Chow Chow Size Secrets: The Perfect Mid-Sized Companion 2024

Chow Chow Size Secrets: The Perfect Mid-Sized Companion 2024

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With their flufy manes, large and round faces and their thick double coats, chow chows might look like very big dogs. But they aren’t actually as big or heavy as they look. They generally count as medium sized dogs and don’t cross 90 lb in weight. Their ruff-like fur around the neck and the blue-black tongue sets them apart from most dog breeds.

Chow Chow Height and Length

Chow Chow Height and Length

For all that chow chows look so big, they aren’t really very tall dogs. Their legs happen to be quite short. In fact, it’s their weight compared to their height that makes them look so big and fluffy. 

The average chow-chow measures just between 17 to 20 inches (43 – 51 cm) at the shoulder. Some taller specimens might measure upto 22 inches (56 cm). However, this is quite rare.

The body length of a chow-chow is hardly bigger than its height. Most of them measure between 25 and 29 inches (64 – 74 cm) from chest to rump.

Chow Chow17 – 22 inches (43 – 56 cm)25 – 29 inches (64 – 74 cm)

Chow-Chow Weight

For the size that they are, chow chows are pretty weighty. They’re short and stout doggies, which makes them look even cuter. They’re sturdy dogs with very broad skulls.

While the average adult chow-chow weighs between 45 and 70 lb (20.5 – 32 kg), according to the American Kennel Club, some specimens might be bigger or smaller. Females can weigh anywhere between 35 and 85 lb (16 – 39 kg) while males can weigh between 40 and 90 lb (18 – 41 kg).

Chow-ChowMales 40 – 90Females 35 – 85Males 18 – 41Females 16 – 39

Chow Chow Puppy Size

Chows chows make chunky and adorable puppies. At the 1-month mark, chow chow puppies are just about 5 – 10 lb in weight. However, they double this by the second month, reaching 10 – 20 lb very quickly.

By the time your chow-chow puppy is 6 months old, it should be around 30 – 45 lb. These puppies usually reach maturity around the 1 year mark although some might need 18 months to grow to their proper size.

Chow Chow Litter Size

The average litter of chow chow puppies numbers between 4 and 7. Any dog breed, chow chows included, could have large or smaller litters, ranging from 1 to 12 dogs. But 5 or 6 puppies is the norm for most young and healthy mothers.

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Chow Chow Size Comparison to Humans

Chow Chow Size Comparison to Humans

These square-shaped muscular dogs obviously can’t compare to humans in height and weight. However, comparing the two might give us a good idea about the rough size of a chow-chow.

An adult chow chow stands at an average of 20 inches at the shoulder. A human being, on the other hand, stands at around 69 inches. This means that a chow-chow is just about knee high for an averagely tall human being.

Standing on its hind legs, the chow chow would reach a maximum of 2 feet 5 inches. That’s less than half the size of an adult human at 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches.

Chow Chow Vs Samoyed Size Comparison

Chow Chow Vs Samoyed Size Comparison

Both fluffy dogs with heavy coats, they’ve become increasingly popular as companion dogs over the last few years. Although their temperaments are quite different, they’re roughly the same size where height and weight is concerned.

A male samoyed usually stands about 20 – 22 inches at the shoulder and a female samoyed at 18 – 20 inches. Meanwhile, a chow-chow stands just a bit shorter or at the same height at 17 – 22 inches at the shoulder. Samoyeds also weigh around 35 – 66 lb as compared to the chow chow’s 35 – 90 lb.

Chow-Chow17 – 22 inches (43 – 56 cm)35 – 90 lb (16 – 41 kg)
Samoyed18 – 22 inches (46 – 56 cm)35 – 66 lb (16 – 30 kg)

Chow Chow Vs Pomeranian Size Comparison

Just like the chow-chow, the pomeranian is also a spitz type of dog breed wth fluffy fur and curled tail. Unlike the chow chow, which is a medium sized dog, the pomeranian is a toy breed. This means that it’s quite a bit smaller than the chow-chow.

Standing at just about 8 – 14 inches at the shoulder as compared to the chow chow’s 17 – 22 inches, the pomeranian is also significantly lighter. While its fluffiness might give it an appearance of being bigger than it is, it’s only around 3 – 7 lb in weight. Compared to this, the average ChowChow is around 35 – 70 lb while bigger chow-chows can reach 90 lb.

Chow-Chow17 – 22 inches (43 – 56 cm)35 – 90 lb (16 – 41 kg)
Pomeranian8 – 14 inches (20 – 36 cm)3 – 7 lb (1.3 – 3 kg)

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Chow Chow Vs Shar Pei Comparison

Chow Chow Vs Shar Pei Comparison

And finally, we have another kind of Chinese dog that is actually very similar to the ChowChow. Both non-sporting dogs with the signature blue-black tongue, they might descend from the same ancestors. The shar pei almost went extinct in the 20th century but has been carefully bred since.

Unlike the ChowChow, the shar pei has a short coat and lacks the ruff. Thus, it looks exactly what it is – a muscular medium sized dog. It stands about 17 – 20 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 35 and 64 lb. Thus, we can see that the two breeds are more or less comparable with the shar pei being just a bit smaller than the chow chow.

ChowChow17 – 22 inches (43 – 56 cm)35 – 90 lb (16 – 41 kg)
Shar Pei17 – 22 inches (43 – 51 cm)35 – 64 lb (16 – 29 kg)


Chow Chows may look like majestic giants, but these charming companions are surprisingly medium-sized. Despite their thick fur, they stand around knee-high to an adult human. Discover the perfect cuddle buddy for you – explore the fascinating world of Chow Chows today!


How do Chow Chows compare to other breeds?

ChowChows are similar in size to Samoyeds but heavier. They’re much bigger than Pomeranians (a toy breed) and slightly larger than Shar Peis (another Chinese breed).

How big are Chow Chow puppies?

Chow Chow puppies start small at 5-10 lbs but grow quickly, reaching 30-45 lbs by 6 months. Most reach full size by 1 year, though some take 18 months.

How big are Chow Chows?

Chow Chows are considered medium-sized dogs, standing between 17-22 inches tall and weighing 35-90 lbs. They might appear larger due to their thick fur, but they’re shorter than you might think!

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