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As dog owners, of course all of us think that every dog is unique. And that’s perfectly true. Every unique dog has their own personality and even two from the same litter aren’t exactly alike. However, there are some breeds in themselves that have very unique features. Whether that’s their hair or their singing abilities or their intelligence, here are some breeds of dog that might surprise you with their talents and appearance.

List to of Unique Dog Breeds

Afghan Hound

Perhaps the most elegant and graceful of all dog breeds in existence, Afghan Hounds look like they belong in a shampoo commercial because of their long, luscious locks. Everything about these dogs are long, from their hair to their noses, legs and bodies. Some of the tallest dogs in the world, the Afghan Hound was bred to hunt in the harsh mountain climes of Afghanistan. Legend says Afghan Hounds represented the dog species on Noah’s Ark.

Akita Inu

Scientific records show that the oldest dog in the world is probably Japan’s Akita Inu (Inu meaning ‘dog’ in Japanese). Yes, this breed is over 10,000 years old. Researchers have dated canine remains found at the Kamikuroiwa Rock Shelter site in Ehime that date back to the Jomon Period (14,000 – 300 BCE) and these were the slightly smaller ancestors of the modern Akita. Dignified and loyal, Akitas are impressive guard dogs. But they don’t tend to tolerate other animals too much and are wary of strangers.

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Basenjis, Africa’s small hounds, are unique in their vocal abilities. In fact, these dogs are known as barkless dogs because they don’t bark. They yodel. With short gleaming coats and fastidious grooming habits, the Basenji is almost like a cat. Just like the Afghan Hound, they’re one of the oldest dog breeds in the world and they served as gifts for the Pharaohs of Egypt once upon a time. These dogs lack the typical doggy smell so they make for a great house pet for the really finicky owner.

Bergamasco Shepherd

Bergamascos might look unkempt and matted but that’s actually their natural hair texture. The corded dreadlocks that this breed sports certainly makes them quite unique. Famous for having three coats rather than the double coat that is more ubiquitous, Bergamascos look much like the sheep flocks that they’re supposed to guard. Surprisingly, this fur isn’t hard to groom and look after. These dogs are calm and watchful by nature and generally very quiet.

Border Collies

Officially the smartest dogs in the world, the Border Collie is a herding dog that originated in the border areas between Scotland and northern England. The thing with the Border Collie is that it’s an extremely hard worker and it’s extremely energetic (seriously, it’s like a Golden Retriever times ten). However, Border Collies can be trained to pick up an insane number of commands because of this very intelligence. With patient and dedicated owners, they make excellent performance dogs and score very high in obedience training.

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow, by comparison, isn’t an obedient breed at all. No, they’re notoriously stubborn and difficult to train. Looking like little lions or big teddy bears because of their round faces and mane, the truly unique feature of the Chow Chow is the tongue. They have a purplish-black tongue which is not found in any other breed of dog except the Shar Pei (another Chinese breed). Originally bred to pull dog sleds in swampy areas, the Chow Chow is small and compact but strong.


Made famous by the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians, the Dalmatian’s appearance makes it very unique. A snow white dog with black spots, there isn’t any other dog breed that looks quite like this one. These dogs were bred to guard coaches and horses, which means that they’re both muscular and have a lot of stamina. After all, they needed to travel long distances once upon a time. They make for great guard dogs because they’re quite aloof towards strangers but they’re also excellent athletes.

German Shepherd

That’s one of the most common dog breeds in the world. What’s so unique about them, you may ask. Their versatility and work ethic, we answer. Humans have practically forgotten the original purpose of the German shepherd – herding – because they are now used by the police, by the military, in search and rescue operations, as agility dogs, service dogs, obedience dogs, guard dogs and therapy dogs. Once bred to have sloped backs for a more elegant apearance, this particular breeding habit has been done away with in recent years.


What’s the fastest dog in the world? It’s the powerful and tall Greyhound. These dogs can attain a whopping speed of upto 45 mph. Every bit of their body, from the narrow skull to the long legs and slender build, is meant to improve their aerodynamics and make them fast. Gentle and sweet, the Greyhound was the hound of the Pharoahs. For millenia, they have been charming and inspiring kings, artists and poets. There’s no knowing where the name actually comes from. It might have been because grey was the predominant color of these dogs at one time though now they come in various colors and shades.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

One of the oldest truly American dogs, the Peruvian Inca Orchid is descended from ancient dog breeds that crossed over to the Americas from Siberia millenia ago. This breed of dog is hairless and is often called the naked dog. This breed comes in various colors – grey, chocolate and copper – but the color comes from the pigmentation of their skin rather than their fur as is the case with most dog breeds. The Incas kept them as pets and they’ve been recognized as an important part of Peru’s cultural heritage.


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