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Hyena Size Explained & Compared With Others

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Hyena Height & Length

Hyena Size

Hyenas, also known as Hyaenas, are medium-sized terrestrial feliform carnivores from the family Hyaenidae. 

These animals are native to Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Many people confuse them to be related to dogs, due to their dog-like appearance and size. However, these animals are more closely related to cats. 

When you step into the world of Hyenas, it’s like entering a size buffet – plenty of options, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all affair! Let’s break down the deets on their height and length, adding a touch of relatability:

Species Variations:

  • Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta): Think of these guys as the big shots of the Hyena crew – the largest and often seen around the neighborhood. They stretch out from approximately 3.1 to a whopping 5.4 feet in body length, standing tall at approximately 2.3 to 3 feet at the shoulder.
  • Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena): Meet the slightly smaller pals – the Striped Hyenas. They are approximately 2 to 2.6 feet in height and a length ranging from approximately 2.8 to 4.3 feet.
  • Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea): Now, these are the cozy corner dwellers, the smallest of the trio. Standing at approximately 2 to 2.6 feet in height and a snug approximately 2.3 to 3.3 feet in length. Source

Individual Differences:

Beyond species, factors like sex and age can influence Hyena size:

  • Sexual Dimorphism: It’s a classic case of the ladies taking a bit more space. Female Hyenas, regardless of species, tend to be a smidge larger than their male counterparts. Equality with a touch of extra flair! Source
  • Age: Growing pains, anyone? Just like us, Hyenas go through that awkward growth phase. Hyenas grow as they mature, reaching their full size after several years..

So, next time you spot a Hyena, remember, it’s not just a random critter – it’s a unique blend of sizes, shapes, and a dash of individuality. Like a neighborhood where everyone’s got their own story!

Hyena Weight

Hyenas have a wolf-like physique and are rather large. Their skulls are likewise considerably bigger and heavier. 

Typically, the hyenas can weigh about 15 to 121 pounds, depending upon which individual species they belong to. 

When it comes to Hyena weight, it’s like unfolding another chapter in their multifaceted story – variations that tiptoe into the realm of reality! Here’s a deeper dive into their hefty realities:

Weighty Champions:

  • Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta): Enter the world of apex scavengers, where the heavyweight champs dwell. Females proudly carry the load, tipping the scales at a staggering 85-130 kg (187-287 lbs), while their male counterparts gracefully weigh in at 55-82 kg (121-181 lbs). Picture a small to medium-sized dog, then give it a weighty makeover – that’s the subtle might of a female Spotted Hyena!
  • Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena): While leaner than their spotted cousins, Striped Hyenas still hold their ground. Females sway in the breeze at around 27-50 kg (60-110 lbs), while the males carry a lighter aura at 20-28 kg (44-62 lbs). It’s like envisioning a medium-sized dog for the females and a large cat for the males – a subtle ballet of weight in the Hyena world.
  • Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea): Now, these solitary hunters embody a lighter frame among Hyenas. Both males and females gracefully tip the scales at around 25-40 kg (55-88 lbs), akin to a large dog’s subtle weight presence.

In the world of Hyena weight, each species whispers a tale of heft, balancing the intricacies of nature’s subtle scale dance. Source

Hyena Paw Size

Hyena’s front legs are longer than its back legs. They have four toes on each of their legs which support short, blunt, non-retractable claws. 

In terms of size, their paw length ranges from 3 to 4 inches like that of a medium-sized dog. 

Additionally, they have bulky pads on the bottom of their paws which allow them to run swiftly and take sharp swift turns to catch their targeted prey efficiently. 1

Hyena Pack Size

Hyenas are among the most social wild animals. They work in clans by forming large family groups which can consist of up to 130 members. 

In specifics, the pack size of hyenas varies from one species to another. However, on average the pack size could be around 6 to 100 members. 

Additionally, the females of the pack dominate the clan and rank higher than the males in the clan. 

Here’s Fun Reddit About Hyena Size

Hyena Size Compared To Humans

Hyena Size compared with human

Despite the spotted hyenas having been known to attack people in the present world, such instances are quite uncommon. 

However, spotted hyena attacks on people are probably to be underestimated. To predict just how dangerous and life-threatening these creatures could be to us, it is important to do a thorough comparison between us and the hyenas. 

So, as mentioned previously, hyenas can weigh about 15 to 121 pounds with a body length of about 4 to 5.5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 meters) long and 2-3 feet tall from paw to shoulder. 

Whereas, the average human being weighs around 110 to 154 lbs (50 – 70 kgs) with a height of 5.5-5.9 ft. 

With the given specifics, we can conclude that hyenas are quite comparable in size to ours. Adding their exceptional predatory skills, these creatures can be seriously deadly for us. Therefore, the best option is to avoid and steer clear of their way.

