Are There Bears In Yosemite? Everything You Need To Know

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Are There Bears In Yosemite?
Are There Bears In Yosemite? Everything You Need To Know

Evoking a mix of fright and fascination, bears have been the superstars of Yosemite’s ecosystem. However, there are a lot of tales that exist regarding them in the state of Yosemite. 

As caretakers of the wilderness, we are here to set the facts straight on a few of the common tales associated with the bears in Yosemite and share some tips on how to safeguard yourself when you encounter a bear.

Are There Bears In Yosemite?

Over the years, only black bears are habitant in Yosemite. Only a few of the 300 to 500 bears in Yosemite are black in colour. The rest of them are mostly brown, cinnamon, or blonde in colour. 

On average, the black bears in Yosemite are considerably smaller than when compared to the other black bears. With male bears weighing up to 300 pounds, and female bears about 200 pounds.

All black bears are omnivores and are mostly seen feeding from a camper’s cooler, a berry patch, or a suburban garden. Usually, their activity levels increase during the fall when they consume continually up to eat upto 20,000 calories a day as they prepare for their hibernation in winter. By the end of December, most black bears live in their dens 

There used to be grizzly bears at the start of the 20th century, but many of them were shot dead. The last grizzly bear seen in Yosemite was reported to be shot in the early 1920s. 

Where Are You Most Likely To See A Bear In Yosemite?

Black bears in Yosemite are mostly found in the Yosemite National Park. In summer you might see black bears starting to hang out in the night, at the park, elevations feet to escape the escape summer heats. As they enjoy a certain type of food, the bears will follow the food source as it becomes available (as the snow melts). 

During Fall they are mostly in the valley, when acorns start to drop off the oak trees. The good spot with many oak trees is the spread of the Valley Loop path in Lower Yosemite Falls, and the Mirror Lake trail. Walking up these trails might get to spot a large furry animal.

In the winter, though bears hibernate you can come across one roaming in the park, like the Mirror Lake or Lower Yosemite Falls trail. These sightings occur in November or December, prior to heavy snowfalls.

How Many Bears In Yosemite?

Currently, there are only about 300 to 500 black bears in Yosemite’s 750,000 acres. Though the Yosemite National Park is huge, your odds of spotting black bears are very slim. Some residents had to frequently visit the park daily for almost 20 years to spot a bear.

Are Bears A Threat In Yosemite?

Are There Bears In Yosemite?
Are There Bears In Yosemite? Everything You Need To Know

Bears are not a threat in Yosemite, however, black bears have the best-smelling sense and a huge appetite. So, if they smell something that might be edible they will want to investigate and this might become a problem to humans.

That is why scented items must be stored properly using metal food storage lockers. In Yosemite bears attacks have been rear and nobody has been injured or killed by a bear.

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How Do You Stay Safe From Bears In Yosemite?

People who meet a black bear must maintain their distance for respect and safety for the animal and themselves. If you tend to encounter a black bear in wild areas, you must at least remain 60 yards from it. 

If you meet a black bear in residential areas, then you must stand your ground and threaten the bear out by raising your arms and creating loud sounds. 

Black bears might exhibit authority by bluff charging, particularly when protecting food or their cubs. Bear attacks are very rare in Yosemite, and no individual has been killed or harmed by a black bear.

When Are Bears Most Active In Yosemite?

Bears are usually the most active during the fall when looking for food to consume to gain fat and endure winter. They gorge on acorns and different seasonal foods. 

After they awake from hibernating during winter from their winter dens, black bears are in search of large meadow grasses in Yosemite during spring. 

As they are extremely hungry they repeatedly travel across roads to pursue the smell of a certain scent and, in general, they are very active in fall and spring.

Does Yosemite Mean Grizzly Bear?

The word Yosemite originated from an Indian word in the tribal vernacular of the southern Miwok Indians who settled in the Valley. The word, Uzhumati, or Uzumati, indicates grizzly bear, a complete-grown animal instead of a cub.

Use of the name with the Valley can be taken as an inkling that Grizzly Bears initially inhabited Yosemite, but there is no clear proof to show that. 

Why Are Bears Tagged In Yosemite?

To frighten bears out from public places, rangers frequently chase bears from urban areas, bean bag bands from a shotgun, or hit bears using rubber slugs. Black bears rarely are migrated so they will quickly return to the area of capture and continue their food-conditioned behaviour. 

That does not mean tagged bears are “bad” bears. Tagging bears is usually done for improved monitoring, and the tag colour used is totally random. This helps in the quick identification of bears and allows scientists to observe the 300 to 500 bears living in Yosemite.

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