Savannah Cat Size Secrets: Comparison, Growth & Facts 2024

Savannah Cat Size Secrets: Comparison, Growth & Facts 2024

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The savannah cat, despite its name, isn’t actually a wild cat. No, indeed. They’re an exotic crossbreed made by mating domestic cats with the African serval. Thus, their beautiful striped coats, lean bodies and prominent erect ears characterize the serval.

Because of their ancestry, the savannah is a pretty big and tall cat with very long legs. It also has a pretty short tail compared to its size.

Savannah Cat Height and Length

Savannah Cat Height and Length

Since they’re crossbreeds, savannah can vary quite a bit from animal to animal. This is because their genes are dependent on the domestic cat they’re descended from to a large degree. While most savannah cats are pretty big and tall, some aren’t quite so tall.

Most savannah cats, whether male or female, stand at about 16 – 18 (40.6 – 46 cm) inches at the shoulder. Among smaller specimens, it is possible for a savannah cat to only be around 13 inches (33 cm) at the shoulder. But they’re usually no smaller than that because of their African serval blood.

As far as body length is concerned, they usually measure between 16 and 24 inches (40.6 – 61 cm) from chest to rump. This doesn’t include the tail, of course. 

Savannah Cat13 – 18 inches (33 – 46 cm)16 – 24 inches (40.6 – 61 cm)

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Savannah Cat Weight

Savannah cats are pretty lean and weigh much less than their body size would lead you to believe. A fully grown male savannah can weigh anything between 14 and 25 lb. 

Females are, just like in the case of most cat species, smaller than males. A tall and lanky female might weigh as less as 10 lb. But they can also reach weights of 19 lb. They’re energetic cats and aren’t likely to put on much weight.

Males14 – 256.3 – 11.3
Females10 – 19 4.5 – 8.6

Savannah Cat Tail Size

The tail of a savannah cat is nice and thick but it’s not particularly long. The size of the tail generally depends on the size of the cat itself. But usually, it ends just below the cat’s hock. 

It’s not a short tail, since savannahs have such long legs. But at the same time it isn’t particularly long either, especially compared to the rest of the body.

Savannah Cat Litter Size

The size of the litter depends upon how far away the cat is from the original serval ancestor. Since cats are, after all, bred for domesticity, regulating their reproduction rate is very important. 

Savannah cats usually have anywhere between 1 and 5 kittens in a litter. The more generations the savannah cat is removed from the serval, the more fertile it is. In fact, a purebred savannah is one that is three or more generations removed from their African wild cat ancestors.

Savannah Cat Kitten Size

The size and weight of a Savannah kitten can vary quite a bit. However, for the most part, a three-month-old kitten would be about 10 – 16 inches in length and 2.8 – 9.7 lb in weight. 

By the ninth month, they’re 18 – 24 inches in length and 6.8 – 17 lb in weight. By the time they’re one year old, they’re almost fully grown but they might need to fill out a bit. 

Savannah cats, interestingly, don’t grow consistently. They have sudden periodic growth spurts, during which they eat a lot more and become very active. Most of their growth takes place during these periods, which can last a few months or even a full year. They officially stop growing at three years of age.

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Savannah Cat Size Comparison to Humans

Savannah Cat Size Comparison to Humans

Despite being tall cats, a savannah is after all only 13 – 18 inches (33 – 46 cm) in height. This would place it about knee high for an average human being of 67 – 69 inches (170 – 175 cm). 

Even the full length of the cat, 16 – 24 inches (40.6 – 61 cm) if it were standing on its hind legs, wouldn’t put the savannah at a great height as compared to a human being.

Savannah Cat Vs Serval Size Comparison

Savannah Cat Vs Serval Size Comparison

We can’t complete any discussion about the height of the savannah cat without discussing its parents. The serval cat is without a doubt bigger and heavier than the savannah cat. Still, let’s take a look at the numbers.

An average African serval stands at about 21 – 24 inches at the shoulder and weighs 20 – 40 lb. Its body length is 23 – 36 inches. In comparison to this, the savannah cat stands 13 – 18 inches at the shoulder, has a body length of 16 – 24 inches and a body weight of 10 – 25 lb.

This is why savannahs that are closer to the African serval in a generation are bigger than the later generations.

Savannah Cat13 – 18 inches (33 – 46 cm)16 – 24 inches (40.6 – 61 cm)10 – 25 lb (4.5 – 11.3 kg)
African Serval21 – 24 inches (54 – 62 cm)23 – 36 inches (59 – 92 cm)20 – 40 lb (9 – 18 kg)

Savannah Cat Vs Domestic Cat Size Comparison

Savannah Cat Vs Domestic Cat Size Comparison

The domestic or house cat is much smaller than the African serval. There’s also a variety of breeds so it’s difficult to assign one particular size to it. However, we shall compare the average.

The domestic cat is about 9.1 – 9.8 inches in height as compared to the 13 – 18 inches of the savannah cat. It averages a length of 18 inches which is on the smaller side for the savannah. And finally, an adult domestic cat weighs between 8.8 and 11 lb.

Savannah Cat13 – 18 inches (33 – 46 cm)16 – 24 inches (40.6 – 61 cm)10 – 25 lb (4.5 – 11.3 kg)
Domestic Cat9.1 – 9.8 inches (23 – 25 cm)18 inches (46 cm)8.8 – 11 lb (4 – 5 kg)


Savannah cats are captivating creatures with a unique size. Their tall stature and lean build make them stand out from other domestic felines. From their impressive growth spurts as kittens to their full-grown height, Savannah cats offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of hybrid cat breeds.


How do Savannah cats compare to other cats in size?

Savannahs are much larger than domestic cats, who stand only 9-10 inches tall. They’re also smaller than their wild ancestor, the serval, which reaches 21-24 inches in height.

How much do Savannah-cats weigh?

Despite their size, Savannah is surprisingly lean. Males weigh 14-25 pounds (6.3-11.3 kg), while females are typically lighter at 10-19 pounds (4.5-8.6 kg).

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