeds.

List of Top White Dog Breeds

Great Pyrenees

If we were to think of a large, white dog, the Great Pyrenees would be the first one to come to mind. Not only do they come in the standard color of white, they also often go up to 100 lb. Thus, they fulfil all the requirements. 

Like many white dogs, this dog is originally from a very cold place – most probably Central Asia or Siberia. They may look intimidating but the Great Pyrenees is actually a gentle giant. They’re now reared on the Pyrenees mountains that sit on the border between Spain and France, thus their name.

Being both excellent herd dogs and family companions, these dogs are patient and loyal. But their coats do shed a lot throughout the year so be prepared to be brushing hair off your furniture all the time. Unfortunately, that’s the case with most of these breeds.

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Samoyeds can be extremely funny and goofy for their elegant appearance. Originating in Siberia, there’s nothing this breed likes more than the cold and snow. Thus, the pure white coat males for quite the camouflage. 

Called Samoyeds because they were reared by the Samoyed people, these dogs were equally adept at herding animals and pulling sleds. Their thick and fluffy fur was ample protection.

Samoyeds are extremely sociable and friendly dogs, which is why they’ve become one of the top breeds to own in the United States. They’re always ready for a good cuddle and they can instinctively sense when someone in the family is upset. If you get a Samoyed, you won’t be lonely again.


One of the lesser known breeds on this list, this dog breed from India is also called the Indian Ghost Hound because of its pale color. They get their name from the town in South India where they were bred, both as guard dogs as well as hunting dogs. In fact, a Rajapalayam is perfectly capable of hunting boar and other medium sized prey.

They’re short haired hounds, which makes sense given the kind of climate they come from. With muscular and compact bodies and the deep chest that characterizes hounds, the Rajapalayam stands tall at around 30 inches. That makes them taller than any dog except the Great Pyrenees on this list.

These hounds, like many other native Indian breeds, reached the brink of extinction at one point. But now they’re being carefully bred again and people are being encouraged to buy them.

Dogo Argentino

These strong and powerful mastiffs might vary in size from medium to large. Going up to 100 lb, these dogs might not look as cute as some of the others. But they’re extremely intelligent and athletic dogs and are known to defend their own till their last breath. After all, they were bred as pack hunting dogs to go after big game like wild boar and pumas. 

They’ve got a very powerful physique and a very strong sense of smell. These dogs don’t come in any color except white dogs but they might have a small black patch over the eye or ear. They’ve got short coats and don’t shed too much. For all their strength, they make for good family dogs and get along quite well with children.

However, one interesting fact is that these dogs are vulnerable to sunburn.

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Another snow white shepherd dog is the Hungarian Kuvasz. Often weighing over 100 lb in the case of an adult male, these dogs are simply majestic to look at. They’re much more dignified and stately than a lot of other dogs and they form very deep bonds with their owner. 

The Kuvasz is particularly known for its loyalty. They might not be the most outwardly affectionate dogs but they keep a close eye on their family and are very watchful with the emotions of their human owners.

Kuvs are said to be extremely nimblefooted despite their big size, a trait obtained from the years they’ve spent roaming around the wild countryside. Their elegantly shaped heads are said to be one of the best parts of a Kuvasz.


Another lesser known breed, the Akbash is a Turkish livestock dog. Their very name means ‘white dog head’ and it distinguishes them from the Kangal, another Turkish dog with a black head and tan body. The Akbash is used to the rugged mountain terrains of western Anatolia and can withstand very cold weather because of its thick fur.

We should note that the Akbash is a guard dog and not a herding dog. It’s not trained to herd livestock but rather to protect shepherds and sheep alike from other big predators. 

Akbash are very powerful and can weigh upto 140 lb in some cases. They’re intelligent and very brave but they can be difficult to train because they’re quite independent minded. They’re very protective and might become aggressive with anything they perceive as threats.

White Swiss Shepherd

White Shepherds, whether Swiss or American, are actually variations of the German Shepherd. White German Shepherds were rare but they did happen once in a while and that’s where the White Shepherd comes from. They aren’t popular in Germany but are quite popular in the United States and Canada.

Like the German Shepherd, these dogs have a double coat with medium sized hair and do quite well in the cold. They’ve got the same intelligence and trainability as their German Shepherd ancestors which make them very coveted as show dogs. 

They also aren’t shy or aggressive and make for good family dogs.


One of the funniest looking dogs in the world, the Hungarian Komondor is a large dog with a long, corded coat. They’re livestock guardians as well and are often referred to as mop dogs because of the fact that their coats make them look like mops.

The name Komondor literally means Cuman-dog with Cumans being a Turkish nomadic people from Central Asia. It’s believed that the Cumans brought this to Hungary from Tibet. Despite the Komondor and the Kuvasz coming from Romania, there’s probably been no mixture between the two breeds. They belonged to different communities and didn’t interact with one another.

The Komondor’s coat develops cords after they mature a little bit. The Komondor only comes in white dogs list, unlike the Puli which looks similar but comes in other colors.

Maremma Sheepdog

And finally, the Italian Maremma Sheepdog is another livestock guardian. Originating in Tuscany and parts of southern Italy, they’re an old breed and have been guarding flocks against wolves for centuries. It’s got a thick white coat and is a muscular dog.

The Maremma Sheepdog might actually be related to many of the others on this list, from the Giant Pyreneese to the Kuvasz and the Akbash. It explains their coloring. (Interesting fact: a lot of sheepdogs were bred to be white precisely so the shepherd could differentiate them from wolves themselves.)

These working dogs are sometimes fitted with a spiked collar to protect them against predators and they learn to mix with the sheep as newborns so the two can get used to each other.


Big white dogs are a stunning sight and can make wonderful companions. However, it’s important to remember that these breeds were bred for working purposes and require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.


What are some things to consider before getting a big white dog?

Large dogs require plenty of space, exercise, and food. Before getting a big white dog, consider your lifestyle and living situation.

Do white dogs require more grooming?

Some white dogs, like the Samoyed and Komondor, have thick, double coats that require regular brushing. Other breeds, like the Dogo Argentino, have short coats that shed minimally.

Are big white dogs good with children?

Some large white dog breeds, like the Samoyed and Great Pyrenees, can be good with children with proper training and socialization. However, other breeds, like the Akbash, may be too independent or protective for young children.

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