Wolf In Indiana: Everything You Need To Know

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Wolf In Indiana
Wolf In Indiana: Everything You Need To Know

Indiana is well-known for its wildlife species, such as raccoons and deer. However, others still remain a secret to many, and one such animal that has caught the attention of many residents of Indiana is the wolf. 

Today, In this article I’ve explained all the things you need to know about the wolves in Indiana.

Are There Wolves In Indiana?

Though the historic records are lacking, Indiana was earlier home to the inhabitants of the gray wolf (Canis lupus). However, in early 1900, after the European settlement, many wolves were eliminated from the state. 

After many decades in 2003, one gray wolf was confirmed to be spotted in Indiana but the yearling male was discovered dead in east-central Indiana. 

It was later confirmed to have migrated from a Wisconsin pack, that traveled in search of new territories. Now, Gray wolves are defined as endangered and are recorded under the Endangered Species Act in 1973.

How Common Are Wolves In Indiana?

Wolves are considered to be a very uncommon sight in Indiana, as there is no specified, wild wolf population in the state. Though there have been occasional sightings of wolves over the years in Indiana, they are often unconfirmed and rare. 

These wolves that are spotted in the state are believed to be migrated from the nearby states where wolves are more common, like  Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. While there might be some evidence to indicate that wolves might periodically enter or pass through Indiana, they are not presently believed to be a common sight in the state.

Are There Coywolves In Indiana?

Wolf In Indiana
Wolf In Indiana: Everything You Need To Know

Coywolves, called eastern coyotes, are a hybrid of gray wolves and western coyotes, with a tiny portion of dog DNA mixed in. They are a new and developing species that have been extending their range in the past few years. While they are not an original species of Indiana, they have been spotted in the state.

Coywolves are very common in the eastern U.S., including the neighboring states like Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio. It is believed that coywolves might have migrated into the state as a result of human development and habitat loss, as well as the historical extinction of wolves in the region.

They are often bigger than typical coyotes and maintain a wolf-like behavior and appearance. A few pieces of evidence suggest that coyote-wolf hybrids or coywolves might occasionally be living in Indiana, but are not believed to be a common or confirmed species in the state.

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Can You Own A Wolf In Indiana?

When compared to other states, Indiana is the most lenient state of all when wanting to own exotic pets. The state provides three categories of permits, and you can own wild cats, bears, venomous reptiles, crocodiles, and others including wolves with a Class III permit. 

However, if wanting to own exotic animals a permit application must be submitted, in which the process includes meeting specific requirements, like proof of sufficient facilities, passing an inspection, and liability insurance. 

Can You Kill Wolf In Indiana?

Wolves in Indiana are safeguarded under federal law of the Endangered Species Act. This indicates that it is unlawful to trap, hunt, or kill wolves in the state of Indiana.

However, state law permits a resident landowner to harm or kill a wolf only when it poses a threat to humans or when causing any kind of property damage owned by the landowner. Also, any wolf killed or harmed must be instantly reported to state and federal wildlife officials.

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And that was everything you need to know about the Wolves In Indiana. I hope this article was informative and your queries were answered.

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