Wolf In Arizona: Everything You Need To Know

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Wolf In Arizona
Wolf In Arizona: Everything You Need To Know

Arizona is well-known for its rough terrain, stretched-out deserts, and various wildlife. While a few might associate the state with rattlesnakes, cacti, and roadrunners, others ponder if wolves are living in Arizona. 

Well, this question is not very astonishing given that wolves are a celebrated species, and their existence or absence might have a crucial influence on the ecosystem. 

In this article, I’ve explained all the things you need to know about the historical and present situation of wolves living in Arizona. 

Are There Wolves In Arizona?

The Mexican gray wolf also known as the “Lobos,” once wandered throughout the state of Arizona; however, mistreatment and, ultimately, poisoning started soon after the European settlement in the 1970s. 

After the plan of the reintroduction project in the 1990s, eleven captured-reared wolves were freed into the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area. 

The reintroduced inhabitants are shared by New Mexico and Arizona. Wolves in Arizona are less than even five percent of the total wolf population in the Nation and their range areas are not defined.

How Many Wolves Are In Arizona?

As of 2022, there is an estimated minimum number of 59 packs that are documented with 40 of them in New Mexico and the rest 19 in Arizona, on the report of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Also, it is estimated that 121 pups were inborn, with a minimum of 81 surviving until the end of 2022. A total of 31 breeding couples were documented with 11 in Arizona and 20 in New Mexico. 

This wolf population is a portion of a reintroduction project that started in the late 1990s to revive the population of Mexican gray wolves in the states of the southwestern U.S. 

Where Can You See Wolves In Arizona?

Wolf In Arizona
Wolf In Arizona: Everything You Need To Know

The Mexican gray wolves of Arizona presently live only in the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area, which is home to Gila National Forests and the Apache-Sitgreaves. The area has plenty of excellent hiking and camping, with many recreational opportunities. 

However, spotting wolves in the forest area can be difficult as they usually avoid exposure to humans. Additionally, you can catch a peek at Mexican gray wolves in the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, which houses a few Mexican gray wolf exhibits captived in a natural setting. 

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Can You Own A Wolf In Arizona?

In Arizona, it is illegal to own, import or transport live wildlife within the state, and people found violating the law can face punishments, including penalties and the seizure of the animal. The state regards wolves to be dangerous animals and controls their license under the Arizona Game and Fish Department. 

However, it is legal to own a wolf-dog that are wolf hybrid as a pet with a special permit. That would require proof stating that the animal is a wolf hybrid and is not a “pure wolf,” though all personally held wolves carry dog DNAs in them. 

Always remember, wolves are dangerous animals that are not suitable to keep as pets, as they have complicated social arrangements and require specialized conditions to meet. 

Can You Hunt A Wolf In Arizona?

Hunting of wolves in Arizona is not allowed as they are categorized as endangered animals according to the Endangered Species Act. It is also illegal to harm, kill, or harass them without a license from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

As the hunting of wolves, historically led to the decline in the population of Mexican gray wolves, thus protection measures are concentrated on restoring them to their historic area.

However, under a few circumstances, like posing a danger to human security or continually preying on livestock, then wolves can be hunted. But, these actions will be carried out by authorized personnel with strict guidelines using traps to relocate them. 

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And that was everything you need to know about the wolves in Arizona. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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