Signs Your Dog Needs To Be Neutered

Top Signs Your Dog Needs To Be Neutered! Things You Should Know 2024

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Yes, it’s an extremely important discussion to have if you’ve got a male dog and Your Dog Needs To Be Neutered. A lot of the time, people think male dogs don’t bring with them the complications that female dogs do – namely, the possibility of pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t present their own challenges as well when puberty hits.

So if you’re thinking about neutering your dog (a.k.a. removing his sexual organs), you’d better be on the lookout for some common signs. The thought of it might be painful at first. However, a neutered dog is often a calmer, less aggressive dog and it’s better for you and your furry pet in the long run.

Signs a Dog Needs To Be Neutered:

Scent Marking

What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that the dog urinates on certain surfaces to leave his mark. It’s his natural territorial response – a way of saying “I was here” or “This space is mine”. There’s testosterone in the urine that communicates this message to other dogs. It’s all very well, until he starts scent marking inside the house.

If your dog takes up this habit, it can naturally be very annoying. You wouldn’t want your house to smell all the time, would you? Surgically removing your dog’s testicles also sharply decreases his testosterone levels. This behavior would then automatically stop because he wouldn’t feel as territorial anymore.

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One of the more concerning aspects of a hormonal male dog is aggressive behavior. igns your male dog needs to be neutered may become extremely aggressive towards strange dogs, other family pets or even the family members themselves. The hormone testosterone again causes this. Once you take that out of the equation, you’re likely to have a better-behaved dog.

However, you shouldn’t rush to assume that aggression is being caused just by hormone levels. Dogs might show aggression for a lot of reasons. It might be lack of training or lack of socialization or past traumas and anxieties showing up. Still, if you see your dog fighting with another male dog, there’s a high chance that it’s because they’re fighting over territories or the affections of a female dog.

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Escaping and Roaming Behaviour

This is a very strong sign that you need to neuter your dog. They can smell the scent of a female dog in heat from a very long distance. This can lead him to escape and go looking for her. We can’t blame the dog for this. It’s his instinct to settle down and have puppies. 

That doesn’t mean that this kind of behavior is safe. If your dog runs off and goes looking for females elsewhere, there’s a lot of danger waiting for him. He could get into fights with other dogs that are much bigger and stronger than him. He could face difficulties with traffic and get hit by a vehicle. You’d definitely not want your beloved pup roaming the streets, would you?

If you neuter your dog, his urge to roam around and look for a mate is reduced. He’s much less likely to run away.

Restlessness and Stubbornness

Even the dogs that don’t make a habit of running away act in a concerning manner. They could become very restless and be pacing around the house constantly. When you take them out on walks, they could pull at the leash to get at a female dog. They might become very distracted and start ignoring their training because of their hormone levels. 

Just because a dog is showing signs a dog needs to be neutered, restlessness and training doesn’t mean that he needs to be neutered. You’d have to look at other behavioural signs and consult a vet before you make a decision. 

Increased Humping

One of the most embarrassing aspects of owning an unneutered male dog is his tendency to hump or mount furniture or people. If your dog seems to be humping his toys a little too frequently or he shows an inclination to mount another dog at the park, it’s a sign that you should take him to the vet at once.

Neutering stops this kind of behavior. The dog won’t feel any inclination to hump or mount an object when his testosterone levels have dropped considerably.


Sometimes, male dogs that have not been neutered are quite vocal. They might howl or bark constantly. They do this to attract female attention and it can be quite disturbing around the house. This isn’t the case with all males but it might be a sign that they’re trying to communicate with other dogs.

Excessive Interest in Other Dogs

If you take your dog out to the park and he shows a lot of interest in the female dogs, it’s a sign that you might have to consider neutering. Male dogs might go sniffing around the rear of a female dog. In this case, he’s trying to detect her pheromones and what kind of reproductive state she is in. 

Importance of Neutering

As a dog owner, it’s your lookout to be responsible. You can’t have your dog going off and having puppies with just anyone. It could lead to abandoned and homeless puppies. It leads to the overpopulation of dogs and too many dogs ending up in shelters. Thus, it’s best to think about the benefits of neutering your dog.

People are under the misapprehension that neutering can harm dogs, but that’s not at all true. It can be quite beneficial to them. It helps control their behavioural issues, a majority of which are caused mainly by testosterone. Neutered dogs are often much more friendly and better socialized than unneutered ones. 

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It has also been proven that it can reduce the chances of testicular cancer and prostate problems in male dogs. 

However, you should always consult your vet on the age at which to neuter your dog. While most vets recommend between 6 months to 1 year, it might be after the 1-year mark for some larger breeds. It’s important to wait till your pup is physically mature enough so there aren’t later bone-related problems.


Don’t let unwanted behaviours rule your life! Neutering your dog promotes a calmer, healthier companion and prevents pet overpopulation. Talk to your vet to see if neutering is right for your furry friend.


Why does my dog keep marking his territory indoors?

Male dogs mark with urine to claim their space. Neutering reduces testosterone, curbing this behavior and keeping your house fresh.

My dog is aggressive towards other dogs. Is neutering the answer?

Neutering can help! Testosterone fuels aggression. However, consult your vet – other factors like training or anxiety could be at play.

Is neutering safe for my dog?

Yes! Neutering offers health benefits like reduced cancer risk. Consult your vet about the ideal age for neutering your specific breed.

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