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Wolf In Virginia: Everything You Need To Know

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Wolf In Virginia

Virginia is known for some of its unique species which include Virginia opossum, Virginia’s big-eared bat, and coywolf. Along with the listed animals, a few numbers of wolves have also been spotted in the state. 

These majestic creatures once used to roam Virginia’s forests. However, after European settlement, their population drastically reduced leading to their extinction. As many wolves are starting to appear in the state now, it is high time that residents of Virginia make themselves familiarized with a few basic facts and information on wolves. 

Below I’ve explained all the things you need to know about wolves in Virginia.

Are There Any Wolves in Virginia?

No, there is no population of wild wolves currently present in the state of Virginia. The state’s forest once echoed with howling from these fierce creatures. While, gray wolves were historically found throughout the state, due to extensive hunting, these wolves in Virginia’s forest were eradicated by the early 1900s.

While few reports of wolf sightings have been recorded, no well-established population of wolves exists in the state. Moreover, the occasional wolf sightings are probably from nearby wolves dispersing into the state. 

When Did Wolves Disappear from Virginia?

For a long, wolves are known to inhabit Virginia and played a critical role in the state’s ecosystem. However, as people started migrating, and converting forest areas to farms, wolves faced threats such as habitat loss, competition for resources, and prosecution. Additionally, gray wolves were also hunted and trapped due to their predation on livestock. 

Eventually, by the early 1900s, wolves disappeared altogether from Virginia state. The last wild wolf was caught and killed in 1900 in Augusta County. 

Following this, though till today, there has been no confirmed population of wild wolves in the state, wolves are still an important part of Virginia’s natural and cultural history. 

While there have been no initiatives undertaken to reintroduce wolves into the state, there are ongoing efforts to conserve and protect other species that require similar habitats like wolves.

Where Are There Wolves in Virginia?

Wolf In Virginia

Gray wolves and red wolves are the only known species of wolf native to Virginia. Historically, these majestic creatures occupied most areas of the eastern United States including Virginia. 

Since the wolf population was not well monitored unlike other apex predators, it’s difficult to provide specific locations where they existed in the past. 

That said, as wolves prefer to habitat in forested areas, open grasslands, and wetlands, it is believed that they might have existed in the Appalachian Mountains and Shenandoah Valley due to their diverse ecosystems. 

Though wolves are not present in the wild, you can see them in a few museums and wildlife centers across the state. 

Virginia Living Museum, Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke, and Wolf Creek Indian Village and Museum are home to a few packs of wolves in captivity which are used for educational programs.

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How Many Red Wolves Are in Virginia?

Similar to gray wolves, red wolves are also known to exist throughout the state of Virginia and were lastly spotted in the wild in the early 1900s. While no red wolves are presently found in the wild habitats of Virginia, one can see them in captivity. 

Virginia Living Museum in Newport News has a red wolves exhibit that lets visitors have a closer look at the endangered canids. 

The exhibit is made in such a way that it mimics the wolf’s natural habitat. The exhibit also includes more information about red wolf conservation initiatives and their significance in the ecosystem.

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Can You Own Wolves in Virginia?

In Virginia, wolves are categorized as a “Dangerous species”. Hence, it is illegal to own a wolf. As wolves are wild animals and are known for their ferociousness, it’s not even safe to keep them as a pet. 

While wolves need particular care, and frequent visitations to animal vets, they are also quite unpredictable and dangerous. 

While you can’t keep a wolf as a pet in Virginia, you can possess them for scientific research or educational purposes. Both individuals and organizations can obtain a permit from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources to possess wolves in a wildlife sanctuary or zoological park.

While you may be interested in learning about wolves, it is important that you do so by following safety precautions. Instead of owning a wolf, you can always visit wildlife sanctuaries and parks to observe these creatures close and learn about them.

Are There Coywolves in Virginia?

Coywolves are coyote-wolf hybrids formed as a result of breeding between western coyotes and gray wolves from the Great Lakes area. While few sightings of coywolves have been reported in Virginia, they are rare. 

Coywolves are smaller than wolves and exhibit very resilient characteristics. While these hybrids have body shapes like that of coyotes, coywolves have broader skulls and more powerful jaws like the grey wolves. It is important to note that coywolves are not designated as separate species and belong under gray wolves. 


And that was everything you need to know about the Wolves in Virginia. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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