Moose In Sweden: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Moose In Sweden
Moose In Sweden: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Located in the European continent, Sweden boasts a variety of wildlife inhabiting its diverse landscapes. One such creature is the European moose. Yes, You read it right.

Moose is one of the deer species originally in Europe including Sweden. Compared to those found in the Northern continent, Moose in Sweden are well established in the country. 

Below In this article, I’ve explained everything you need to know about Sweden’s Moose population including its presence in the country, where to spot one, and legalities related to ownership. 

Are there moose in Sweden?

Yes, these largest species of the deer family are predominant in various parts of Sweden. Did you know, they are also called elk in Europe? Yes. 

These creatures are inherently herbivores and typically consume twigs and leaves. As one of the occupiers of the bottom position in the ecosystem, moose play a significant role in supporting the survival of Apex predators. As the moose population decreases in an area, so does your fierce apex predator population.

How Many Moose in Sweden?

Providing a precise number of Moose or any other wildlife is not an easy task. But as per Moose Management Groups, there are about 400,000 moose in Sweden. In fact, the country has the densest population of moose in the world.

These creatures are found throughout the country’s landscapes except on Gotland Island. Most population of moose are found in Bergslagen and Central Sweden. Yes, there is quite an established population of Moose in the country, but still, it’s quite difficult to spot them.

How Big Are Moose in Sweden?

Moose In Sweden
Moose In Sweden: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Quite big, Remember, moose is the largest deer species. Though individually, there are small variations, overall moose across Sweden have similar physical features.

Similar to most wildlife, female moose called cows are smaller than male moose called bulls. In Sweden, cows weigh anywhere between 200 to 360 kg (440-800 lbs) whereas bulls weigh anywhere between 380 to 850 kg (830-1700 lbs). In general, they also reach a height of about 170 to 210 cm at the shoulder.

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How rare/Common is it to see a moose in Sweden?

As I explained before, Moose are densely populated across Sweden. However, it is still not common to spot them due to their inherent nature of being shy and reclusive. You can most of the time spot them from the inside of your car, but it would be really impressive if you could spot one during your forest hikes. 

To improve your chances of moose sighting, visit places where moose are frequent visitors. Read on to find out about where you could spot them in Sweden.

Where To See Moose in Sweden?

Did you know, the per km moose population in Sweden is the highest? This means it is more often than not that you will spot at least one when you are traveling. Visiting Sweden just for the sake of Moose? Then do visit the places where they are most common.

Bergslagen forest, Dalsland Moose parks, and most of the central regions of the country inhabit a sizeable number of Moose individuals. Note that, unlike other deer species, Moose are solitary and not found in groups. 

This is another reason, it is difficult to spot one and if you miss it, you will need to wait for another one to pass through your location. To elevate your moose sighting chances higher, visit Sweden parks at the end of September and the beginning of October. Because this is the time of their annual mating season and that is when they are active and are easier to spot.

Is moose the national animal of Sweden?

Moose in Sweden represents the people much more than any animal could. Calm and gentle, they subtly without the use of big words represent modern Swede’s love and affinity towards harmony and peace.

The moose represents the country’s wildlife and is predominantly used as the country’s emblem. While people believe it to be the national animal, it is not officially declared as such.

What are moose called in Sweden?

Moose or often called in Sweden, the Eurasian elk is called älg in Sweden. This is the term commonly used to refer to the largest deer species in the state.

You may have been confused with the “Eurasian elk” name. Do not worry, many people often are. United States and other countries of the North American continent have moose and elk and they belong to different families. 

Elk in North America is another species of deer called a Wapiti. So, moose found in North America are moose and those found in Europe including Sweden are Elks.

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Can You Hunt Moose in Sweden?

Yes, In fact, about 100,000 moose are killed during the hunting season every year. It is also one of the main activities of the Swedish people. The rules, regulations, and permits for hunting are managed and issued by Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Yes, it a permit or license for hunting is required in Swedish if you want to hunt a Moose.


And that was everything you need to know about the Moose In Sweden. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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