Anglerfish Size: Explained & Compared With Others

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Angler Fish Size

Anglerfish are a diverse group with over 200 known species, and their size can vary greatly depending on species and even individual specimens.

Anglerfish size variations:

  • Most species: Picture a watery world where Anglerfish rule, showcasing a remarkable range in dimensions. The majority of Angler fish fall into the modest category, measuring lengths from a dainty 2 to a respectable 18 cm (1 to 7 inches). This includes well-known species like the blackdevil Anglerfish and the pelican Anglerfish strutting their petite elegance. Source
  • Giants and miniatures: Yet, in this underwater saga, there are tales of extremes. Brace yourself for the grandeur of Gigantactis herculeus, the heavyweight champion among Anglerfish, stretching a jaw-dropping 5.5 meters (18 feet). On the flip side, the pygmy wonders like Micrococcus pygmaeus keep it cozy at a mere 2 cm (0.8 inches). It’s a true saga of giants and miniatures in the oceanic theater.
  • Sexual dimorphism: Enter the captivating realm of sexual dimorphism, where size becomes a narrative. Females, the queens of this aquatic opera, command the stage with sizes sometimes reaching hundreds of times that of their male counterparts. Why the size spectacle? Well, it’s all about accommodating reproductive grandeur, with females needing ample space for reproductive organs and growing offspring. Meanwhile, the males take on a parasitic role, hitching a ride on the female for their shot at food and reproduction.

Factors influencing size:

Now, let’s delve into the factors influencing this watery ballet of sizes:

  • Species Symphony: Different Anglerfish species dance to their own tune, evolving specific body sizes and shapes tailored to their underwater habitat and prey.
  • Habitat: Take a plunge into the deeper seas, and you might find Anglerfish of larger sizes. It’s possibly due to the scarcity of food in the abyssal depths.
  • Diet: Picture this – Anglerfish feasting on larger prey end up becoming the titans of the sea themselves. It’s a gastronomic tale where size becomes a reflection of the menu.

So, in the grand tapestry of Anglerfish sizes, each creature tells a story written by the currents and depths of their oceanic abode.

Angler Fish Length

Anglerfish Size
Anglerfish Size: Explained & Compared With Others

Anglerfish are a type of deep-sea fish known for their distinctive elongated dorsal fin spines, which they use to lure prey. They are found in the deep oceans of all the world’s major oceans, at depths of up to 3,300 feet (1,000 meters). 

They are generally dark in color, with a mottled or striped pattern that helps them blend in with their surroundings. As a result, it is hard to spot them very easily. 

However, one can do so by recognizing their body size. Anglerfish have a wide range of sizes, depending on the species. Some species are only a few inches long, while others can grow to be over three feet (one meter) in length. 

For example, the giant anglerfish (Genius Ogmorhini) is one of the largest species of anglerfish and can grow up to three feet (one meter) in length. 

The smaller species of anglerfish, such as the Fanfin anglerfish (Caulophryne jordani), are only a few inches long and can fit in the palm of your hand. 

However, on average, it is observed that most Anglerfishes are about 3.2 feet (1 meter) in length.

Angler Fish Weight

Moving on to the size of the Angler fish any other species also takes into consideration its weight or body mass. Anglerfish are carnivorous and use their specialized lures to attract small fish and other prey. 

In terms of their actual weight, it is difficult to accurately determine the weight of anglerfish, as they are deep-sea creatures and are rarely seen by humans. 

Many species of anglerfish have never been caught and weighed, so there is limited information available on their weight.

In general, anglerfish are relatively small and have a streamlined body shape, so they are not likely to weigh as much as some other species of fish. Here’s general overview of Anglerfish weight:

  • Most species: Let’s dive into the scales of the Anglerfish world, where weights waltz between 10 to 200 grams (0.04 to 0.44 lbs) for many species. For example the blackdevil and pelican Anglerfish.
  • Giants and miniatures: Prepare for the outliers stealing the limelight. Meet the heavyweight champion, a female Gigantactis herculeus, tipping the scales at a staggering 70 kg (154 lbs). On the flip side, the delicate pygmy players, like Micrococcus pygmaeus, gracefully weigh in at just a fraction of a gram/few ounces. It’s a celestial dance of giants and miniatures beneath the waves. Source

Factors influencing weight:

Just like in the world of length, the drama of Anglerfish weight unfolds with a symphony of factors:

  • Species: Different Anglerfish species carry their unique weight profiles, a reflection of their evolution in response to the underwater tableau they inhabit. (Source)
  • Habitat: Take a plunge into the depths, and you might find Anglerfish carrying a bit more weight. It’s a strategic move, perhaps fueled by the challenges of life in the deeper, darker realms. (Source)
  • Diet: Consider the culinary preferences of Anglerfish. Those indulging in larger prey might end up with a more substantial weight on their marine resumes. (Source)
  • Sex: Enter the realm of sexual influence, where females, the weighty matrons of the underwater world, carry the bulk to accommodate their reproductive endeavors.

