Siberian Cat Size Explained & Compared With Other Cat Breeds

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Siberian Cat Height

Siberian Cat Size

Siberian is a centuries-old domestic cat landrace in Russia that has only recently been recognized as a formal breed. 

In addition, the Siberian is a forest cat native to snowy Russia, where its luxurious triple coat protected it from the elements. Siberian cats are very friendly and enjoy being close to their owners. 

Children, dogs, and other animals keep them company. They are fearless and easygoing, and their natural calm and contentment are not disturbed.

Furthermore, the size of Siberians ranges from medium to medium-large. In terms of their overall standing length, the Siberian cat is 16.9-25 inches long. 

The male Siberian cats are larger than their female counterparts. That is, while the male ones have a height of 10-12 inches (25-30 cm), the female Siberian cats have a height between 23–28 cm (9-11 inches).

Height Centimeter Inches 
Siberian Cat (male)25-30 cm10-12 inches
Siberian Cat (female)23–28 cm9-11 inches

Siberian Cat Weight

Talking in terms of their weight, the Siberian is a large, stocky breed with strong bones and muscles. 

Siberian cats, also known as Siberian Forest cats or Moscow Longhairs, are a semi-longhair breed that ranges in size from medium to large. They have a thick three-layered coat on top, making them a large cat breed.

The average weight of a Siberian cat varies with gender, but not as much as you might think. 

Male Siberian cats weigh 15 to 20 pounds (6.8-9.07 kilograms), while females are only slightly smaller. Female Siberian cats, on the other hand, weigh 12 to 15 pounds (5.44-6.80 kilograms).

Weight Kilograms Pounds 
Siberian Cat (male)6.8-9.07 kilograms15 to 20 pounds
Siberian Cat (female)5.44-6.80 kilograms12 and 15 pounds

Siberian Cat Kitten Size

Siberian cats are majestic and eye-catching creatures, their young ones look very fascinating and adorable. They have beautiful, semi-long coats and can grow to be fairly large when compared to other breeds. 

Although they begin life as adorable little kittens, they can grow to weigh up to 20 pounds or more by the time they reach full maturity. 

In general, the Siberian cat will gain between 0.5 and 1 pound per month for the first year of life. They will probably grow at a slower rate after that.

Typically, these cats have reached their maximum size before the age of 2, but they may gain a little more weight and fill out a little more over the next few years. 

Siberian cats are generally medium to medium-large in size, despite the fact that they can grow to be quite large.

Below is the size chart of the Siberian cats in terms of their weight, with their growing age. 

Siberian Cat AgeMale Weight
3 Months1.5 – 2.2 kg (3.3 – 4.8 lbs)
4 Months2.5 – 3.5 kg (5.5 – 7.7 lbs)
5 Months3.2 – 5.0 kg (7 – 11 lbs)
6 Months3.5 – 5.5 kg (7.7 – 12.1 lbs)
7 Months3.7 – 6.0 kg (8.2- 13.2 lbs)
8 Months3.9 – 6.5 kg (8.6 – 14.3lbs)
9 Months4.0 – 7.0 kg (8.8 – 15.4 lbs)
10 Months4.1 – 7.5 kg (9 – 16.5 lbs)
11 Months4.2 – 8.0 kg (9.3 – 17.6 lbs)
1 Year4.3 – 8.4 kg (9.5 – 18.5 lbs)
3 Years4.4 – 8.8 kg (9.7 – 19.4 lbs)
5 Years4.5 – 9 kg (10 – 20 lbs)
Siberian Cat AgeFemale Weight
3 Months1.3 – 2.1 kg (2.9 – 4.6 lbs)
4 Months2.3 – 3.3 kg (5– 7.3 lbs)
5 Months2.5 – 4.5 kg (5.5 – 9.9 lbs)
6 Months2.7 – 5 kg (6 – 11 lbs)
7 Months2.8 – 5.3 kg (6.1- 11.7 lbs)
8 Months2.9 – 5.5 kg (6.4 – 12.1 lbs)
9 Months3 – 5.7 kg (6.6 – 12.6 lbs)
10 Months3.1 – 5.9 kg (6.8 – 13 lbs)
11 Months3.2 – 6.1 kg (7 – 13.4 lbs)
1 Year3.3 – 6.3 kg (7.3 – 13.9 lbs)
3 Years3.4 – 6.5 kg (7.5 – 14.3 lbs)
5 Years3.5 – 6.8 kg (8 – 15 lbs)

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Siberian Cat Full-Size

Siberian cats are still kittens until they are five years old, but once fully grown, Siberian cats are one of the larger-sized cats, albeit not quite the size of a Maine coon. 

