Armadillo In Texas: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Armadillo In Texas
Armadillo In Texas: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Shocked to find holes in your porch, garden, and building foundations? Do you live in Texas? Then it’s most likely that your property has just been attacked by Armadillos. Don’t worry, there are ways to get rid of them and protect against any future invasions.

But first, let’s understand what Armadillos are, their presence across Texas, legalities related to their ownership, hunting, and all the other important stuff you need to know about them.

Are There Armadillos in Texas?

Yes, there is a thriving population of Armadillo in Texas. So much so that, Armadillo is the official state small mammal of Texas. 

Throughout the world, there are about 20 species of Armadillo found. But only one exists in some regions of the country including Texas. They are the nine-banded Armadillos called such due to the presence of nine-band-like bone structures in their exterior body.

Their Armor like skid is the first defense against predators but they seldom use it for protection. In most cases, the Armadillo will either flee or dig underground to escape.

Where Are Armadillos Found in Texas?

Coming to their presence in state, Armadillos are found across the state in almost all the counties. They are quite common in the southern and central regions of Texas. These creatures are very adaptable and therefore are found in a range of habitats like forests, scrublands, and grasslands. 

One important requirement for these creatures is the availability of dense forest cover and thin soil. Using their sharp claws and small legs, they can drill through soft soil and that’s why they are found even in suburban and residential areas especially in the garden, porches, and parks too.

Why Is the Armadillo Important to Texas?

Armadillo In Texas
Armadillo In Texas: Everything You Need To Know About Them

It’s quite shocking that a pest is considered the official state animal in Texas, isn’t it? Well, when you get to know Armadillo’s role in the state’s ecosystem, you’ll understand why.

Armadillo like any other animal has a distinct place in the food chain. As small-sized mammals, they consume other small pests like insects, thereby controlling their population and maintaining a balance. 

These creatures also aerate the soil when they drill into the ground. This may be bad for residential areas but is really good in the wild as the plant’s growth is improved through the small holes and burrows. 

Adding to the above points, Armadillo is also a cultural iconic symbol in the state. They represent everything Texas people are Resilience & adaptability. These creatures also provide a connection to the natural heritage of the state. 

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Is There a City in Texas Called Armadillo?

No, There is no city in Texas called Armadillo. There however is a city called Amarillo. Due to its presence of helium fields, nuclear weapon assembly, and disassembly facilities, the city is also nicknamed “Bomb City.”

The city was initially named Oneida but was later named Amarillo which in Spanish means yellow, because of the abundance of yellow-colored flowers near Amarillo Creek and Lake. Amarillo has no connection to the Armadillo species other than being present in Texas.

What Are Armadillos Predators in Texas?

Yes, Armadillos do have armor skin that protects them from predators. But more often than not bigger animals can easily break their armor and kill them. In Texas, Armadillos are predominantly predated on by coyotes, bobcats, and domestic dogs. 

Humans too kill them as they are considered a nuisance and spread infectious diseases like Leprosy. Though exceedingly rare, some communities in Texas also consume them.

Can You Kill an Armadillo in Texas?

Oh yes, It is perfectly legal to kill Armadillo in Texas if they are damaging your property. In general, these pests often bore holes in the ground and form burrows to live. It is a problem when they do this in a residential backyard, or private lands like golf courts, parks, etc. 

Note that it is still illegal to kill them for sport or for meat in Texas. Additionally, it is also advised to use non-lethal methods to eradicate Armadillo. And if not possible, instead of killing them you can always contact a professional trapper.

Can You Eat Armadillo in Texas?

No, You cannot eat Armadillos in Texas. All over the world, humans consume a variety of exotic wildlife, including Armadillo. Though it’s rare, some communities consume them due to cultural significance. However, it is important to note that, these creatures carry Leprosy, and it may transfer to humans when consuming their meat. 

As it is illegal in the state to kill Armadillos for game or meat, you cannot eat them either in the state. Don’t think you are missing out on their meat. In fact, this is safer for you and the environment.

Can You Own an Armadillo in Texas?

As a backyard pest, Armadillo creates a lot of problems for the property owners and inhabitants. So, why would anyone want to own them as a pet? We are not sure either. But if you are one of those souls wanting to own them, know that it is currently illegal to possess them as a pet.

You can, however, possess them for specific purposes like education, rehabilitation, and research. In this case, you need to apply for a permit and license from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Even so, we can’t stress enough on how these wild creatures require specialized care and commitment. So, think a lot before you decide to own them.

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And that was everything you need to know about the Armadillos In Texas. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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