Armadillo In Tennessee: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Armadillo In Tennessee

Tennessee is home to a wide range of wildlife animals existing across various landscapes. This also includes the Armadillo. 

Mostly considered as pests, Armadillo plays a significant role in the ecosystem. It is therefore relevant to know about them, their presence across the state, legalities related to their ownership and hunting, and yes, how to get rid of them.

Do Armadillos Live in Tennessee?

Yes, Armadillos live in Tennessee. In fact, these are most common across the state and sometimes even jump on cars on highways.

While there are about 20 species of Armadillos found in the world, only one exists in the United States including Tennessee. Nine-banded Armadillo is the only type of the species found in the state. 

The name comes from the nine bands of bone pattern predominant in the creature’s exterior skin. This is part of their armor which protects them against predators and also helps them dig holes.

Are Armadillos in Nashville?

Armadillos have a presence in almost all of the counties of the state. What about the most populous city? Yes, Armadillos are also present in Nashville albeit in few numbers.

If you do see one in your backyard or golf course, don’t touch them as it may carry leprosy. Instead, give it space and move away. In case, they destroy your property by digging, you can contact the local wildlife authorities to get rid of them.

Armadillo Population in Tennessee?

Armadillo In Tennessee

Armadillo in Tennessee is thriving like never before. Did you know these species were introduced or moved into the state only in the late 1900s? 

Yes. Armadillo is not native to the state. As they are inherently adaptive, Armadillo is able to not only survive but also thrive in various habitats under different climatic conditions. 

Presently, they inhabit most of the western and southern parts of the state. This is due to the warmer climate present in these counties. While it is difficult to precisely estimate a wild animal’s population, it is more so when they are pests. 

However, if you are living in the state, chances are you may see them at least once a year. They are that common.

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Can You Own an Armadillo in Tennessee?

Before planning to own wildlife, it is important to look into the animal’s nature, its requirement, and the legalities involved. 

It is more so when these animals are a nuisance and therefore have some strict regulations and laws just to manage them. We shouldn’t actually add to the state’s existing problem of pest control by habiting more pets.

In Tennessee, it is legal to own an Armadillo with valid permits and licenses. This is regulated and managed by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Note that these permits and licenses are only provided for special purposed like education, research, and rehabilitation. 

Can You Kill an Armadillo in Tennessee?

Yes, It is perfectly legal to kill an Armadillo in Tennessee. And you also don’t need a license or permit to do so. These creatures are classified as non-game animals and hence cannot be hunted as a game or consumed as meat. 

However, they can be killed if they cause damage to public or private properties. In this case, the landlord has all the authority to kill them.

Armadillos are also known to be a threat to agricultural crops. So, if they cause any significant damage to crops, you can kill them.

Note that, while it’s legal to kill them, that shouldn’t be the answer always. Try to first use non-lethal ways to resolve the conflicts. This is also recommended and encouraged by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Can You Have a Pet Armadillo in Tennessee?

Now, some animals pose a threat due to their aggressiveness and predation on humans or livestock. While Armadillo isn’t aggressive and nor do they predate on humans or livestock, these creatures do carry leprosy. 

It is one of the most infectious diseases in the world and may easily spread not only to other animals and the owner but also to the public in general.

This is why it is illegal to own an Armadillo in Tennessee as a pet. If you are that excited to observe them, go visit a state national park where it’ll be both safe for you and the animal as well. 

How To Get Rid of Armadillo in Tennessee?

Okay, so you have been attacked by this resilient, adaptable creature. Don’t fret. There are various ways to get rid of Armadillo.

Armadillo, in general, is mid-sized almost as big as a domestic cat. They are known to create burrows using their sharp claws and small feet. They are known to make holes and burrows in public gardens, and residential porches thereby destroying the property. 

Add to this, they are also the only other mammal to be able to carry Leprosy. These are some of the reasons why someone might try to get rid of them.

While there are various ways to do so, the simplest would be to fence the property with deeper and taller fences. Additionally, you can also use repellent sprays to protect the property from animal predation. 

However, there may be times when they need to be put down due to health issues, etc. In this case, it is advised to look into verified capable people to trap and release Armadillo in other parts.

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