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The smallest cat breed can be difficult to determine. After all, individual sizes matter. Even a big breed can produce an unusually small-sized cat and a small breed can produce an unusually big sized cat. However, here are some breeds where the cats never grow beyond a few pounds. An adult cat can easily get mistaken as a kitten with these breeds.

Top 10 smallest cat breeds


The Singapura is often considered the official smallest cat breed in the world. And they usually are very small, at least where weight is concerned. The average Singapura doesn’t weigh more than 4 lb, which is about half the size of many cats from other breeds. The Singapura isn’t the smallest where height is concerned, however, and it’s certainly not small when it comes to personality. The Singapura can absolutely make its presence felt despite its small size. Friendly and attached, these cats just love climbing and always want to be the center of attention.


Munchkins are definitely the shortest cats in the feline world. They have very short legs compared to their full sized bodies, much like dachshunds do among dogs. Named after the small people that Dorothy meets in the Wizard of Oz, munchkins usually weigh between 4 and 9 lb. However, they can run surprisingly fast with their short legs and are even capable of standing upright and staying relatively stable in that manner. The best thing about these cats is that they can’t jump high so they won’t be leaping onto your kitchen counters.

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Devon Rex

With their dainty, elfin faces, the Devon rex is certainly a small cat. And it looks even smaller because of its short, wavy coat. With big ears that add to the impish look of the cat, the Devon rex has a personality to match its looks. Playful and highly social, these cats love cuddling up to their humans and even playing fetch. In fact, a Devon rex is attached to your hip more often than not. They aren’t considered hypoallergenic cats despite their short fur but they’re pretty easy to groom.

American Curl

Known for the way its ears curl back towards the back of its head, the American curl is a pretty new breed. Pint sized kitties with big hearts, the American curl maintains the personality of a kitten throughout its life. They’re very energetic and playful and they crave human attention, making them ideal family cats. The unique part about this breed that it coos softly rather than meowing to get your attention. But they’re also an intelligent breed and can open doors and drawers on their own.

Japanese Bobtail

With their short bobbed tails that are the result of a genetic mutation, the Japanese bobtail is a small breed that typically weighs between 5 and 10 lb. They’re also an old breed and can be traced back to the 1600s when they were used to hunt rats on silkworm farms. Their unique feature, of course, is the short tail – it resembles the fluffy tail of a rabbit more than the tail of a feline. They’re an energetic breed despite their small size but they like winding down peacefully at night.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish rex is often mistaken for its cousin, the Devon rex. Both small cats with short, often wavy or curly fur and big ears, the way to tell them apart is the longer whiskers of the Cornish rex. This breed doesn’t often weigh over 9 lb and it has an instantly recognizable egg-shaped head. People have compared them to aliens before because of their unusual looks. But the Cornish is an inquisitive breed and easy to handle. They love cuddles and usually find entertainment in the smallest of things. They could play all day long if you’d allow it.


The Siamese is a long cat but it isn’t a very big one. The average Siamese weighs just about 8 lb in adulthood. One of the most recognizable breeds of cats, the Siamese has featured in a multitude of films and television shows. These cats are colorpoint cats, with cream coats and a darker color on their extremities – ears, face, paws and tail. They’re known as one of the most talkative cats so don’t be surprised if your Siamese wants to chat all the time. 


A relatively new cat breed that is still evolving, the Minskin is a crossbreed of Burmese cats, munchkins, sphynx cats and the Devon rex. Since all these breeds are relatively small, it’s no wonder that the minskin is one of the smallest cat breeds in the world. They rarely weigh over 8 lb and 4 lb is closer to the average. Small and stocky with a round head, short legs and very little hair, minskins are affectionate by nature. They like to be held and cuddled by humans. The breed is still not registered for championships.

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If you were to see a fully grown toybob, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a kitten. After all, these cats weigh about 3 – 7 lb at most. First bred in Russia between two sealpoint cats with short bobbed tails, the toybob isn’t a smaller size of any other breed. They just come in tiny sizes. They’re a rare breed and quite social and affectionate by cat standards. They make for the perfect kitten sized play companions for young children and they get along pretty well with other pets as well. 


A new breed that combines the hairless nature of the sphynx with the short legs of the munchkin, the bambino or baby cat is considered a perfect mix of the two. This breed has caused some controversy due to the health problems faced by both short-legged cats and hairless cats. Thus, this final tiny breed is still in the experimental stage and not officially registered with the Cat Fancier’s Association. However, they’re affectionate and playful cats while having medium amounts of energy.


Small but mighty! These miniature cat breeds offer a delightful combination of compact size and captivating personalities. Whether you crave a cuddly companion or a playful partner, there’s a tiny tiger waiting to steal your heart. Remember, responsible breeding practices are important, especially for newer breeds like Minskin and Bambino. Choose your breeder wisely!


What is the smallest cat breed?

The Singapura is recognized as the smallest cat breed, known for its diminutive size and lively personality.

What’s the smallest cat breed?

Among the top 10 smallest cat breeds, the Singapura stands out for its petite stature, along with breeds like the Munchkin, Cornish Rex, and Devon Rex.

What is the smallest cat breed in the world?

In the world of feline breeds, the Singapura holds the title for the smallest cat breed, captivating hearts with its tiny frame and charming demeanour.

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