Maine Coon Cat Size Explained & Compared With Other Cat Breeds

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Maine Coon Height

Maine Coon Cat Size

The Maine Coon is a large domesticated cat breed that is one of North America’s oldest natural breeds. Maine Coon cats are especially friendly, furry, and intelligent. They seem to get along with everyone, including children, dogs, and strangers. 

Furthermore, the Maine Coon cat breed is an adorable cat with unique characteristics that fascinate many cat breeders and owners.

Furthermore, the Maine Coon is well-known for its large length and thick dual coat of long hair, which is ideal for Maine’s harsh winters. There’s no denying that this is a giant cat with a strong muscular athletic body to match its enormous size.

In terms of their height, the male and the female Maine Coon cats vary. That is, the male Maine Coon cats have an overall length of 10-16 inches (25.5-40.64 cm), while the female ones grow up to 8-14 inches (20.32-35.56 cm).

The male cats are larger than their female counterparts. Overall the average height of the Maine Coon cats ranges between 10-16 inches. 

Height & LengthCentimeter Inches Feet 
Maine Coon Height (male)25.5-40.64 cm10-16 inches0.83-1.33 ft
Maine Coon Height (female)20.32-35.56 cm8-14 inches0.67-1.17 ft
Maine Coon Length101 cmup to 40 inches3.3 ft

Maine Coon Weight

Maine Coons are classified as a large breed of cat. One of their most distinguishing characteristics is their weight. Ludo, the heaviest Maine Coon cat, weighs approximately 34 pounds.

Maine Coons grow to be quite large and powerful! Maine Coon kittens are slightly larger than most other kittens. Male Maine Coons weigh between 15 and 25 pounds (6.8 and 11.34 kg), while females weigh about 10% less than males – around 10-15 pounds (4.54-6.8 kg). At three months old, you’ll have a small cat weighing about 3-5 pounds (1.36-2.27 kg).

Maine Coon Kitten Size

The average size of a Maine Coon makes it one of the world’s largest domesticated cat breeds. The average domestic adult cat weighs between 8 and 10 pounds (3.63 and 4.54 kg), whereas a Maine Coon kitten can weigh up to 5 pounds (2.27 kg) after only 3 months!

Maine Coons are tall, long, and slender. And, like most cats, they mature slowly. However, once they reach their prime, they will reach adult size at around 4 years old. Their first growth spurt will occur between the ages of 3 and 7 months.

Below is a Maine Coon Kitten size growth chart for different ages. 

Maine Coon AgeMale KittenFemale Kitten
90 – 170 g(0.19 – 0.37 lb)90 – 150 g (0.19 – 0.33 lb)
1 Week190 – 290 g (0.41 – 0.63 lb)160 – 260 g 0.35 – 0.57 lb)
2 Weeks290 – 430 g(0.63 – 0.94 lb)280 – 410 g (0.61 – 0.90 lb)
3 Weeks430 – 600 g(0.94 – 1.32 lb)410 – 550 g (0.90 – 1.21 lb)
1 Month620 – 820 g(1.36 – 1.80 lb)550 – 740 g (1.21 – 1.63 lb)
2 Months1.1 – 1.6 kg(2.42 – 3.52 lb)1 – 1.4 kg (2.20 – 3.08 lb)
3 Months1.7 – 2.4 kg(3.74 – 5.29 lb)1.5 – 2.3 kg (3.30 – 5.07 lb)
4 Months2.9 – 3.8 kg(6.39 – 8.37 lb)2.5 – 3.5 kg (5.51 – 7.71 lb)
5 Months3.3 – 5.5 kg(7.27 – 12.1 lb)2.7 – 4.2 kg (5.95 – 9.25 lb)
6 Months3.4 – 6 kg(7.49 – 13.22 lb)3.1 – 4.3 kg (6.83 – 9.47 lb)
7 Months4.1 – 6.5 kg(9.03 – 14.33 lb)3.3 – 4.6 kg (7.27 – 10.14 lb)
8 Months4.4 – 6.9 kg(9.7 – 15.22 lb)3.7 – 5 kg (8.15 – 11.02 lb)
9 Months5 – 7 kg(12.56 – 15.43 lb)4.1 – 5.2 kg (9.03 – 11.46 lb)
10 Months5.1 – 7.8 kg(11.24 – 17.19 lb)4 – 5.5 kg (8.81 – 12.12 lb)
11 Months
5.5 – 8 kg(12.12 – 17.63 lb)4.3 – 6 kg (9.47 – 13.22 lb)
12 Months5.8 – 9 kg(12.78 – 19.84 lb)4.5 – 6.5 kg (9.92 – 14.33 lb)

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Maine Coon Full Size

The Maine Coot Cats generally reach their maturation at the age of 2 years, but can still keep growing till 4 but at a slower rate. 

A full-size Maine coon stands 10-16 inches tall and can grow to be up to 40 inches long. These strong-built felines typically weigh 8-18 pounds and have muscular bodies with broad chests and solid legs. 

