Moose In Minnesota: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Black bears, gray wolves, and coyotes can all be spotted in the state of Minnesota including animals from the deer family. But does the state also inhabit moose?

Yes, it does. White-tailed deer, elk, and Moose all belonging to the deer species are found in the state of Minnesota. Moose is indeed found in a number of states of the country including Minnesota thanks to its diverse landscapes. 

Below I’ve explained everything you need to know about Minnesota’s moose population, their presence, physical features, and legalities related to their hunting.

Are There Any Moose in Minnesota?

Yes, the state of Minnesota has a stable population of Moose. While their numbers have been decreasing for a few decades, their presence in the state cannot be argued.

There’s no denying to the various challenges that these species have faced. Some of these include habitat loss, climate change, parasites, and human interference. 

But they have come out of it all with flying colors. There are still various efforts being taken up by the state authorities to monitor and support the moose population in Minnesota.

How Many Moose in Minnesota?

The moose population in Minnesota is managed and monitored by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. As per the department, the Moose population in the state has decreased significantly due to habitat conditions, climate, pathogens, etc. 

As per recent surveys in 2022, there are about 4700 individual moose in the state which is expected to even grow further. Did you know, this is the highest estimate since 2011 when the moose population was in decline?

Yes, the moose population today is well-established and yes, they are expected to grow. But it’s particularly important to continue all the conservation efforts we have been doing until now to reach these goals.

What kind of Moose are in Minnesota?

moose are in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to the Northwestern moose, a sub-species of moose that is found in Alaska, Canada, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Michigan, and Minnesota. Albeit small variations, these moose individuals have similar characteristics to those of others in different sub-species.

How Common Is It to See Moose in Minnesota?

Compared to states like Alaska, and Maine, Moose is less common in Minnesota. They are typically abundant in the northeast regions of the state. And even if you visit those regions, it is still difficult to spot them. 

Moose in Minnesota and other locations are solitary by nature and unlike other deer species move individually rather than in groups. This makes it not only difficult to spot them but also decreases the chances of it. 1

Where To See Moose in Minnesota? (Best Time of Year to See Moose in Minnesota)

Moose typically love to live in young forests that are created by natural phenomena like windstorms, fires, etc. In general, Moose prefer to inhabit areas where they can obtain food sources to consume like twigs, leaves, aspen maple, etc. 

They also live in a landscape having both woodlots and farm fields like those in northwest regions of Minnesota including Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness, Superior National Forest, and Voyageurs National Park.

It is important to note that, these creatures like others typically move during season changes as the conditions of their habitat change season-wise. 

For instance, Moose live near and around ponds, lakes, and other waterbodies during summer. If you are that serious to spot one in the wild, you better visit these places anytime between mid-September to mid-October when these creatures breed and therefore are out and about looking for mates.

How Big Are Moose in Minnesota?

Moose in Minnesota are as big as those found in other states and countries. Did you know, moose antlers weigh and measure about 40 pounds and 5 feet across? Wow, then imagine how much they would be weighing overall.

Don’t worry, we won’t let to imagine it, we do know their average weight. Moose in Minnesota weigh anywhere between 950 to 1000 pounds and can occasionally even reach 1200 pounds. No wonder, they are the largest deer species in the world.

Additionally, in terms of body height, they stand anywhere between 5-6 ft high.

Can You Hunt Moose in Minnesota?

Yes, Unlike other states of the country, it is legal to hunt moose in Minnesota. But you need a relevant hunter’s license and hunting permit for this. 

Everything hunting-related is managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. And to hunt a moose, certain regulations, rules, and procedures are set in place so that the hunting is conservative. 

Moose hunting permits are given by lottery so that their population can be managed. Also, the hunting seasons differ from region to region and therefore check it out before you decide to hunt. 

Definitely check out the regulations, because moose hunting is pretty competitive, and you might miss your chance at it even before participating.

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And that was everything you need to know about the moose in Minnesota. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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