Siberian cats are typically 17 to 25 inches long and weigh 15 to 20 pounds. Siberian cats typically mature after 5 years.

Siberian Cat Litter Size

A Siberian litter contains five to six kittens on average, compared to three to four kittens in other breeds. Siberian litters, on the other hand, can have as few as one kitten or as many as nine.

Siberian Cat Vs Maine Coon Size Comparison

Siberian Cat Size compared with maine coon cat

If we compare the Siberian cat with other breeds of cats such as the Maine Coon cat, both breeds have a powerful muscular frame beneath their thick coats, but the Maine Coon has the upper hand in height. 

Even though the Siberian is not a small cat, the Maine Coon is a larger breed. Male Maine Coons weigh 15 and 25 pounds (6.8 and 11.34 kg), while females weigh 10-15 pounds (4.54-6.8 kg). The Siberian cat is a medium-sized cat. Males weigh 10-15 lbs and females weigh 12-15 lbs.

Siberian cat Maine coon cat
WeightMale: 6.8-9.07 kilograms (15 to 20 pounds), female: 5.44-6.80 kilograms (12 and 15 pounds)Male: 15 and 25 pounds (6.8 and 11.34 kg), female: 10-15 pounds (4.54-6.8 kg)
Height9-12 inches (22-30 cm)10-16 inches

Siberian Cat Vs Persian Cat Size Comparison

Siberian Cat Size compared with persian cat

Persians are medium-sized cats that weigh between 7-12 pounds. They are 10-15 inches long, as opposed to 9-12 inches for Siberian cats. The Siberian cat is smaller than the Persian but has a weight advantage. 

Siberian cat Persian cat
WeightMale: 6.8-9.07 kilograms (15 to 20 pounds), female: 5.44-6.80 kilograms (12 and 15 pounds)Male: 8 and 12 pounds, Female: 7 and 10 pounds
Height9-12 inches (22-30 cm)10″-15” (20-38 cm)

Siberian Cat Vs Norwegian Forest Cat Size Comparison

Siberian Cat Size compared with Norwegian forest cat

Comparing the Siberian cat with the Norwegian cat, you can see that both cats have fluffy tails and similar coat lengths and textures. 

However, the ears of the Siberian cat are typically larger. The size difference between the Norwegian Forest cat and the Siberian cat is perhaps the most noticeable.

Both breeds are large, but when you put these two cats side by side, both cats are almost identical in size. 

The Norwegian Forest cat, for example, can weigh anywhere from 9 to 20 pounds, with males weighing slightly more. The Siberian cat, on the other hand, can weigh anywhere from 12 to 20 pounds.

Siberian cat Norwegian Forest Cat
WeightMale: 6.8-9.07 kilograms (15 to 20 pounds), female: 5.44-6.80 kilograms (12 and 15 pounds)Males, 4.5–9 kg (10–20 lbs); females weigh 3.6–8 kg (8–18 lbs)
Height9-12 inches (22-30 cm)9”-12” (23-30 cm)

Siberian Cat Vs Ragdoll Size Comparison

Siberian Cat Size compared with ragdoll cat

The tails of Siberian cats are long, thick, and bushy, whereas Ragdolls do not have as much hair. Furthermore, despite their small size, Ragdolls can grow to be slightly larger than Siberians. 

On average, the Ragdoll cats reach their full size at about 12-20 lbs (5.44 – 9.07185 kg). Female Ragdoll cats are smaller than males, weighing between 10 and 15 pounds on average, while males weigh 15 to 20 pounds.

Siberian cat Ragdoll cat 
WeightMale: 6.8-9.07 kilograms (15 to 20 pounds), female: 5.44-6.80 kilograms (12 and 15 pounds)Male: 20 pounds, Female: 10-15 pounds
Height9-12 inches (22-30 cm)9-11 inches


And that was everything you need to know about the size of the Siberian Cat. I hope this article was helpful enough and you got something useful from it.

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