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Black cats have always had a somewhat shady reputation. Throughout history they’ve been singled out as omens of bad luck and as the companions of witches. However, black cats are absolutely beautiful. Even though they are more likely to be found abandoned than any other color of cat and need you to adopt them, black cats have a lot to offer. They’re so adorable for one thing, with their pitch black fur and piercing eyes. Let’s look at some breeds where black cats are common.

List of All Black Cat Breeds


Think about black cats and the Bombay cat is what comes to mind first. Bred to look like the black leopards found on the Indian subcontinent, Bombays have sleek short-haired coats that look almost like patent leather. Bombays don’t come in any other color unlike the others on this list.

American Curl

The American curl, with its ears that curl towards the back of their heads, come in a number of colors. Black is just one of them. The American curl is a goofy cat with a perpetually surprised expression and the tendency to make their owners laugh all the time.  


One of the oldest cats in the world, the Persian has a distinctive squashed face. Their luxuriously long and fluffy coats give them a signature look and the good news is that they also come in the color black. They’re known as lap cats for their gentle temperament and affection towards humans.

Maine Coon

Maine coons might just be the biggest cats in the world and they hold all sorts of records. With their thick coats and erect ears, Maine coons have a pretty wild look. This is accentuated by the black color that many of them come in. But no need to worry as these cats are universally known as gentle giants.

Cornish Rex

With their soft velvety fur and slender bodies, Cornish rexes are quite unique to look at. While they don’t always have a lot of hair, some do come in the color black. They’ve got big ears and egg-shaped heads and are often called lambs in cat’s clothing because of their curly fur.

Devon Rex

Often mistaken for their cousin the Cornish rex, the Devon rex is quite slender and elfin to look at. In fact, they’re lovingly called pixies by cat owners. And they have an impish personality to match their looks, forever wanting to play. Black is one of a variety of colors that they come in.

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Selkirk Rex

The official newest breed of cat, the Selkirk rex has Persian heritage. Thus, it’s flat and squashed face. However, unlike the Persian, the Selkirk rex has curly fur which has the perfect rolled out of bed look. Coming in a variety of colors, including black, don’t brush these cats too much if you want to retain the curls.

Norwegian Forest Cat

A relatively unknown breed, the Norwegian forest cat is quite an old cat in its native Norway. These large, semi-longhaired cats are quite rugged to look at and have been the subject of folktales for centuries. The black color probably adds to the mysticism, though this breed may come in a variety of colors and patterns.

British Shorthair

The British shorthair is generally blue. Combined with a plush, dense coat and striking eyes, they make for very distinctive looking cats. However, they are also found in the color black. Adaptable and affectionate, they’re the teddy bears of the cat world.

American Shorthair

The American shorthair came over to the continent with the early European settlers and have been working cats for centuries. With their great adaptability, they managed to settle into new temperatures and climates and are known as very faithful family cats. The black color on their large, stocky bodies makes for an attractive cat indeed.

American Bobtail

Black-coated American bobtails – black being just one of the colors that this breed comes in – usually have brown or black pads on their paws. With either short or long coats, these cats are very intelligent and athletic by nature. They can make friends with just about anyone.

Scottish Fold

Named because of the folded nature of their ears – the ears fold in on themselves on top of their heads – the Scottish fold usually looks like an owl because of its round face and round eyes. Black is actually quite a common color for the Scottish fold. They have long, curled whiskers and a perpetually shocked expression.


This Russian cat is a triple-coated cat, which is quite unusual (single and double coats are much more common). But given the temperatures they need to survive in Russia, that’s quite understandable. Like with many breeds, these longhaired cats come in a number of colors and black is just one of them.


These unique cats have very curly fur, which is where their name comes from (LaPerm meaning ‘the perm’ in French). While they come in every color and pattern possible, you wouldn’t find it too hard to come across a black LaPerm. Their fluffy coats match their affectionate personalities.


Nicknamed ‘werewolf cats’ because of their unusual looks, the Lykoi is a partially hairless cat descended from a feral cat colony with a genetic mutation. While they’re not a standardized breed yet, they’re known for their roan patterned coats and do come in the color black.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese bobtail is named for their unique bobbed tails which are the result of genetics. One interesting fact about this breed? No two tails are alike. The Japanese bobtail wasn’t bred that way and they are an ancient Japanese breed. The ones with the solid black coats are considered universally pretty.


While many people find the hairless spynx cat quite unattractive, there’s something majestic about the black sphynx as opposed to the pink ones. The colors and patterns of the sphynx is due to pigmentation of the skin and not the fur, unlike many other cat breeds. 

Turkish Angora

While most people seem to think that Turkish angoras come in the color white alone and that’s the color that is most often sold, this breed actually comes in a variety of colors. Black is one of those. These elegant cats with their thick tails are considered the pride of Turkey and for good reason.

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One of the oldest cat breeds in the world, the most distinctive feature of the Manx cat is that many of them don’t have tails. These cats, from the small Isle of Man, have very short tails or no tails at all due to a genetic mutation. They often come in the color black and are considered good hunters.

Egyptian Mau

The only breed of domestic cat in the world that comes naturally spotted without any selective breeding involved, the Egyptian Mau is usually silver or grey in color. But there are some that are as black as smoke. Agile and elegant cats, the Egyptian Mau is known for being highly intelligent.


Black cats have long been admired for their sleek appearance and mysterious aura. Whether you’re looking for a cuddly lap cat or an energetic playmate, there’s a black cat breed out there that’s perfect for you. So, don’t let superstitions deter you from adopting a beautiful black feline friend!


What breed is my all black cat?

Without more information or a visual reference, it’s difficult to determine the specific breed of your all-black cat. However, common breeds that often come in all-black varieties include the Bombay, the British Shorthair, and the American Shorthair.

Are 100% black cats rare?

While not extremely rare, 100% black cats are less common than cats with other coat colors or patterns.

Are all black cats Bombay?

Not all black cats are Bombay. Bombay cats are a specific breed known for their sleek black coat and copper-coloured eyes, but there are many other breeds and mixed breeds that can have all-black coats.

Are black cats friendly?

Just like cats of any other color, the temperament of a black cat can vary greatly depending on factors like genetics, socialization, and individual personality. Many black cats are friendly, affectionate pets!

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