Grizzly Bear Size Explained & Compared With Other Bears

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Grizzly Bear Height & Length

Grizzly Bear Size

A population or subspecies of brown bears that live in North America is known as the grizzly bear, also known as the North American brown bear or simply grizzly. 

Except for females and their cubs, grizzlies are usually solitary creatures, but occasionally they will gather in large groups. 

Numerous bears may congregate during the summer to consume large quantities of fish, as they are in need of fats to get them through the upcoming long winter.

Talking about their size, the average length of this subspecies, measured in centimeters, ranges from 1.4 to 2.8 m (4.7 ft to 9.2 ft). 

In particular, male Grizzly Bears have shoulders that are between 3 feet 6 inches and 4 feet 6 inches (1.07 and 1.37 m) high, while that of females ranges from 3 feet to 3 feet 8 inches (0.91-1.12 m). 

The Grizzly Bear is approximately 8 feet to 9.9 feet tall (2.5-3 m) when on their hind legs.

Grizzly Bear Height Meters Feet
Male Height1.07 and 1.37 m3 feet 6 inches and 4 feet 6 inches 
Female Height0.91-1.12 m3 feet to 3 feet 8 inches
Average range (Overall Body length)1.4 to 2.8 m 4.7 ft to 9.2 ft
Average range (Overall standing height)8 feet – 9.9 feet2.5-3 m

Grizzly Bear Weight

In general, grizzly bears are bigger and heavier than other bears. This is a result of Grizzly bears having unique adaptations to survive the shifting seasons. 

They consume an enormous amount of food during the summer months in order to survive the winter on body fat. 

Each day, they might consume 40 kg (90 lbs) of food, adding more than 1 kg (2.2 lbs) to their body weight. 

An adult male grizzly bear weighs between 200 and 300 kilograms on average (kg). Furthermore, while female grizzly bears typically weigh between 250 and 350 lbs, males typically weigh between 400 and 600 lbs. From this, we can know that male Grizzly bears are much heavier than female Grizzly bears. 1

Grizzly Bear WeightKilograms Pounds 
Male 181.4 – 272.1 kgs400 and 600 lbs
Female 113.3 – 158.7 kgs 250 and 350 lbs

Grizzly Bear Paw & Teeth Size

Generally, the paws of such large animals are quite large and heavy in size. Grizzly bears use their claws to dig up ground squirrels and roots as well as to create dens. 

The claws of the grizzly bear are extraordinarily long, thick, and strong. The nails can be between 5 and 6 inches long. 

They have hind paws that are roughly six inches wide and eleven inches long, and front paws that are roughly five inches wide and seven inches long. 

Specifically, they have hind paws that are roughly six inches wide and eleven inches long, and front paws that are roughly five inches wide and seven inches long. 

Moving on to their teeth structure, they have pretty strong and sharp teeth. Bears such as Grizzly Bears have extremely sharp incisor teeth that are made specifically for tearing and ripping pieces of their prey’s meat. 

In order to crush most plants and aid in digestion, they have four long, sharply pointed canines and molars with flat crowns. 

Young bears can have teeth that are 15 mm long, but adult bears can only have teeth that are a few inches long.

Grizzly Bear Baby Size

The babies of Grizzly Bears are very tiny. At birth, grizzly bears weigh on average only about 1 pound (0.45 kg). When they reach their first year of life, these bears can weigh between 150 and 200 pounds. 

Between the ages of 4 and 5, they reach sexual maturity, and between the ages of 8 and 10, they are regarded as fully grown.

Grizzly Bear Full Size

You would usually see that living species usually stop growing after a certain age. This is also the case with Grizzly Bears. 

Large adult grizzlies can reach lengths of up to 2.5 meters (8 feet) and weights of up to 410 kg (900 pounds). Grizzly bear males typically weigh 400 to 790 pounds. 

Based on the size of a skull, the largest grizzly ever discovered weighed 1,200 pounds.

Grizzly Bear Litter Size

The litter size of the Grizzly bear is the number of cubs it gives birth to at a time. It’s interesting to note that Grizzly bear litter sizes range from one to four cubs, usually twins or triplets. The female Grizzly Bears give birth to between 1 to 4 cubs, with an average of about 2 cubs at a time. 

Grizzly Bear Size Compared To Human

Grizzly Bear Size compared with human

Do you ever wonder what would happen if a beast that size approached a human? Who would prevail in a battle of size? 

Grizzlies are thought to be capable of lifting between 0.8 and 1 times their own weight. Male grizzly bears can weigh up to 600 pounds, while females typically weigh between 250 and 350 pounds. In actuality, a single grizzly bear is as powerful as 2.5 to 5 adult humans!

A grizzly bear is roughly three to six times as powerful as the average person. The Grizzly bear can weigh up to 250-600 lbs, which is twice as much as the average human weight of 60 to 80 kg (132-176 lbs). 

