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Ever heard of blue dogs? Well, there are some breeds that are especially known for their blue color. They come in different shapes and sizes, with long coats and short ones but the one common thing between them is their color. For lovers of the color blue, these are the dog breeds for you.

List of Blue Dog Breeds

Blue Lacy

Pretty rare dogs that originated in Texas, the Blue Lacy was developed as a ranching and herding dog by the Lacy brothers (from where the name comes). They have short coats and are medium sized dogs. Not yet recognized by the AKC, the Blue Lacy is an intelligent and hard-working dog. A recessive gene gives some of them the blue coat.

Australian Cattle Dog

Also known as the blue heeler, this is one of the more well-known blue dog breeds. A red coated Australian Cattle Dog is also possible and is known as the red heeler. They have mottled blue coats with small white patches all over their body and are excellent herding dogs. 


Usually steel grey in color, there are some Weimaraners that can be dark charcoal or even blue. While blue Weimaraners are typically disqualified for dog shows, they’re very popular with people who are searching for blue dogs as pets. Proud dogs that once were bred as hunters for aristocracy, this breed carries itself well.

Kerry Blue Terrier

As per the name, the curly-coated Kerry Blue Terrier is blue in color. But they aren’t born that way! No, these pups are born black and their coat starts to lighten as they age. This process is called clearing. Probably the only dog breed that comes in just the color blue, these terriers are tall.

Bearded Collie

The long, shaggy coat of the bearded collie (so called because the long hair around its nose and chin) can be a number of colors. But blue is a common one. They commonly have white around their chest, face, legs and tail. Bearded Collies need you to spend quite a lot of time and effort on their grooming.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Known for their big size and large amounts of wrinkly skin, blue is one of several colors that this giant breed comes in. These massive dogs have historically served as guard dogs and are quite lazy. Given their short coats and the little exercise they need, they’re easy to handle despite their size.

Boston Terrier

The little Boston Terrier has what is known as a tuxedo coat, with a darker back and white chest. Some Boston Terriers, who carry a recessive gene, come in a silvery blue or distinctly blue color. These dogs are generally happy and laidback and really are the gentlemen in tuxedos that they look like.


While poodles come in a variety of colors and shades, some poodles have a fully blue coat. This is true for all three sizes of poodles, whether toy, miniature or standard. With their gorgeous curly locks, a blue poodle truly is a showstopper.

Italian Greyhound

These small dogs (they’re toy dogs that look like a miniature version of the speedy Greyhound) have a short smooth coat that is often a silvery blue in color. Despite their name, they’re very different from the Greyhound and must be treated gently. They do have an excess of energy, however.

Irish Wolfhound

These ancient hounds that once hunted wolves in Ireland are some of the tallest dogs in the world, easily crossing 30 inches in height. Agile and fast, they have long protected livestock from predators. Rugged dogs with rough, shaggy coats, blue is one of many colors that the Irish Wolfhound comes in.


One of China’s old breeds, the Sharpei is known for its blue-black tongue and wrinkled skin. But it isn’t just the tongue that is blue in the Sharpei. The blue Sharpei can vary in shade from silvery blue to a dark slate color. Loyal and affectionate towards their family, the Sharpei is usually wary of strangers.

Bluetick Coonhound

Not a pure blue but a mottled shade of dark blue interspersed with black, white and brown, the bluetick coonhound has a sleek and shiny coat. Sweet and affectionate by nature, these hunting dogs are inextricable from American culture. They’re still great companions for hunting enthusiasts.

Australian Shepherd

Despite the name, the Australian Shepherd is actually an American breed. The blue merle Australian Shepherd is a beautiful and common variation among the breed. The merle coat pattern has patches of grey, blue and brown against white, making it look more blue than it actually is.


One of the fastest dogs in the world, the Whippet is quite similar to the Greyhound and can almost match its speed. It’s just a slightly smaller breed. It has a short, smooth coat that comes in every imaginable color. Blue is just one of these colors. With high energy and high prey drive, these pups need early socialization.

Thai Ridgeback

Known for the single ridge of hair along their back that grows in another direction to the rest of their hair, the Thai Ridgeback has a smooth coat that comes in the colors fawn, black and blue. Large, agile and muscular, these dogs make excellent and loyal family dogs.

American Staffordshire Terrier

AmStaffs, as they are popularly known, often have a steel grey coat that is described as blue. These are powerful looking dogs with coats of short, coarse fur. They need proper socialization as family pets but with an AmStaff you’ve got a loyal companion for life.

Chow Chow

While the Chow Chow is better known for red or tawny coats, blue isn’t unheard of. Along with their blue tongues, they look like fluffy little teddy bears.Their double coats can be smooth or rough. Notoriously stubborn and hard to train, the Chow Chow’s cute looks make up for its difficult personality.

Great Dane

Officially the tallest dog in the world, the Great Dane comes in the colors black, blue, fawn, brindle, harlequin or mantle. They’re one of only two breeds that display the harlequin pattern – a white base with solid splotches of blue. Despite their huge size, Great Danes are generally gentle giants 


The world of dogs is full of colorful surprises, and blue coats add a touch of magic to many breeds. Whether you’re looking for a gentle giant or a playful pup, there’s a blue beauty waiting to become your best friend. Remember, temperament and needs vary greatly, so research your chosen breed to ensure a perfect match!


Are blue dogs more expensive?

Not usually! The color itself doesn’t affect the price as much as the breed’s rarity, pedigree, and breeder reputation. Research breeders before getting your pup.

Do blue dog coats require special care?

Not necessarily! Blue coats come in various textures, from short fur to long, curly locks. Check the specific grooming needs of each breed to keep their coat healthy and beautiful.

What dog breed is completely blue?

The Kerry Blue Terrier is the only breed with a solid blue coat, though the shade can lighten with age. Other breeds like the Blue Lacy and Weimaraner may have blue variations, but it’s not their only color.

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