Peanut the World’s Ugliest Dog

Once Abused, Now Adored: Peanut the World’s Ugliest Dog 2024

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Peanut the World’s Ugliest Dog

What a title to be known by, right? Nobody in their right mind would want to be known as the peanut world’s ugliest dog! But for poor Peanut, it’s his one chance to shine and be the winner in something. Crowned the world’s ugliest dog in 2014, Peanut’s story is a truly tragic one. But after that, he managed to thrive with a loving owner. 

Who is Peanut?

With the benign name of ‘Peanut’ we probably wouldn’t expect the face that comes along with it. Peanut is a mutt and we assume that he’s a mix of Shih Tzu and Chihuahua, although his antecedents aren’t clear. His white and brown floppy hair isn’t what gives him the moniker of ‘ugliest dog in the world’.

No, that comes from his bulging, unblinking eyes and the protruding teeth that are reminiscent of some kind of ancient monster. The judges of the contest that awarded him the title of ugliest dog compared his tail to a tube of lipstick. 

But the two year old Peanut is a sweetheart where personality is concerned. There’s absolutely no ugliness to be found there, oh no! He won the hearts of all Americans when he became the winner of the ugliest dog contest and became a poster child for the horrors of animal abuse.

Peanut, The World’s Ugliest Dog Backstory

So how did Peanut come by his looks? Well, it was because he was the victim of animal abuse. His previous owner had hurt him badly though it’s not clear what exactly was done to him. He had sustained serious burn injuries, even though he was quite healthy at the time of the contest. 

His owner, Holly Chandler, a manufacturing engineer from Greenville, North Carolina, said that his lips and eyelids had been burned off. That’s why his sharklike teeth are always on display. He also can’t close his eyes which is why they water all the time and run into his nose, causing snot bubbles. He also has bald patches on his body from where the fire injured him.

Holly doesn’t seem to mind it. She thinks that it adds character to her little dog and his loving, joyous personality makes up for his looks. Seeing him every day, she doesn’t even really think about his ugliness any more. But the judges certainly thought about it and so did the American voters!

The Ugliest Dog in the World Contest

In 2004, the contest entered its 26th year. Held at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, California, it featured dogs from all over the United States. A panel of three judges sat down to judge the ugliness of these dogs. One of the judges, Brian Sobel, referred to Peanut as being “just hideous” and said he was one of the ugliest dogs they had ever judged. And now this dog breed peanut the ugliest dog.

Any dog that enters the contest has to first be given a clean bill of health so that the judges know they’re naturally ugly. There’s also a vet check up on site of the contest.

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It wasn’t an easy win for Peanut either. Although he had gained a lot of popularity with the viewers, he had stiff competition from another dog called Quasi Modo. Quasi Modo was a bulldog mix and had a back that was too short for its body, thus looking hunchbacked. He was a crowd favorite as well but Peanut with an online vote count of 1795 votes managed to beat him.

Quasi Modo went on to win the contest the following year so we won’t feel too sorry for him.

With the win came prize money of $1500 as well as fame. In fact, Peanut got a makeover treatment from the famous late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. What a journey he’s been on from the animal shelter from which he was rescued.

Holly Chandler and the Prize Money

Holly Chandler is extremely passionate about the topic of animal abuse. She said that she wanted to use the $1500 prize money to help pay the vet bills for other animals. 

Peanut was a poster child for what could happen to animals that were abused. She wanted his story to serve as a lesson for people to adopt dogs from animal shelters. It’s truly astonishing how much she loves her sorry little dog. She calls Peanut her baby.

Rescue Dogs and their Importance

Peanut is a big lesson to us on the importance of adopting rescue dogs from shelters. Peanut waited in an animal shelter for nine whole months, scaring off numerous families with his looks, before Holly took him and loved him. What she discovered was the little animal’s capacity for devotion and love.

Had Holly not adopted Peanut and entered him for the contest, we would never have gotten to know his resilience and strength. He’s won the hearts of people all over the United States for his sad story and the way he’s come out of it all. What a difference just one kind-hearted and patient person can make.

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Now, the story of Peanut serves as a lesson to all of us not to judge any creature by their looks. Those who overlooked him couldn’t have imagined how famous he would become. Peanut defied all expectations and went on to live a happy life with an owner who truly cared for him.


Peanut’s story is more than just ugliness. It’s about overcoming adversity, the power of rescue, and finding love in unexpected places. Let Peanut inspire you to adopt and see beyond appearances. And that’s all you need to know about Peanut, the world’s ugliest dog. I hope this article was helpful and that you gained something valuable from it.


Who is Peanut Dog?

Peanut, a charming mutt, is the 2014 World’s Ugliest Dog champion. Burn injuries gave him a unique look, but his personality shines.

What happened to Peanut?

A victim of animal abuse, Peanut suffered burns that affected his eyes, teeth, and fur. Rescued by Holly Chandler, he found a loving home.

What’s the Ugliest Dog Contest?

This California contest celebrates unique-looking canines. Judges and online votes determine the winner.

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