Moose In Yukon: Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Moose In Yukon

Home to many diverse animals Yukon is also home to the Moose that are found all over North America. Below In this article, I’ve explained everything you need to know about the moose in Yukon, where to spot one in the state and what are rules for hunting moose in Yukon.

Are There Any Moose In Yukon?

Yes, there are Moose in the territory of Yukon. But the Moose population across North America is on a decline. But, in Yukon, the population appears to be resilient and hearty.

The moose population does not tend to be in the downfall as has been documented in many regions of Canada and United States. In Yukon, the Alaska-Yukon race is predominantly found and they are the biggest of all of the deer family.

How Many Moose In Yukon?

The Government of Yukon has stated that the moose population in the region is very stable. About 70,000 moose are widely spread all over Yukon. Every year in November, scientists photograph moose from helicopters to count them. 

In the fall, they concentrate outside thick forests in high-elevation regions making it easier to count. Counting in the fall lets scientists see moose while they keep their antlers, indicating they can more effortlessly distinguish females and males.

How Common Is It To See Moose In Yukon?

Moose In Yukon

The Yukon territory has a naturally lower population of Moose, causing it fairly hard to spot one when driving on the highways. Road travelers do occasionally spot a few of them crossing the highways or grazing on the edges of neighboring meadows or ponds.

Where To See Moose In Yukon? 

Yukon lakes and rivers are extremely popular spots to spot moose during the summer and spring. In autumn when rutting happens, moose are seen wandering widely and can be easily discovered almost anywhere in the state. 

You might have a better opportunity of seeing Moose in their wild habitat by boating in the lakes or hiking into nature. 

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How Big Are Moose In Yukon?

Moose is the biggest member of the deer clan. An adult moose can vary from 800 pounds (cows) to 1,600 pounds (bulls), and do up to around 6 ft height at shoulder levels. 

Moose are often easily recognized by their antlers, only males carry antlers, the skeletal protrusions develop in the first year and are regrown every summer. Their coloration ranges from brown to black, relying on the seasons and their age. 

Calves have a reddish brown fur that fades to rust color in a few weeks. By the end of summer, calves shed their coat and grow one similar in color and texture to the adults.

Can You Hunt Moose In Yukon? 

You can hunt moose in Yukon but are prohibited to hunt any cows (female moose). There are 60 different Moose Management Units and every unit has its own Moose Permit Hunt Authorizations that are provided by the Government of Yukon. 

The Yukon Government does a moose population estimate every year and prioritizes which unit to increase the number of permits based on different factors. In recent years the Government of Yukon has been increasing the permit numbers, which indicates the estimated population number has been growing. 

Hunters should apply for permits in advance and must provide evidence of the moose’s sex to a conservation authority. This implies showing an officer the antlers or a scrotum attached. 

The government does not allow hunters to hunt around communities and to hunt in the remote backcountry. Penalties for unlawful moose hunting in Yukon can be very severe.

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And that was everything you need to know about the Moose In Yukon. I hope this article answered all your queries.

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