So, in the watery scales of the Anglerfish kingdom, each gram tells a tale spun by the currents and intricacies of their oceanic habitat.

Anglerfish Teeth & Mouth Size

One of the most unique and worth looking at features of fishes and sea creatures is their teeth and mouth. 

Anglerfish have large, sharp teeth that are well-suited for their carnivorous diet. They use their teeth to capture and eat small fish and other marine animals.

Depending on the species, an anglerfish’s size and number of teeth can vary greatly. Certain anglerfish species have long, slender teeth that are excellent for catching and holding onto small, slick prey. 

For crushing and grinding up the shells of crustaceans and other hard-bodied prey, other species have shorter, thicker teeth.

Species differences in an angler fish’s mouth size are also possible. Anglerfish typically have mouths that are relatively large compared to their body sizes, which enables them to swallow large prey. 1

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Anglerfish Size Compared To Human

Anglerfish Size compared with human
Anglerfish Size: Explained & Compared With Others

Anglerfish are deep-sea creatures that are rarely seen by humans, so you may want to know how big they are compared to familiar objects or animals. What can be better than our own body? 

While the Angler fish can be about few inches to 3.3 feet (1 meter) in length.

On the other hand average adult humans are about 5.5 to 5.9 feet in length and 132 to 176 pounds (60 to 80 kgs) in weight. So overall humans are much larger and heavier than the Anglerfishes. 

Animal type LengthWeight 
Anglerfish few inches to 3.3 feet (1 meter) few ounces to 110 pounds (50 kgs)
Average adult human 5.5 to 5.9 feet132 to 176 pounds (60 to 80 kgs)

Anglerfish Vs Shark Size Comparison

Anglerfish Size compared with shark
Anglerfish Size: Explained & Compared With Others

One of the most common and well-known sharks that you might have heard of is the Great white shark. Anglerfish are deep-sea creatures that are found at depths of up to 3,300 feet (1,000 meters) in the oceans of the world. 

Great white sharks, on the other hand, are found in the shallow coastal waters of many parts of the world and are known for their voracious appetite and powerful predatory skills.

In terms of size, while the Anglerfish is anywhere from few inches to 3.3 feet (1 meter) in length and few ounces to 110 pounds (50 kgs), in contrast, the Great white shark is massive with a length of 15-20 feet (4.5-6 meters), and weight of 680 and 1,800 kg (1,500 and 4,000 pounds). Besides the Anglerfish the Great white shark would look gigantic!

Animal type LengthWeight 
Anglerfish few inches to 3.3 feet (1 meter) few ounces to 110 pounds (50 kgs)
Great white shark 15-20 feet (4.5-6 meters) 680 and 1,800 kg (1,500 and 4,000 pounds)

Anglerfish Vs Orca Size Comparison

Previously we compared the Anglerfish with the sharks. Next up we will again compare the tiny fish with one of the other massive species of the ocean, the whales. More specifically, can you wonder how large the Killer whales would be in comparison to the fish? 

Anglerfish are much smaller than orcas (also known as killer whales). Most species of anglerfish grow to be only about 3.3 feet (1 meter) in length, while orcas can grow to be over 6 to 8 meters (20 to 26 ft) long and weigh several tons.

And in terms of weight, while the Anglerfish can reach 110 pounds (50 kgs), the Orcas are much heavier, about 6 metric tons (13,000 pounds). 

Animal type LengthWeight 
Anglerfish few inches to 3.3 feet (1 meter)few ounces to 110 pounds (50 kgs)
Orcas/killer whale6 to 8 meters (20 to 26 ft)6 metric tons (13,000 pounds)

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Anglerfish vs Manta-Ray Size Comparison

Last, but not the least, let’s compare the Anglerfish with another fish type, the Manta rays. Manta rays are large, flat-bodied fish that belong to the same family as sharks and rays. 

They are found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world and are known for their distinctive shape, which includes long, triangular pectoral fins and a broad, triangular head.

Manta rays are generally quite large, with some individuals reaching lengths of up to 25 feet (7.5 meters) and weights of up to 3 tons. 

However, most manta rays are smaller, with an average size of around 10-15 feet (3-4.5 meters) in length and weighing about 3,000 kg (6,600 lb). 

On the other hand, the Anglerfishes are slightly smaller but very lightweight, reaching upto a length of 3.3 feet (1 meter) and a weight of 110 pounds (50 kgs).

Animal type LengthWeight 
Anglerfish few inches to 3.3 feet (1 meter)few ounces to 110 pounds (50 kgs)
Manta ray 4.5 m (15 ft)3,000 kg (6,600 lb)


And that was everything you need to know about the size of Anglerfish. I hope this article was informative enough and your queries were answered.

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