Disclaimer: Navigating the Wild with Hyenas

Just a gentle heads-up: while hyenas don’t typically make human encounters a daily affair, let’s not forget they’re nature’s untamed wonders, equipped with robust jaws and an inherent drive for survival. So, if you find yourself in the wild company of hyenas, a sprinkle of caution goes a long way. Here’s your nature-friendly guide:

  • Play It Safe: Think of it as a dance – maintain a respectful distance. Keep a buffer zone, because, let’s be honest, no one wants to be too close to a wild dance partner with powerful instincts.
  • Peace, Not Provocation: Hyenas, like the rest of us, appreciate a drama-free environment. So, let’s skip the theatrics and avoid provoking them. It’s like sending out a vibe that says, “Let’s coexist peacefully, shall we?”
  • Buddy System: When it comes to approaching hyenas, the golden rule is: never go solo. Safety in numbers, right? Whether you’re there to admire or study, having a buddy system ensures everyone stays on the same page.
  • Territorial Respect: Imagine your home – you wouldn’t want uninvited guests, right? Same goes for hyenas. Respect their territories, steer clear of their dens, and let scavenging be a solo adventure for them. It’s like giving them their own personal space.

So, as you venture into the wild, keep in mind: respect for these majestic creatures and their turf ensures a harmonious coexistence. It’s a win-win for both humans and hyenas, turning the wild into a shared sanctuary. Safe travels!

Hyena Vs Wolf Size Comparison

Hyena Size compared with wolf

Both hyenas and wolves are formidable predators in their own sense.  However, a typical thought that pops up in our minds is which of them is larger and more dominant.  

Although, the hyena and the wolf are very similar in terms of their size. The hyena may reach up to 160 pounds, whereas wolves can weigh up to 180 pounds or somewhat more. Both can grow to be 5 feet in length with a height of about 2 feet to 3 feet at the shoulder.

In specifics, hyenas weigh about 15 to 153 pounds with a length ranging from about 22 to 65 inches and a height of up to 16 to 36 inches. 

While an average wolf weighs 50-176 lbs with a body length of about 3.4 ft – 5.5 ft and a height of up to 26in – 36in. 

Therefore, we can conclude that wolves are quite comparable in size to hyenas. However, hyenas do have an advantage of weight over them. Source

Size Hyena Wolf 
Weight 15 to 153 pounds50-176 lbs 
Height Length: 22 to 65 inches 
Height: 16 to 36 inches. 
Length: 39-65 inches
Height: 26in – 36in

Hyena Vs Lion Size Comparison

Hyena Size compared with lion

Hyenas are not even anywhere near the size of a lion with an approximate weight of 500 lbs. 

As we mentioned previously hyenas weigh about 15 to 153 pounds with a length ranging from about 22 to 65 inches and a height of up to 16 to 36 inches.

Comparing this to a lion, who weighs about 500 pounds with a body length of about 6-7 feet and a height of 4 feet. We can easily conclude that lions are much larger and more powerful than hyenas in terms of size. 

Size Hyena Lion 
Weight 15 to 153 pounds500 pounds
Height Length: 22 to 65 inches 
Height: 16 to 36 inches. 
Length: 6-7 feet
Height: 2.9-3.9 feet 

Hyena Vs Leopard Size Comparison

Hyena Size compared with leopard

Leopards are somewhat bigger than hyenas at their largest. They are often counted as one of the largest mammals on earth. Typically a leopard may weigh up to 198 pounds, stand up to 2.5 feet tall, and be 6 feet long. 

Meanwhile, a hyena may weigh up to 150 pounds, stand up to 3 feet tall at the shoulder, and grow to be around 5 feet long. 

The size of these creatures is quite comparable. However, Leopards are significantly bigger and more powerful than hyenas.

Size Hyena Leopard 
Weight 15 to 153 pounds198 pounds
Height Length: 22 to 65 inches 
Height: 16 to 36 inches. 
Length: 6 feet
Height: 2.5 feet

Hyena Size Vs Dog Size Comparison

Due to their eerily similar features, dogs and hyenas are frequently confused. Nonetheless, the hyena is a larger creature. As we mentioned before, hyenas may weigh up to 160 pounds, are 5 feet long, and stand 3 feet tall at the shoulder.  

Dogs, on the other hand, may weigh up to 80 pounds, stand around 2.5 feet tall, and grow to be a little over 3 feet long. 

Therefore, we can easily conclude that hyenas are much larger and more powerful in comparison to dogs. Moreover, they are heavier and much more deadly predators.

Size Hyena Dog 
Weight 15 to 153 pounds80 pounds
Height Length: 22 to 65 inches 
Height: 16 to 36 inches. 
Length: 3-4 feet  
Height: 2.5 feet


And that was everything you need to know about the size of a Hyena. I hope this article was informative enough and your queries were answered.

Thank You For Reading!

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