Black Bear Weight Explained & Compared With Others

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Black Bear Weight

Black Bear Weight
Black Bear Weight Explained & Compared With Others

Ursus americanus, commonly known as a black bear or baribal, is a medium-sized bear that is native to North America. Black bears are the smallest and most common species of bear on the continent. 

If we look at the size of the black bear or any other species, we find that even within the same type of animal, there is a wide range in mass. This is because each Bear has a different lifestyle, habitat, and diet.

However, black bears typically weigh between 60 and 300 kilograms in terms of body weight (130 to 660 pounds). 

A Black bear’s weight varies depending on whether it is male or female. For example, a male black bear weighs approximately 124.95 kg (275 lb), while females weigh approximately 69.9 kg (154 lb). 

In addition to being taller, male black bears are heavier than female black bears due to their larger size.

Black Bear WeightKilograms Pounds 
Male 69.9 kg154 lb
Female 124.95 kg275 lb

Baby Black Bear Weight

Bear cubs are considerably smaller than their adult counterparts. A black mother bear typically gives birth to one to three cubs at a time. 

When a mother bear and her cubs are ready to leave their den in the winter and enter the spring, they typically weigh around five pounds. 

Black bear cubs can weigh anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds for females and up to 70 pounds for males when they are one year old. At the age of six months, they weigh about six pounds. But as adults, they are huge.

As they grow older, like humans, they keep becoming heavier and more powerful. Below is a chart that shows the change in a Black bear’s weight with their increasing age. 1

Black Bear AgeMale (weight) Female (weight)
New Born8 oz8 oz
4 months5 lbs5 lbs
1 year70 lbs50 lbs
4-year150 lbs125 lbs
8-year275 lbs150 lbs
20-year275 lbs150 lbs

Full size & World Record Black Bear Weight

Although black bear cubs continue to get bigger and heavier as they age, there comes a point where their physical development stops. 

We refer to them as having reached their full size when they rarely get bigger or heavier than that. 

As adults, black bears can reach lengths of 130–190 centimeters (50–75 inches) and weights of 60–300 kilograms (130 to 660 pounds). 

If you’re wondering what the largest black bear weight ever recorded might be, it came from Eastern North Carolina and weighed 880 lbs.

How Much Weight Can A Black Bear Lift?

Being such a large species of animal, that is quite heavy, how powerful are these black bears? 

Black bears are extremely powerful; they can uproot entire tree stumps with the same ease as a person would pull up a clump of grass. 

They are able to pull loads of up to 300 pounds. Additionally, American black bears are extremely agile, with the ability to open screw-top jars and operate door latches. 

A bear that weighed 120 pounds (54 kg) was seen turning flat rocks that weighed 310 to 325 pounds (141 to 147 kg) by flipping them over with just one foreleg, demonstrating its superior physical strength.

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Black Bear Vs Polar Bear Weight Comparison

Black Bear Weight compared with other bears
Black Bear Weight Explained & Compared With Others

The polar bear’s natural habitat is located between the Arctic Circle and the Arctic Ocean. 

Polar bears are the largest living land carnivore and the largest living bear species. Polar bears, the largest bear in the world and the main predator in the Arctic serve as a potent metaphor for the region’s tenacity and resilience, which is not surprising.

So, black bears are relatively weak and light in comparison to polar bears. The black bear weighs only 154-275 lbs, compared to the polar bear’s 770–1,540 lb (up to 1,700 pounds).

Animal type Male Female 
Black Bear69.9 kg (154 lb)124.95 kg (275 lb)
Polar Bear350–700 kg (770–1,540 lb)331 to 551 pounds (150 – 250 kgs)

Black Bear Vs Grizzly Bear Weight Comparison

Brown bears, like the Grizzlies, are bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than black bears. So, compared to black bears, brown bears are larger and typically weigh more.

If we look at the size of the black bear or any other species, we find that there is a wide variation in mass even within the same type of animal. 

This is largely due to the fact that each Bear has a unique way of life, habitat, and diet. As a result of the substantial body mass variation, it is quite common to observe that not all Black beers weigh the same amount. 

Animal type Male Female 
Black Bear69.9 kg (154 lb)124.95 kg (275 lb)
Grizzly bear181.4 – 272.1 kgs(400 and 600 lbs)113.3 – 158.7 kgs (250 and 350 lbs)

Black Bear Vs Sloth Bear Weight Comparison

With their short, curved claws, black bears are better suited to climbing trees than digging, so let’s move on to other bear species.

This is due to the fact that black bears are typically smaller, less aggressive, and more timid than grizzly bears, despite the fact that both species can be dangerous and should be treated with respect.

As opposed to sloth bears, which are primarily omnivorous, Asiatic black bears are primarily herbivorous, an American black bear can become heavier and has stronger jaws than a sloth bear. On the other hand, the sloth bear is much more aggressive and would usually win.

Animal type Male Female 
Black Bear69.9 kg (154 lb)124.95 kg (275 lb)
Sloth bear 140 kgs (310 pounds) 95 kgs (210 pounds)

Black Bear Vs Tiger Weight Comparison

Bears and tigers are incredibly well-armed with their crushing jaws and incredibly powerful muscles. 

Tigers have sharper claws, longer canine teeth, and a larger gape than bears, who also have longer claws and a significant weight advantage. 

Overall, the tiger is approximately double the weight of the black bear.

Animal type Male Female 
Black Bear69.9 kg (154 lb)124.95 kg (275 lb)
Tiger150 kg (330 lbs)110 kg (240 lbs)

Black Bear Vs Lion Weight Comparison

The lion is generally larger, heavier, more aggressive, and has a larger skull. While the Black bear is about 154 to 275 pounds, the lion is much heavier and in a weight range of 265 to 550 pounds. 

Animal type Male Female 
Black Bear69.9 kg (154 lb)124.95 kg (275 lb)
Lion330 to 550 pounds (150 to 250 kilograms)265 and 395 pounds (120 to 179 kilograms)


And that was everything you need to know about the weight of the Black bear. I hope this article was informative and answered your queries. 

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