Wolverine In United States: Everything You Need To Know

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Do Wolverines Live In The United States?

Wolverine In United States

Yes, there are Wolverines in the United States Of America. The American wolverine, informally known as the “mountain devil,” is the biggest member of the weasel clan. The wolverines in the Rocky Mountains regions of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming are one the few remaining in their American homes. 

Historically, wolverines were seen roaming in California’s Sierra Nevada cliffs regions and the southern regions of the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado. However, their frost-resistant coats made them prized among hunters, leaving the wolverine population extirpated by the late 1930s, in the lower 48 states of the U.S. 

Today, only a small population of wolverines is found in the snowpack regions and higher elevation areas of the country. The wolverine in the US shows genetic evidence of being descended from a single source, developing from Beringia in the final glaciation era.

Wolverine Population In the United States?

Only a mere 300 or so wolverines live in the US, and wildlife officials anticipate that the population can continue to decrease. This is because the species in the lower 48 states are intimidated by the low number of species donating to their genetic variety, isolation from the Canadian population, and global warming. 

This is because Wolverines rely on snow, where they burrow in-depth to raise their little ones. As snow thins in the Rockies, debates have surfaced over if climate change is a threat to these animals in the U.S.

Furthermore, the present breeding population in the country is estimated to be less than 50 individuals. Likewise, the Wolverine population in the country is also intimidated by trappers. Though Wolverine hunting is outlawed in the US, they still get captured in traps that are placed for other animals.

Which US State Has The Most Wolverines? (Wolverine Population By State)

Wolverine In United States

Wolverines live in cold, dry conditions and at increased elevations in locations like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming; and a small part of Oregon. In the lower 48 states, they mostly are seen living at high elevation areas where there are cold temperatures and alpine vegetation. 

However, sometimes they can also be seen venturing into lower-elevation areas during the winter. Alaska also appears to have a viable Wolverine population in the state, with the exception of its islands. The exact statewide Wolverine population is not available. 

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How Big Is A Full Grown Wolverine?

Wolverines are the largest species of the weasel clan. They are capable of guarding off larger wolves and bears. Male Wolverine can weigh anywhere from 11 to 18 kg (20-40 lbs) and female Wolverine from 8 to 12 kg (17-27 lbs), standing to almost 1.5 ft height at shoulder level, and are normally around 44 inches long, including the length of their tail. 

Typically the male wolverine is 10–15% bigger in measurements and 30–40% in weight than the female wolverine. This elongated animal, with powerful limbs, and five-toed paws enables them to climb up steep cliffs, snow-covered peaks, and trees with relative ease. 

Are Wolverines Aggressive?

Wolverines are aggressive animals and might be the exception as they are capable of killing the smaller Wolverine. Though they are very fierce, they do not appear to be very dangerous to humans as there are no records of Wolverine attacking humans. 

This might be because these species have had very few interactions with people and are loners by nature, which also makes them very discreet to intrusions by people, including humans on snowmobiles. 

Thus, problems exist regarding an absence of genetic variability among the animals in the country. They prefer living in cold temperatures and live only in remote mountains which is very far from human civilization. 

What Country Has Wolverines?

Apart from the US, wolverines are found in the greatest numbers in remote areas of Northern Canada where the population is very stable and increasing, and the mainland of Northern Europe in the Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Finland where the population is stable but no signs of expansion. 

They are also found throughout the western regions of Siberia and Russia. However, the wolverine population has steadily decreased owing to range reduction, trapping, and habitat fragmentation. Wolverines are now essentially missing from the southern regions of their habitat in Europe.


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