If we compare height average human stands 5.5-5.9 ft tall while on the other hand, grizzlies stand 8-9 feet tall on their hind legs.

You can therefore visualize for yourself how big and powerful Grizzly bears are in comparison to people.

Grizzly Bear Size Vs Polar Bear Vs Brown Bear Size Comparison

Grizzly Bear Size compared with polar bear and brown bear

Note: Below I have compared Grizzly bears with brown bears (other species of brown bears). So don’t get confused as grizzlies are also called brown bears.

The biggest bears in the world are polar bears. Additionally, polar bears are typically bigger than grizzly bears. 

Male polar bears typically weigh between 770 and 1,500 pounds. While the average weight of male grizzly bears living in the polar bears’ range ranges from 400 to 790 pounds. 

Polar bears rarely exceed a height of 10 feet when standing on their hind legs. A 12-foot-tall Alaskan polar bear holds the record for being the biggest one ever seen.

Talking about the Brown bears, while the adult grizzlies typically weigh less and there are no known records of bears weighing more than 900 pounds, adult brown bears can weigh up to 1000 pounds in the fall. 

For instance, In Katmai, large male brown bears regularly reach weights of over 1000 pounds (454 kg) in the fall.

Overall, the Polar bear is the largest of all three, while the Brown Bear is slightly larger than the Grizzly Bear

Animal type Height Weight 
Grizzly bearMale:1.07 and 1.37 m(3 feet 6 inch and 4 feet 6 inch) 
Female: 0.91-1.12 m(3 feet to 3 feet 8 inches)
Male: 181.4 – 272.1 kgs(400 and 600 lbs)
Female:113.3 – 158.7 kgs (250 and 350 lbs)
Polar BearShoulder Height: 4 ft to 5.3 ftMale: 350–700 kg (770–1,540 lb)
Female:331 to 551 pounds (150 – 250 kgs)
Brown bear Shoulder Height: 3-5 feetMale: 135 to 390 kilograms (300 to 860 pounds)
Female:95 to 205 kilograms (205 to 455 pounds)

Grizzly Bear Size Vs Tiger Vs Lion Size Comparison

Grizzly Bear Size compared with tiger and lion

When compared to a Siberian tiger, the largest grizzly bear ever recorded is huge. Because of this, the grizzly bear typically has a size advantage. 

Bears are larger, heavier, and taller than lions, and they battle on two legs as opposed to the lions’ four. 

In a fight, a lion can grow to be 8 feet long and weigh about 500 pounds, while a bear can weigh over 900 pounds and stand 9 feet tall on two legs.

In terms of size, grizzly bears and Siberian tigers are very comparable. The Siberian tiger is the largest species of tiger in the world, despite what that last sentence might imply. 

They are 11 feet long, 3.5 feet tall, and up to 770 pounds in weight. However, that is when they are the biggest. The average grizzly bear is about 10 feet long, 4 feet tall at the shoulder, and weighs 700 pounds or more.

Animal type Height Weight 
Grizzly bearMale:1.07 and 1.37 m(3 feet 6 inch and 4 feet 6 inch) 
Female: 0.91-1.12 m(3 feet to 3 feet 8 inches)
Male: 181.4 – 272.1 kgs(400 and 600 lbs)
Female:113.3 – 158.7 kgs (250 and 350 lbs)
TigerShoulder Height: 2.5-3.6 ftMale: 150 kg (330 lbs)
Female:110 kg (240 lbs)
Lion Shoulder Height: 2.9-3.9 ftMale: 330 to 550 pounds (150 to 250 kilograms)
Female:265 and 395 pounds

Grizzly Bear Vs Gorilla Size Comparison

Grizzly Bear Size compared with gorilla

The biting power of a gorilla and grizzly bear is roughly comparable, but the bear’s physique makes it more difficult for a gorilla’s bite to be as effective. 

The primary benefit of the grizzly is its claws, whereas the gorilla’s biggest advantage is its quick movement. The grizzly is bigger, but the gorilla is more powerful.

A bear’s strength is 2–5 times greater than the average human’s when it is not aggressive. A gorilla, on the other hand, has 4–9 times the strength of a human.

Animal type Height Weight 
Grizzly bearMale:1.07 and 1.37 m(3 feet 6 inches and 4 feet 6 inches) 
Female: 0.91-1.12 m(3 feet to 3 feet 8 inches)
Male: 181.4 – 272.1 kgs(400 and 600 lbs)
Female:113.3 – 158.7 kgs (250 and 350 lbs)
Gorilla Male:1.7 m (66.9 in) 
Female: 1.5 m (59.1 in)
Male: 169.5 kg (374 lbs)
Female:71.5 kg (158 lbs)


And that was everything you need to know about the size of a Grizzly bear. I hope this article was helpful and you got something valuable from it.

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