Maine Coon Litter Size

The litter size of cats is the number of kittens they give birth to at a time. Usually, the Maine Coon cats have a litter size of about four to five kittens per litter. 

However, it has also been seen that usually, their first litters are small with only about 3 kittens, but the size of the litter increases with every birth. 

Maine Coon Vs Ragdoll Size Comparison

Maine Coon Cat Size Compared with ragdoll cat

In order to analyze the size of every cat it is always better to compare it with other cat types.

Both cat breeds are highly intelligent and have laid-back, docile personalities. Only a few Maine Coons are lap cats, as are most Ragdolls. Unlike Ragdolls, Maine Coons are excellent hunters.

Talking about their size difference, Maine Coons are larger and taller than Ragdoll cats. Male Ragdoll cats weigh 20 pounds, while females weigh between 10-15 pounds. Their height ranges from 9 to 11 inches, making them appear shorter than Maine Coons.

Maine coon catRagdoll cat 
WeightMale: 15 and 25 pounds (6.8 and 11.34 kg),
Female: 10-15 pounds (4.54-6.8 kg)
Male: 20 pounds,
Female: 10-15 pounds
HeightMale: 10-16 inches (25.5-40.64 cm),
Female: 8-14 inches (20.32-35.56 cm)
9.5″-11″ (24-28 cm)

Maine Coon Vs Persian Cat Size Comparison

Maine Coon Cat Size Compared with Persian cat

Although both the Maine Coon and Persian Cats are very popular breeds and make wonderful pets for many households, they differ in terms of overall size. 

When the Maine Coon cat is compared to another cat species, the Persian cat, it is clear that the Maine Coon cats are larger.

Male Maine Coons typically weigh between 15 and 25 pounds, while females weigh between 8 and 12 pounds. 

Male Persian cats typically weigh between 8 and 12 pounds, while female Persian cats weigh between 7 and 10 pounds. In terms of height, while the Maine Coon is a large type, the Persian cat is a medium-sized cat. 

Maine coon catPersian cat
WeightMale: 15 and 25 pounds (6.8 and 11.34 kg),
Female: 10-15 pounds (4.54-6.8 kg)
Male: 8 and 12 pounds,
Female: 7 and 10 pounds
HeightMale: 10-16 inches (25.5-40.64 cm),
Female: 8-14 inches (20.32-35.56 cm)
10″-15” (20-38 cm)

Maine Coon Size Vs Dog Size Comparison

Maine Coon Cat Size Compared with dog

Compared to an average-sized dog such as the Beagle, the Maine Coon has a similar size as the Beagle. A fully grown beagle should weigh around 20 pounds, though this varies from individual to individual. 

However, a Beagle that stands between 13 and 15 inches tall should weigh between 20 and 30 pounds.

Maine coon catMedium-sized dog (Beagle)
WeightMale: 15 and 25 pounds (6.8 and 11.34 kg),
Female: 10-15 pounds (4.54-6.8 kg)
Male: 22–25 lb (10.0–11.3 kg),
Female: 20–23 lb (9.1–10.4 kg)
HeightMale: 10-16 inches (25.5-40.64 cm),
Female: 8-14 inches (20.32-35.56 cm)
13–16 in (33–41 cm)

Maine Coon Vs Bobcat Vs Bengal Cat Size Comparison

Maine Coon Cat Size Compared with bengal and bob cat

Maine Coons are the largest known domesticated cats in the world. They can, however, overlap in size with Bobcats. Bobcats have slightly longer legs and larger paws than Maine Coons.

Maine Coon cats, on the other hand, are typically heavier than Bengal cats. Bengal cats, on the other hand, are taller than the Maine coon cat.

Maine coon catBobcat Bengal cat
WeightMale: 15 and 25 pounds (6.8 and 11.34 kg),
female: 10-15 pounds (4.54-6.8 kg)
Male: 6.4-18.3 kg (14-40 lb),
female: 4-15.3 kg (8.8-33.7 lb)
3.6 kg and 6.8 kg (8 to 15 pounds)
HeightMale: 10-16 inches (25.5-40.64 cm),
female: 8-14 inches (20.32-35.56 cm)
12-24 inches14-18 inches

Maine Coon Vs Lynx Size Comparison

The lynx are medium-sized wild cats that are usually confused with the Maine Coons due to their somewhat physical similarities. 

However, in terms of size, the Maine Coons are smaller than the Lynx, in terms of weight & height.

Maine coon catLynx
WeightMale: 15 and 25 pounds (6.8 and 11.34 kg),
Female: 10-15 pounds (4.54-6.8 kg)
18 to 60 pounds
HeightMale: 10-16 inches (25.5-40.64 cm),
Female: 8-14 inches (20.32-35.56 cm)
23-27 inches


And that was everything you need to know about the size of Main coon cats. I hope this article was helpful enough and you got something useful from it.

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