Axolotl Size Secrets: Unlocking the Growth Enigma 2024

Axolotl Size Secrets: Unlocking the Growth Enigma 2024

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Wandering to know about Axolotl Size? What is an axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) exactly? Is it a salamander? Well, yes. An axolotl is a type of salamander that lives in freshwater and is a critically endangered species. It’s become increasingly popular with people who like to keep amphibians as pets and is known for its remarkable regenerative abilities. Seriously, it can regrow limbs, eyes, gills and even parts of its brain. It’s found only in Mexico, in Lake Xochimilco.

Axolotl Length

Axolotl Length

The length of an axolotl is a matter of some debate because they can come in a wide range of sizes. Most scholars accept that the axolotl can range in length from 6 – 18 inches (15 – 45 cm). However, in actual fact it’s quite rare for any axolotl to grow to 18 inches.

The average size of most axolotls is around 9 inches or 23 cm. Some can grow bigger but it’s rare to see an axolotl that’s bigger than 12 inches (30 cm). 

Axolotl6 – 1815 – 45 

Axolotl Weight

As might be expected with a salamander, an axolotl doesn’t weigh very much. Generally weighing between 2 and 8 oz (57 – 227 g), an adult axolotl might weigh as much as 10.5 oz (298 g). 

They’ve got rather short legs and a cylindrical body with a long tail. Because of their blunt noses and short legs, they look stocky and heavy in a way that they actually aren’t.

Axolotl2 – 10.557 – 298

Axolotl Baby Size

It’s difficult to get exact measurements of a baby axolotl but we have some rough measures. A newly hatched axolotl larva measures about 0.5 inches (13 – 15 mm). 

Axolotl begin to eat very shortly after hatching and they need a lot of food. They soon reach 20 mm or just short of an inch. By the time they’re 6 months old, they usually measure around 6 inches or 15 cm. 

Axolotl Full Size

An axolotl becomes fully mature any time between 18 and 27 months of age. This is the time when it becomes capable of sexual reproduction. At this age, the axolotl reaches its full size of 6 – 18 inches. 

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As adults, they have a remarkable tendency towards regeneration or regrowing their many body parts. Yes, these strange amphibians can even regrow parts of their brain!

Axolotl Clutch Size

Like most amphibians, axolotl have a vast range in their egg laying abilities. A female axolotl, depending on age and health, can lay anywhere between 100 and 1000 eggs. In fact, some axolotls can lay as few as 50 eggs in one clutch.

They usually breed during the colder months and the female axolotl will lay her eggs around plants. A fertilized axolotl egg is about 0.5 inches (1.1 – 1.5 cm) in diameter.

Axolotl Size Comparison to Humans

Axolotl Size Comparison to Humans

Given the small size of an axolotl, it might be strange to compare it in size to humans. However, it always gives a better idea of size than just some numbers might. 

We can’t measure the height of an axolotl but we can measure its average length. An axolotle might vary in length from 6 to 18 inches while the average man is around 67 – 69 inches. 

Axolotle Vs Tiger Salamander Size Comparison

Axolotle Vs Tiger Salamander Size Comparison

The axolotl is often confused with the tiger salamander (to whom it is related). However, it should be noted that the tiger salamander is a terrestrial species whereas the axolotl is aquatic. 

The thing with axolotls and salamanders is that people seem to think the words can be used interchangeably. That is not true. All axolotls are salamanders but not all salamanders are axolotls.

The tiger salamander is usually about 6 – 8 inches (15 – 20 cm) in length which puts it at a smaller size than the average axolotl at 9 inches (23 cm). The average weight of a tiger salamander is 4.4 oz (126 g).

Axolotl6 – 18 inches (15 – 45 cm)2 – 10.5 oz (57 – 298 g)
Tiger Salamander6 – 8 inches (15 – 20 cm)4.4 oz (126 g)

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Axolotle Vs Common Mudpuppies Size Comparison

Axolotle Vs Common Mudpuppies Size Comparison

Another species that the axolotl is often confused with is the common mudpuppy. These fully aquatic salamanders are from an entirely different genus and don’t bear anything except a very superficial resemblance to the axolotl. However, they are similar in size.

The average common mudpuppy measures about 8 – 10 inches (20 – 25 cm) in length. However, some specimens might be larger and reach 16 inches or 40 cm. Mudpuppies can weigh about 4 to 7 oz (113 – 198 g). Thus, it’s evident that mudpuppies and axolotls are similar in size.

Axolotl6 – 18 inches (15 – 45 cm)2 – 10.5 oz (57 – 298 g)
Mudpuppy8 – 16 inches (20 – 40 cm)4 – 7 oz (113 – 198 g)


Axolotls are captivating creatures with a surprising size range! These amazing amphibians can grow from tiny hatchlings to impressive lengths, all while boasting the incredible ability to regenerate body parts.


Are Axolotls bigger than Tiger Salamanders?

On average, yes! Axolotls are 6-18 inches, while Tiger Salamanders are typically 6-8 inches.

Are Axolotls Easy to Care For?

Axolotls require specific care, including cool, clean water and a proper diet. They’re not the best choice for beginners, but experienced owners can provide them with a happy home.

Can Axolotls Really Regrow Limbs?

Yes! Axolotls are famous for their remarkable regeneration abilities. They can regrow limbs, parts of their brains, and even some organs!

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