Bears In the United States: Everything You Need To Know

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Are There Black, Grizzly, And Polar Bears In the United States?

Bears In the United States
Bears In the United States: Everything You Need To Know
  • Do Black bear Live In the US?

The black bear also known as Ursus americanus is a medium-sized species that is endemic to the US. It is the smallest and most widely spread bear species in the country. The black bear is omnivorous, with its diet differing significantly relying on location and season. Regardless of its name, black bears appear in dark brown or black. 

Sometimes can also be seen appearing in cinnamon, dark blue, or blonde. They are the smallest Of the three bears found in the country, they are the smallest. Male bears weigh about 125 to 500 pounds and are 6 feet tall at shoulder levels. Female bears weigh about 375 pounds and are 5 feet tall at shoulder levels. 

  • Do Grizzly Bears Live In the US?

Grizzly bear also known as brown bear in common is a subspecies of the brown bear that is found inhabiting the U.S. They are the largest subspecies of Brown bears, however, can vary in size relying on populations and timing. 

In the US, grizzly bears are found in Alaska, and in a few regions of the northwestern state that include Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. They can also be seen in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Although they differ in color from nearly black to blond, grizzlies typically are brown with darker limbs and commonly white-tipped fur on their back. The male grizzlies in the US weigh around 389 kilograms and female grizzlies weigh about 207 kilograms.

  • Do Polar Bears Lives In the US?

Polar bears also known as Ursus maritimus are a native species of the Arctic Circle, and its surrounding landmasses, which includes Alaska. It is the biggest living bear species and the largest living land carnivore An adult male (boar) weighs about 770 to 1,540 lb, while an adult female (sow) will be only about half that size. 

Though it is the sub-species of brown bears it has evolved with many body characteristics to adjust to the cold temperatures and for moving in snow and open water for hunting.

How Many Bears Are There In the United States?

Bears In the United States
Bears In the United States: Everything You Need To Know

Historically, black bears occupied the forested regions and today, they are limited to sparsely populated, forested regions. The current population of black bears in the U.S. is consistent throughout many Northeast regions and in the Appalachian Mountains to the Rocky Mountain region, and Alaska. However, they can be fragmented into other regions. 

The overall black bear population in the US is estimated at around 340,000 and 470,000 individuals. However, this population excludes Alaska, Idaho, Texas, South Dakota, and Wyoming, whose black bear population sizes are unpredictable.

When looking at the grizzly bear population from the northwestern US in Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks there are only a few 1000 individuals in the country. However, the population of grizzly bears in Alaska is about 30,000. 

The Alaskan population is the highest population of state in the US as the availability of prey and habitat are abundant. The reason for the lower 48 states having only 1,000 individuals is because of hunting and habitat loss that was uncontrollable after the European Settlement.

Despite being the biggest of the three, polar bears are very less in population in the US. in the US they are found only in Alaska. It is quite difficult to calculate the polar bear population as their Alaskan range has yet to be well studied. However, biologists have estimated around 25,000 to 31,000 polar bears worldwide.

Are Bears Common In America?

Black bears are the species that have the biggest land range and are mostly seen in the US. They live in the Rocky Mountains region and in the southeast and southwest regions of the nation. However, sometimes they can be seen in your neighborhood in search of immediately available food. 

As grizzly bears are very low in number and are mostly found in Alaska in very small numbers in the lower US states it is not very easy to spot in the nation. However, if you want to see one then you can head to Yellowstone National Park. Likewise, polar bears are also not very common and are found only in remote areas of Alaska, which makes it difficult to spot one.

Most Aggressive Bears In the United States?

Bears are very aggressive and can be dangerous to humans. However, black bears usually are timid and shy away from humans. Also, on average, they harm only around a single person in a year. Whereas, grizzly bears and polar bears, unlike their image, hold a fearful image and can be very aggravated when around with their young ones to protect them. This is mainly because these species have had very less human interactions.

What Is The Largest Bear In the United States?

Polar bears are the largest bear among the three bears that live in the US. They are also the biggest land predator. Thanks to their protein-rich diet, they grow into muscular, big frames that help them hunt food and remain warm in even freezing temperatures of their habitat. 

Despite the fluffy build that is produced by their fur, polar bears are actually quite lean. The biggest polar bear ever found was 12 feet long when standing on its legs, which is a gigantic bear, that is the same height as an elephant.

Bears In United States By States?

The total population of bears in the US is about 350,000 individuals of which black bears are over 300,000 and grizzly bears are over 250,000. When looking at the black bear population, California is known to have the highest population that ranges to over 35,000 individuals. 

States like Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Utah, and Vermont has black bear populations of less than 5000 individuals. Whereas Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin have over 10,000 individuals. 

The population of grizzly bears in the US is estimated at about 55,000. Of which, Alaska has about 30,000. Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming are a few of the states that have grizzly bears within the contiguous United States, however, the population in each state is less than 1000 individuals.

As seen above polar bear population in the US is found only in the state of Alaska and the are slightly over 5,000 individuals. 

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